сколько платят контент-маркетологам

Why being a content marketer is cool

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This is my first article as an editor for this blog. I think that it has not lost its relevance. Therefore, I am sharing with you a life hack: revise old articles, update information, and change the publication date. A good article should live another life.

Now on the labor market there are copywriters (authors), editors (they plan, manage the content departments of companies, write for external sites, beat performers with content plans, understand the layout, design, subscribe to a fashionable The newsletter “What to read to the editor?”, the editorial policy of your blog / site was rewritten 6 times), content marketers (these are strategists who know how to analyze, look 5 years ahead, playfully compose a content matrix, and then just as easily make content out of it. plan, are friends with web analytics) and content managers. Judging by the requests, finding a good author and editor is not easy, so if you want to work in this direction, then read the article to the end.

Now is the time to remind you what content marketing is? The classic definition of content marketing is the creation, distribution and curation of content that will affect the buying behavior of a given audience.

There is another definition that I really like. Content Marketing is an approach to a commercial site based on media principles and patterns. (c) Denis Savelyev

In other words, you speak with the consumer in a language that he understands, give him new knowledge and skills in your niche, answer all his questions, and not directly, but very tactfully and delicately sell. But for this, huge efforts need to be invested in content production. Time and money. Think about how you will deliver your content to the user, whether there is a targeted action in your content, for which stage of the sales funnel you create a specific unit of content.


Content is not just text. These are videos, gifs, infographics, presentations, audio recordings (podcasts). You convey information to the consumer in different ways and through a whole system of communication channels. And content marketer can do it correctly and effectively. This is a specialist who thinks through a detailed plan (strategy), which includes creating a useful target audience of content and distributing it. The key word here is “useful”.

IMPORTANT: Be useful – you will become successful

The job of a content marketer is to connect the right information with a potential buyer at the right time for you. So, your content should be:

content properties content types

useful and interesting









Here is a pictorial illustration found on the net – a detailed diagram:

виды контента

(useful for your content plan)

You will have to work hard on such content. A content marketer takes his first interviews with none other than a business owner, delves into all the nuances of a certain market niche, and studies the target audience. And only then can content appear that creates and strengthens trust between the consumer and the business. It is the only marketing tool that works like this.

And trust is a thing that pays off many times over. If it has arisen, and the entrepreneur does everything to strengthen it, then the client’s loyalty grows, and with it the profit. There are very few free niches now. The competition in the market is fierce. And only trust can persuade you to choose, for example, your client (although prices and goods (services) may not be unique).

Now an entrepreneur, an ecommerce owner, will think about where to go for new consumers of his goods or services – to an SEO promotion agency or to a content marketer (read a great article on this).

Content Marketer Skills and Responsibilities

This profession will make you a universal soldier. Or rather, a scout. Because before you start collecting any ideas for your editorial portfolio (oh, how damn good it sounds), you have to do such deep, professional intelligence to be able to clearly and correctly answer the main questions.

Namely, where is your target audience (social networks or forums, search engines and YouTube), what do these people want to hear from you, and through which channels can you establish communication faster and more efficiently?

In addition to deep intelligence, a true content marketing warrior must be able to analyze data. And do it in accordance with all the rules of Internet marketing: masterfully own tools and metrics, extract data, tag links, track conversions – and based on the analysis, quickly (practically in the field) make changes to your content plan.

So, let’s put the skills that are required for a content marketer into a single list, Content marketer:

  • knows what competitors are offering and knows how to use market monitoring tools;
  • studied my target audience and divided it into segments;
  • painted a portrait of a classic “character” that comes to the site;
  • writes well;
  • analyzes the whole picture. Knows how to create a whole range of measures that will be important for promotion. We also add strategic thinking here;
  • PR skills. Keeps in mind an arsenal of promotion techniques (sometimes not entirely white) and possible sites for placing content;
  • is friendly with editing and layout;
  • knows SMM not by hearsay (did, heard, targeted);
  • has the right web analytics skills. I am always ready to develop in this direction;
  • does not confuse entities. Doesn’t create content for the sake of content. Understands the importance of the marketing component: thinks about the sales funnel with targeted actions.

