YouTube ‘Bunu beğenmedim’ fonksiyonu (Dislike)

YouTube ‘I don’t like this’ function (Dislike)

I don’t like this (Dislike), users use this way if they don’t like the video. Whenever the positive and negative markups are equal or the latter more, it means that the video is of poor quality or uninteresting, as the bad statistics show.

YouTube ‘Bunu beğenmedim’ fonksiyonu (Dislike)

YouTube disliked this (Dislike)

The dislike function from Youtube indicates that the viewer has negatively evaluated a blogger’s work and should reconsider their views on certain things. But this may not always be the case.

YouTube dislike this function may sometimes be subject to promotional activity and may be placed automatically.

Similar situations happen during competition between two smaller channels. It’s almost always a very transparent and simple matter, because it doesn’t make sense to have 500 likes and 15k ‘dislike this’ under a video with 10k subscribers, even if the video is of poor quality. It should be noted that the number of likes and dislikes on YouTube should be proportional in accordance with the target audience of the channel. For example, the video blogger has 100k subscribers and under the video there are 1500 likes, then we can add this up to 10k dislikes, which will cost us $175 on our website.

YouTube ‘Bunu beğenmedim’ fonksiyonu (Dislike)

For whom YouTube ‘I don’t like this’ is needed:

  • Trend channels. Negative flags are a way to attract attention and get some of the views and likes. It has always been interesting to casual users: why are there so many dislikes in the video? If you direct the attention of the video to themselves, not the statistics, you can achieve great success.
  • Rivals. As mentioned earlier, this happens between two popular channels that do not have their own audience. These may be commentators by the authors of a play or similar topics. If popular bloggers use this method to eliminate a competitor, they are immediately known for their massive audience.

Claiming or disagreeing. Often, people have similar competitions among themselves, usually only on likes or subscribers. However, sometimes it can have a negative effect on both sides. Negative markups have a stronger effect on viewers than positive ones. This is out of curiosity because if the video has 100 thousand likes, you can watch it later, but this number is not suitable for dislike.

There are cases when a person has skillfully circumvented negative signs. This is affected by three factors:

If all three match, you can start the promotion process and wait for the result.

In most cases, negative flagging is required to restart your channel’s stats and return them to the previous direction. If before this situation a video blogger received 100 thousand times and 2 thousand comments per week, then it will be 2-4 times more.

As people have a short-term memory and often forget, plays about the emotions of the audience often succeed. However, the level of views and comments will increase and the author will start to think of new ideas for new videos.

YouTube ‘Bunu beğenmedim’ fonksiyonu (Dislike)

How to promote YouTube ‘I don’t like this’ through our service

To promote negative markup, there is no need to waste someone else’s reputation, you can just order from our site and get a real result. Different number of fingers down is required for different purposes:

  • To sink an opponent – ​​200-1000 TL.

  • To increase the activity in the channel – 1500-3000 TL.

  • To win a dispute– 1000-15000 TL.

Some channels can’t get out of the shadow of the YouTube search feed, so they urgently need to revive their stats. The best of all can be done with the help of dislike, because the sudden growth of subscribers and likes is not as attractive to a new audience as ‘I don’t like this’. To promote negative flagging, you need to follow 5 simple steps:

YouTube ‘Bunu beğenmedim’ fonksiyonu (Dislike)

  1. Register on the site: .

  2. Go to the desired service page.

  3. Choose a service.

  4. Enter your YouTube data.

  5. Choose a payment method and enter data.

After 30 minutes, the ‘dislike’ will come to the customer’s channel.

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