YouTube kanalı Seo tanıtımı. Anahtar kelimeler, optimizasyon, akılda kalıcı video Bölüm-1

YouTube channel SEO promotion. Keywords, optimization, catchy video Part-1

If you’ve decided to make your video source popular on YouTube, this is the right step because this service ranks second in the world rankings and more than a billion people follow YouTube. Now you need to develop an effective SEO strategy to describe videos.

YouTube kanalı Seo tanıtımı. Anahtar kelimeler, optimizasyon, akılda kalıcı video Bölüm-1


  • YouTube channel Seo promotion

  • Key questions and video search

  • Best techniques for SEO optimization on YouTube

  • YouTube analytics suggestions

  • TubeBuddy extension

  • Tubular

  • YouTube Analytics

  • How to create a catchy video?

  • How to collect user comments?

YouTube channel Seo promotion

The rules for sorting videos on YouTube are constantly changing. Factors that were valid 10 years ago have no effect now. Let’s see which tools will be useful in 2018.

Key questions and video search.

Keyword analysis is important in promoting videos, but there are a few differences when compared to promoting textual information. We can look at these under two main headings:

  • Your video reaches the targeted users not thanks to the search engine, but thanks to YouTube’s own search system. • This is because the video service has a very powerful search platform with a useful filter and the “Recommended” tab is not cancelled. If a visitor decides to see how to do something, the request will most likely be searched directly on YouTube.
  • The second point is, firstly, people use Google and YouTube to search for different information. Searches with keywords do well on Google for text search, but poor for video search on YouTube.

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Let’s look at it as an example:

Two similar keywords are “crispy Waffel recipe” and “how to make crispy Waffel with your own hands.

YouTube kanalı Seo tanıtımı. Anahtar kelimeler, optimizasyon, akılda kalıcı video Bölüm-1

For YouTube, the second keyword is more successful. Google lists the videos included in this request further down.

We can share 4 ways of promotion to understand which video content is more important in YouTube’s eyes.

Best techniques for SEO optimization on YouTube.

1. YouTube analytics suggestions.

To do this, simply type a keyword into the video service and view the list of offers offered.

The offer list was created by reviewing the search importance of a word pretty much, based on the results of the service analysis.

If you put an underscore before the query, the statements are displayed unless the key query is in the 1st order.

2. TubeBuddy extension.

By installing the extension in the browser, you can track which tags are used to publish competing videos uploaded by users.

After installing the extension on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, go to your competitor’s video page and click the “Tags” button.

The service also sorts tags in YouTube search, so simply choose the most “ideal” tags you can specify to promote your channel.

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3. Tubular.

Another analytics tool, Tubular, allows you to compare your channel with competitors’ channels. To get started, sign up on the official Tubular website and add the show to your channel on YouTube. Although the interface of the program is in English, it is easily understandable.

The program will evaluate the content of the videos that visitors view after they leave your channel.

4. YouTube Analytics.

A serious tool for serious bloggers. Analyzing the key queries your channel ranks for is only a small part of the features of this service.

How to use the service:

Click the “Analytics” button in the menu, then “Traffic Sources”.

In the “Search by service” section, you’ll see important queries for users to find your channel.

These keywords can be used to create a new story with these references or make improvements to a previously posted video.

YouTube kanalı Seo tanıtımı. Anahtar kelimeler, optimizasyon, akılda kalıcı video Bölüm-1

How to create a catchy video.

When evaluating the quality of the video, YouTube focuses on parameters that can be measured and analyzed:

  • How long does the user stay on your channel?

For the YouTube service that monetizes advertising, it is important that the visitor stays on the site as long as possible.

Therefore, longer videos will rank higher. However, if you choose between a 1-minute video viewed to the end or a 9-minute video watched up to 5 minutes, it’s better to choose the latter.

An indirect proof of this may be that there are usually almost always long videos at the top.

But here, of course, a balance has to be struck, the video should be interesting to keep the audience’s attention for as long as possible.

  • Keeping viewers attention is a separate parameter for measuring video properties.

This value determines whether the video content is interesting or not. As a rule, an exciting start is the main guarantee of the success of the entire video. In the first 15-60 seconds, the visitor decides whether to continue watching the video, whether the information is relevant to him and how it is presented. Do not make long screensavers or insert animated logos at the beginning. This is not a TV show, the user wants a quick response to their request.

A good indicator for YouTube is whether there is interesting or controversial content when users view the video at a given moment.

It is also useful to follow the conditions affecting the increase and decrease in the number of views. For example, some videos look good in the evening, and some in the morning. Based on this data, the most appropriate time to publish the video should be determined. For the promotion of the video, the first 3 days after publication are very important and these are the days that decide whether the video will be published at the top.

  • Relevance – How well does feedback, expressed in likes, reposts, and video comments, work.

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It’s not that easy to arouse the emotions of those who visit the channel and force them to give feedback. It’s pretty simple to put a like for someone, but for some others to have you submit something for it. Since we don’t know which part of the audience is on the other side of the screen, you can test which methods work best with your audience. Most YouTube users already know how video positions on the topic positively influence their ranking and where to get YouTube likes. You can buy Youtube channel viewing service from

YouTube kanalı Seo tanıtımı. Anahtar kelimeler, optimizasyon, akılda kalıcı video Bölüm-1

How to collect user comments

There are questions to ask for video themes, so you should ask the user viewing your video not to stay silent. For example, for the Waffle recipe, ask “Which waffle do you prefer – thick or thin (Belgian style)?” It will be hard for people to keep quiet about it, because the question will bring out a feeling you want to share.

By the way, “what do you think of the video, what’s your comment?” Such requests are not good, because the question remains rather abstract. The person will need time to respond to this and most likely will not. If the video causes strong emotions (positive or negative), the person will write their own opinion.

At the end of the video you can motivate the user to take some action, there may be some “bonuses” as rewards (gifts active, witty, etc).

The user in the comments should not leave the questions uninteresting. It is possible to resume comments, which means improving positions.

Video Format offers ample opportunities for your business to gain a new audience. Effective SEO-promotion consists of analyzing competitors, presenting the material correctly and collecting feedback.

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