Analyzing the vacancies that are on the market and the tasks assigned to the content marketer, you can outline the approximate scope of his duties:

  • definition of a goal and a marketing set of measures that will achieve this goal;
  • a detailed analysis of not only your target audience, but also competitors in this market niche (know the methods of their work, ways of promotion and study the content with which they are promoted);
  • drawing up a detailed marketing plan. It also includes search for executors for assigned tasks;
  • creating unique, interesting, accessible and useful content. Important – you need to find points of contact between the interests of the audience and the brand;
  • content promotion – in the media, social networks. It is necessary to create strategies for promoting content on the Internet (the so-called content seeding). Such strategies include press releases for the media, and conferences, and briefings, and announcements, and guest posts in specialized publications, and close work with social networks. This also includes work with possible negativity and feedback monitoring.

All of the above is a loop. You can’t stop. The chain of actions looks like this:

Competitive Analysis → Objectives → Creation / Seeding → Monitoring → Adjustments

What personal qualities should a content marketer have?

A content marketer must be diligent, tenacious, resourceful, able to calculate his time and the time of the people working under his leadership, correctly distribute tasks in his team. To be able to communicate – with the customer, performers, journalists, bloggers – with everyone. The content marketer must also be self-critical. The ability to move away, assess the situation from the outside and set new goals – if necessary, according to the situation is important. In addition to tactical and strategy skills, a luxury content marketer is an excellent psychologist. It is these people who catch the trend, build long-term relationships not only with the consumer of goods and services, but also, which is very important, with their customer and his team. By the way, whether your strategy will be successful depends on how open the customer is for communication and is ready to work “on the same wavelength”.

Why do you need all this?

как стать контент-маркетологм

You have read all of this and must have been scared. And everyone (I’m sure) asks himself the question – why should I throw myself around so much, know so much, not sleep at night and, instead of reading fiction, absorb the works of Michael Stelzner, Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi, Lee Odden and Denis Kaplunov

I am deeply convinced that a person who is able to develop a plan, assemble a team and make its work cohesive will sooner or later grow – into the owner of his own business, for example. Or the editor-in-chief of a popular website. Or a teacher. Or he will lead several projects at the same time, having one team. But the most important thing is that the content marketer will definitely not be left without work in the next 10-15 years. Let’s turn to the primary sources.

Demand for content marketers in the labor market

What does Mikhail Avdyushkin (head of Internet marketing department HeadHunter) think about the employment of content marketers:

“In fact, many employers sometimes misunderstand the content marketing profession. Statistics show that such vacancies can be found under the names of the same PR specialists or editors. Therefore, I recommend that applicants look even vacancies in such specialties. If, specifically, according to the statistics of the “content manager”, then the supply-demand is not balanced at the moment. In January, 225 applicants for 108 vacancies were looking for such a job in Ukraine, this is only 2 people per vacancy, which is much less than the national average. This means that at the moment the demand for the profession of a content producer is much greater than there are specialists. ”

We are testing vacancies of the three most common services in Ukraine for those who are looking for a job or want to find an employee – HeadHunter, robota.ua and Work.ua.

  • Work.ua – by request “content marketer” 20 vacancies in 30 days (minimum salary – 7,000 UAH). On request “content manager” – 246 vacancies in 30 days with a minimum salary of 6,000 UAH.
  • rabota.ua – using the word “content” makes it possible to search only for content managers – 462 vacancies in 30 days throughout Ukraine. Average salary 12 000 UAH.
  • HeadHunter – 7,340 vacancies throughout Ukraine for the word “content” (but it should be taken into account, but NN has a very serious degree of moderation of both employers ‘vacancies and job seekers’ resumes).

There is also an infographic from the HeadHunter group of companies:

To the topic! It will be useful to familiarize yourself with the materials of the webinar “How to find a job for an Internet marketer?” and the webinar “An effective content marketing strategy. What should it contain?”

If you delve deeper and read the vacancies themselves, it becomes clear that the remuneration of a content marketer depends on many factors – on his level as a professional, the amount of work, the range of potential responsibilities, the level of the project. For example, today in Ukraine they are ready to pay from UAH 10,000 for:

сколько платят контент-маркетологам

Where can I sign up for content marketing courses?

A new, versatile, interesting and profitable profession has appeared, which is in demand and flexible. Do you want to become a content marketer? If so, then there is a great opportunity. Brand new courses are starting at WebPromoExperts, where you can get a new profession.

Editorial. Until August 30, there is a 50% discount on the Content Marketing course, which starts September 14.

Even in a crisis, content marketers will be needed and in demand. In addition, the skills acquired on the course will help you master related professions. It is easier for “universal soldiers” to find work.

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