Just about the hard: the best ideas and cases for SMM for 2021

In March, the WebPromoExperts Academy hosted 12 free conference SMM Day. 17 SMM specialists talked about their best cases and tips on the effective promotion of goods and services in social networks.

We have collected catchy theses and slides of speeches in one publication. The scheme is as follows: briefly about the speaker, one coolest slide, insight from the speech, theses.

Reports on SMM Day:

1. Anton Voronyuk. 21 tools for SMM professionals

2. Zoya Lobod. Instagram Trends 2021: Features, Features, Ideas

3. Denis Volosov. Targeted advertising in the language of the entrepreneur

4. Anna Melnichuk. How to strengthen the chatbot so that it promotes leads along the funnel and brings money despite the limitations of instant messengers

5. Alina Shcherbina. Influence! Activating influencers in SMM

6. Olga Eksaurova. How to develop a YouTube channel in 2021?

7. Olga Ilchenko. Three SMM strategies for different types of business

8. Daria Salnikova. Cooperation with Tiktokers: pros and cons

9. Maria Goncharenko. Vlad Bolsun. Content is everything: how to collect 96% of the brand’s target audience in subscriptions when launching a TikTok channel

10. Olga Gutsalo. Always online: social networks of a large company

11. Anton Bokiy. How to turn social media into your own media

12. Evgeny Savchuk. How to use SMM if your brand is for those who are well over 50

13. Elena Krasulenko. YouTube series for brands: new format content. Case of the Ukrainian brand of equipment Pyramida

14. Daria Sergienko. Dmitry Redko. Collaboration Fanta and Open Kids as an effective solution for media pause 2020

15. Anastasia Tsverchkova. Divide and Conquer: How to Choose the Right Content for Each Social Network

21 tools for SMM professionals

Антон Воронюк

Anton Voronyuk , Head of Internet Marketing Academy WebPromoExperts, Development Director of Webpromo Internet Agency

Teaches courses:

From simple to complex, from those tools that everyone knows, to new products, even for specialists with experience in digital. Anton organized by category and talked about relevant tools for working in social networks for SMM professionals and digital marketers.

In his presentation, Anton Voronyuk told what tool can be used to:

  • Conduct competitive analysis and pre-audit of social media accounts.
  • Analyze hashtags, engagement, work with influencers.
  • Collect the maximum amount of data on Instagram account statistics, understand how lively the audience is, what percentage of bots, geography of subscribers and the use of hashtags in terms of promotion.
  • Check what content from your competitors gets the most likes and shares.
  • Analyze in detail your Facebook account, publication specifics and audience engagement at different times of the day.
  • Receive notifications of reviews and respond to negative feedback in time.
  • Create, curate and distribute content.
  • Search for awesome competitor creatives directly on social media.
  • See what technologies are implemented on competitors’ sites (for example, Facebook pixel and other “chips” related to social networks).
  • Conduct commercial monitoring.
  • Create cool Insta-stories with unique fonts and dynamic music.
  • Design a website for business.
  • Measure the impact of social media on your traffic.
  • Analyze the operation of all tools in general and create an informative report.

IMPORTANT: here you can find the speaker’s presentation for 2020 and note how the selection of services has changed over the year

Best Slide:

Лучший слайд:

Report by Anton Voronyuk and other top practicing SMM experts are available in the recording, which can be purchased for UAH 800.

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Instagram trends 2021: features, capabilities, ideas

Зоя Лобод

Zoya Lobod , co-owner of the digital agency LOBODS

Teaches on the course:

Instagram is the fastest growing social network in the Russian-speaking market. After analyzing the trends and trends in Europe and America, Zoya chose the most popular and involved mechanics to work with to tell the conference participants about them.

In her presentation, Zoya Lobod said:

  • How to make engaging content in 2021: ideas, mechanics and examples.
  • Why thoughtful personification in the trend of moderation, advertising and working with bloggers is a must-have for working with Instagram.
  • How to make Stories the main platform for interaction: features and design.
  • Why organize live broadcasts and what to talk about with viewers.

Report insights:

  • In 2021, all content needs to be maximally adapted to consumption for smartphones – format, speed, time, mood. Catch the client from the first seconds ..
  • The distribution of Stories changes every year – this is the most lively content, which in 2021 must be carefully thought out, create a separate content plan and strategy.
  • Stories for gamification, situational marketing, interactive – options for demonstrating a “living soul” and positioning your brand. Take care of both the brand and the customer, not only with a quality product, but also with the emotions that you will evoke.
  • Users actively interact with any brand if the brand provides an opportunity to interact. But more than 80% of the audience expects personalized communication, including bloggers.
  • Good targeting is confused with signs of fate. If you use a competent personification within the targeting, the conversion will grow. But after that, the client needs to be won over and encouraged to do UGC (user generated content).

