YouTube'da en karlı 10 tema

Top 10 most profitable themes on YouTube

It’s a known issue that earnings and view count can differ significantly between two channels with the same number of subscribers. There may be several reasons for this: the subject and relevance of the video, the quality of the montage, the frequency of updating the content. Advertisers play the decisive role. It is not difficult to find out the approximate income of a video blog, it is enough to analyze the activity of its channel and make various calculations..

However, before moving on to finding generous advertisers, it’s important to choose the right theme for your videos. It is no secret that there are some profitable areas where it is easier to achieve success and gain an army of active subscribers. These areas allow not only to receive views, but also to provide services. This way, you’ll stop being tied to how many people clicked on the ad on the cover.

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This article will discuss the most promising topics on YouTube and enable you to participate in affiliate programs as well as sell products or services. All the options presented below are equally profitable, you just have to choose to your liking and start developing in this direction.

YouTube'da en karlı 10 tema

1. Computer Games

Gaming industry products and product reviews are a good way to become popular with video bloggers. It may be necessary to run more than one project in order to appeal to more audiences. Even if you only concentrate on one game, your subscribers may be interested in other games. If you work on new game reviews, you can attract the attention of advertisers.

2. Makeup and Cosmetics

An ideal topic for women who want to make money on their channel. The beauty industry is constantly popular and can bring a good income, and if you campaign on products, you can earn up to 300 TL.

3. Reviews of products from China

Many people can now see videos of for example reviewing Chinese goods ordered from AliExpress. If you collect a lot of subscribers, you can earn income from reselling these packages later.

4. Clothing and fashion trends

There are many different things to do about this subject. Thanks to «Shopping aficionados», it is easy to attract attention with your own handicraft productions or purchase reviews.

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5. Humor and Animals

Such channels are traditionally quite popular, provided the content is really entertaining. A large audience is always an opportunity to make money. It is enough to do a little research and analyze possible promotional offers.

6. Program Reviews

You can do Windows and MacOs program reviews, thus attracting both types of customers. Secondly, this will be your main source of income as they are always interested in buying a new “Program”. You can then sell through the channel, work with online stores.

7. Apps for Smartphones

There are endless possibilities for development within this space, because there are so many options for your videos. Paid programs for smartphones and tablets don’t cost more than $2 at most, so you can earn more money.

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8. Events from the World

If you have access to up-to-date and unique news, you’ll quickly reach subscribers who think it’s important to know what’s going on in the world and to always keep your finger on the pulse. Usually they follow all the innovations and buy trendy products.

9. Educational videos

There is a category called “eternal students” who want to learn something new or improve their knowledge. This makes it possible to continuously sell goods or services to the same subscribers.

10. Page and Blog promotion

People trying to blog or account on the social network are a good option for earning as there is always more demand for them. They usually expect a quick result that can only be achieved for money. You just need to take the initiative into your own hands and not offer them free help.

Choose a popular topic you like. You can be sure that you will have the possibility to monetize your content in the future. The most important thing is that it is of high quality and able to attract the audience. Remember that all projects that need to be realized require an investment of time, effort and money. Use all possible promotional methods for the best results. Increasing subscribers on Youtube and increasing Youtube likes should be done through recommended services. For example, with the services offered on the website, the popularity coefficients of the channel owners will increase rapidly.

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