Best slide:

Лучший слайд

From the Editor . Internet Marketing Academy WebPromoExperts has updated the course “Instagram Promotion”. Among the new lectures:

  • Visual content for feed and stories.
  • Video production for Instagram. Organization of the filming process.
  • Working with the audience, community management.

We also expanded the material on the promotion and advertising of the account, updated the services for working with analytics and added more practical part to the tasks for the group.

The April launch starts with a new program, but still at the old price!

Targeted advertising in the language of the entrepreneur

Денис Волосов

Denis Volosov , CEO of the performance marketing agency “People”. Digital targeting agent

Denis said in his report:

  • How to choose and recoup a targeting specialist for your business.
  • How to control and prevent manipulation of reports.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of in-state and freelance targeting.
  • How much does the work of a tartegologist on staff and freelance cost – how to recoup a specialist.
  • How do I set up ads myself?

Report insights:

  • You can determine the need for cooperation with a targeting analyst by asking yourself just 4 questions: where do you sell and will you scale, what is the product’s margin and advertising budget?
  • A good specialist will not promise to immediately fulfill the KPI on sales in the first month, even if he worked in this niche before. Each business has a different conversion rate.
  • In order to monitor a specialist, you need to “prepare the ground”: end-to-end analytics, report templates in tables and presentations, make regular calls and understand the main indicators of reports.
  • In 2021, content decides advertising success. If you have a business with good demand and a quality product, create quality content and promote it.

Best slide:

Лучший слайд

How to strengthen the chatbot so that it promotes leads in the funnel and brings money despite the limitations of instant messengers

Анна Мельничук

Anna Melnichuk , Brand Ambassador at SendPulse

Anna prepared a detailed presentation with case studies and told her report:

  • How to convert social network leads and speed up the first transaction in a chatbot autofunnel.
  • How to combine all customer information into a single profile and set up payment in the chatbot.
  • Why does a chatbot need to organize quizzes and polls and how to use this information in business.
  • How to organize and convert clients in chatbots.

Report insights:

  • Internet marketers expect chatbots to appear on Instagram this year. The only way out now is to create a short link to the mini-landing page in the profile header and combine the whole integration.
  • Not every user wants to be fully included in the sales funnel. A stratum of customers is forming who want to go straight to the main product.
  • From the point of view of attraction in chat bots, it is important to conduct quizzes and polls. In this mechanic, it is important to collect customer data and then fine-tune personalized mailings.

Best slide:

Лучший слайд:

Influence! Activating influencers in SMM

Алина Щербина

Alina Shcherbina , co-founder of the project “BE in UA”

Teaches on the course:

Alina spoke about her case and explained in her report:

  • What is the difference between influencers and bloggers, and who is the best to partner with.
  • How to work with influencers – from goal setting to audit at the end of cooperation: 5 key steps.
  • How to track goals and results.
  • Why and how to create the ability to generate custom content.

Report insights:

  • Make a human face for your brand / business. Businesses can also be promoted through the personalities of the owner, PR specialist, marketer – public active people.
  • Bloggers promote themselves and earn money from advertising, and influencers are people who write about themselves and their field of activity. When a blogger is needed for cooperation, and when an influencer is needed, depends on the goals of promotion. Clearly define proposals and steps for implementing the idea, and end the interaction with an audit.
  • Look for influential influencers among the customers themselves and those they follow on social media.
  • Collect influencer databases, topics, feedback. Build a relationship, not a one-off deal.

Best slide:

Лучший слайд

The report of Alina Shcherbina and other top practicing SMM experts are available in the recording, which can be purchased for UAH 800.

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How to develop your YouTube channel in 2021?

Лучший слайд:0

Olga Eksaurova , YouTube-marketer

Teaches courses:

Olga spoke about her experience with YouTube last year and shared her insights for 2021. She also made a selection of basic tools for specialists and explained:

  • What success factors are important for working with YouTube.
  • What set of tools you need to own for daily work with the channel.
  • How to build a channel promotion system and strengthen and consolidate the channel’s growth in 2021.

Report insights:

  • Work with video duration and quality. The higher the quality of your views, the higher YouTube will rank your video. And the length of the video should be commensurate with your formats (review, interview, Q&A).
  • YouTube is testing a new format – YouTube Shorts – videos up to 60 seconds long and easy to implement.
  • Optimize tags, title, description, timecodes, hashtags.
  • Learn to analyze the statistics of your channel data – take into account the time of activity, engagement – draw conclusions and predictions for subsequent videos.
  • When creating a script, think about not only a good format, but also the moments when you will talk about increasing engagement: subscribing to a channel, like, commenting under a video and clicking the “bell” of notification of new videos.

Best slide:

Лучший слайд:1

Three SMM strategies for different types of business

Лучший слайд:2

Olga Ilchenko , PPC specialist at Webpromo

Olga presented three cases (training, real estate, e-commerce) with detailed advice and talked about:

  • How to choose an SMM strategy depending on the type of product.
  • How to optimize campaigns for different KPIs.

Report insights:

  • Before choosing a strategy, depending on the type of product, consider its advantages, disadvantages, select options for goals and KPIs, and create portraits of the target audience.
  • It’s important to use retargeting. Segment your audience by the activity of interaction on the site and do not work with those who interacted weakly (less than 15 seconds).
  • Use your budget effectively: exclude clients you already work with and company employees in your ads.
  • To work with stores, use dynamic ads – this is an advertising demonstration of products in which the user has already shown interest.

Best Slide:

Лучший слайд:3

Cooperation with TikTokers: pros and cons

Лучший слайд:4

Daria Salnikova , SMM & PR manager Lobods

Daria is convinced: TikTok is an audience of active users that is ready to get involved and get involved in content. She told her colleagues:

  • On the specifics of working at TikTok: how to define a goal and prepare for cooperation.
  • About the formats of cooperation with Tiktokers: where to find them and how to analyze the profile.
  • Roles of TikTokers in Influencer Marketing Strategy.
  • About personal experience: a case study of working with TikTok for the Xiaomi brand.

Report insights:

  • Think carefully about the script for the video: presentation of the product, what advantages you can visualize, what needs to be said in the frame.
  • The transition from TikTok to the page of your business must be prepared: the well-organized work of the site, page, sales department.
  • Engage influencers to create branded content for your pages. Such content will be bright, cool and with good rankings.

Best slide:

Лучший слайд:5

Content decides everything: how to collect 96% of the brand’s target audience in subscriptions when launching a TikTok channel

Лучший слайд:6

Maria Goncharenko , head of communication and social media of the EVA store line.

Лучший слайд:7

Vlad Bolsun , CEO and creative director of mozgi ideas

Joint report – a synergy of the best ideas and cases. Maria and Vlad talked about working at a distance and gave some important tips about:

  • How to start a TikTok channel: three main components.
  • Who is the TikTok audience and what content they consume.
  • What is important for the team to do in preparation before launching the channel.

Report insights:

  • Have a good strategy for page development for several months, but at the same time remain flexible for making decisions.
  • Study the rules of the platform and the algorithms of the social network to understand why your content may be blocked or how to get into the recommendations of the right audience.
  • The main types of content: simple dances, trends, life, TikTok-style (inherent only in this network) and original content.

Best slide:

Лучший слайд:8

Report of Marina Gorbachenko, Vlad Bolsun and other top practicing SMM experts are available in the recording, which can be purchased for 800 UAH.

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Always online: social networks of a large company

Лучший слайд:9

Olga Gutsalo , Head of SMM at Kyivstar

Olga works for a large company, but the advice she voiced is applicable in any business. In her report, she said:

  • Social media moderation: the difference in approach in large and small companies.
  • Spammer, bot or requests to resolve the issue – how the principle of “answer all” works.
  • Why criticism is good, and how to distinguish constructive from constructive criticism.
  • How to correct mistakes and work with negativity.

Report insights:

  • Don’t ignore comments and replies in Direct – it’s important for people to feel a quality connection. They write comments for you.
  • Create a document with rules and FAQs and share them with clients so you don’t waste time repeating the same things.
  • Try to respond to user comments and marks – set convenient time frames for this and do not delete negative.
  • Read the negative carefully and without emotion, but try to give an answer for 15-30 minutes, at least to show that you saw the complaint and work with it, later – give feedback.
  • Everybody makes mistakes, but it’s not the end of the universe. Criticism helps brands grow.

Best slide:

Зоя Лобод0

How to turn social media into your own media

Зоя Лобод1

Anton Bokiy , Head of SMM and Influencer Marketing at INTERTOP Ukraine

Anton’s dynamic talk can motivate and inspire. In his presentation, he said:

  • How to merge YouTube and TikTok, hit YouTube trending and get a silver button.
  • How to prepare a product for a blogger.
  • How to quickly adapt the launch of an official brand release.
  • How a brand can partner with influencers and reach millions in reach.
  • How a business can become an influencer for its clients.

Report insights:

  • Analyze the information field, trends and come up with unique formats.
  • Figures decide and measure everything – measure your performance with an influencer.
  • Working with influencers is not about advertising, but about a non-standard presentation.

Best slide:

Зоя Лобод2

How to use SMM if your brand is for those who are well over 50

Зоя Лобод3

Evgeniy Savchuk , Regional Digital Marketing Manager GSK

Eugene has been working in the pharmaceutical market for many years. In his laconic presentation, he said:

  • How the team promoted the Korega brand through influencers.
  • How social media promotion affects your brand’s Brand Health.
  • How to promote a product to older people through a younger audience.

Report insights:

  • Grow brand = grow category.
  • The older audience does not change their habits and lifestyle. But they have children and grandchildren – a young audience that, by their innovative nature, can influence the older category.
  • Using SMM and working with opinion leaders even for the brand of the older target audience has a positive effect. You can expand your target audience, but you need to choose the right message for communication.

Best slide:

Зоя Лобод4

Editorial . Evgeny Savchuk has developed the author’s course “Digital Marketing in a Pharmaceutical Company” so that marketers working in the pharmaceutical industry can reach a new level of digital maturity. Regional Digital Marketing Manager at GSK will help pharmaceutical companies tilt the budget towards the internet.

YouTube series for brands: new format content. Case of the Ukrainian brand of equipment Pyramida

Зоя Лобод5

Elena Krasulenko , Chief of Marketing at Pyramida Technik Group

In her report, Elena spoke about her personal experience of creating the history of the Pyramida company and about:

  • Which video marketing trends to use.
  • Why are brands increasingly moving from TV to the Internet?
  • How to leverage the ‘serial’ trend for digital marketing.
  • How my team and I turned a brand value promo into a five-part New Year story.

Report insights:

  • In a world where visualization is important, you need to build your brand not as a story, but as a series. Today it is not enough to release a bright video once – you need to tell a long story, build communication for a long time.
  • Any project revolves around standard steps that a marketer should not skip.
  • Video is the king of content. Video creates an emotional connection with the brand and product.
  • UGC – everyone has their own moment of fame, more and more people are focusing on characters like them.
  • Shoot once, plan distribution seven times.
  • Any digital marketer today should already have production skills.

Best slide:

Зоя Лобод6

Collaboration between Fanta and Open Kids as an effective solution for media pause 2020

Зоя Лобод7

Daria Sergienko , Sparkling Senior Brand Manager, The Coca-Cola Company

Зоя Лобод8

Dmitry Redko , Connection Manager at The Coca-Cola Company

Speakers presented a case study on product promotion among teenagers and explained with examples:

  • Fanta’s target audience and opportunities to reach it digitally.
  • Native brand integration into Open Kids content in response to the 2020 changes.

Report insights:

  • To accommodate rollers of different lengths, it is important to choose a suitable platform.
  • Make the most of the social media where you work.

Best slide:

Зоя Лобод9

Divide and conquer: how to choose the right content for each social network

Лучший слайд0

Anastasia Tsverchkova , Head of Marketing communications at Watsons Ukraine

Anastasia presented a case study about working in the digital company Watsons Ukraine and told in detail:

  • Why do we need different social networks and why share content?
  • How to choose your social network.
  • How to prepare content at different stages of the sales funnel.
  • How to come up with so much content.

Report insights:

  • Different content formats are evolving within each social network, and this further blurs the lines between them.
  • You need to go to social networks to close your tasks – clearly define them.
  • At the stage of conversion, the simplest communication tool is a promotion.
  • The shorter the path, the more chances the customer will make the purchase.
  • Speak up any changes related to communication with the client.
  • Competitors – indicators of what is on the market now. But if they haven’t tried or tried something, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to try it. Experiment!
  • Your target audience in social networks may change, this is not a constant, so work with content and study statistics.
  • Situational content is the easiest way to get good coverage on someone else’s idea.

Best slide:

Лучший слайд1

The report of Anastasia Tsverchkova and other top practicing SMM experts is available in the recording, which can be purchased for UAH 800.

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