YouTube'da video pozisyonu nasıl geliştirilir. Tavsiyeler

How to improve video position on youtube. Advices

The demand for video content on the YouTube channel is growing more and more every day, and channel owners are using more modern techniques and methods.

In order for the channel to be noticed and receive advertisements, the channel and each video must be promoted. It is difficult to do this today, as in other areas, competition is high in video streaming services. What factors can affect ranking and how can I increase video positions on youtube without too much effort?

YouTube'da video pozisyonu nasıl geliştirilir. Tavsiyeler

What are the subtleties of raising videos to the top

After you enter any query, the service will provide videos related to that request. In this case, the video is sorted based on an algorithm that takes into account factors such as:

1. Video name.

The video search engine determines the relevance between the video name and the phrase in the search.

2. Video description.

If there are keywords in the descriptions at the bottom of the video, the probability of seeing the video at the top increases accordingly.

3. Label.

Having a tag description allows the video host to identify the most relevant videos on requested demand.

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4. Video analysis.

If the video is decoded manually, it will give the search engine a good reason to improve the rating.

5. Quality.

Everything is clear, YouTube shows videos made using technology and edited videos of the highest quality, at the top.

6. Authority of the channel.

This indicator includes options such as the number of people you subscribe to, the age of the channel, and matching videos entered in the search on the topic.

7. Video watch time and number of views.

How many users watch a video increases the chances of getting the best positions in search. View time is a behavioral factor, so video viewed from start to finish will always be higher.

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8. The prevalence of the video.

This ranking factor consists of “share” buttons and the number of times video has been added to various sources.

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9. Activity.

Consists of like and “dislike” markings and comments from viewers. If users like more often and more comments appear under the video, the video may rank higher. According to this, I don’t like it numbers reduce the probability of the video to reach the top. At the same time, the system calculates not only the figures determined by people «I like this» and «I do not like this», but also their ratio.

Knowing all these factors, you can maximize your videos (to the extent the information allows)

YouTube'da video pozisyonu nasıl geliştirilir. Tavsiyeler

How to rank videos higher

Some tips to help you promote videos in the first place:

1. Use long descriptions.

At the moment, there are still those who do not know how to listen and watch videos, so they get help by reading the description. The description of the fully posted video search and ranking system uses it to put the video in the results of the search query. The most suitable option for the description text is 1500 characters or 200 words.

Enter keywords according to the topic of the 2nd channel.

The excellent position in YouTube broadcast charts gives a guarantee that the viewer will watch the material. It will also be great if the video is in Google’s TOP SERP. Everyone knows that Google has reserved some space at the top of the page for YouTube’s videos. But this only applies to some of the queries. If you enter a content marketing request and query “funny cats” into Google, videos about marketing will never show and funny cats will always appear in the search results.

Google doesn’t want a user who’s interested in cats to know why cats are funny or why they’re reading this. This user came to the page to watch the videos.

Therefore, when choosing words and keys to describe the video, you need to consider which keys may become material specific. If such keywords are entered, the video can appear in the SERP. For example, one of the business topics starts with the keyword “how-to.”

3. Create announcements of the video on social networks.

It is difficult to assess the role of social media and thematic communities when it comes to video publishing. These theme groups and communities can be the target source to increase traffic. There is absolutely no need to worry, in 9 out of 10 cases the management of such posts will allow you to post your video on the wall of the group.

Accordingly, the more likes and views on the videos, the higher the copyright content in the video share. Whoever broadcasts announcements or pre-made videos in groups has to tackle two tasks right away, maximizing audience coverage and raising the position of video content in search.

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4. Encourage viewers to be as active as possible by following, liking, and commenting.

YouTube video search algorithms put a lot of emphasis on issues such as the behavioral video ranking factor. If viewers are satisfied with the videos, the system will rank them high in search terms at that time. At this point, the main task of the author of the channel is to show people that without clips it is difficult to live, or at least not comfortable without them. You can make simple and unobtrusive requests, such as giving Likes and an invitation to subscribe to the channel.

The important thing to know: If the user subscribes to the channel immediately after viewing the video, this action will generate one of the strongest signals. YouTube notices that the owner of the channel has posted a beautiful video and the viewer subscribes to the channel immediately after watching the video. Likes, it sends signals to the system in the same way.

To encourage users to put likes and subscribe to the author’s channel, you need to participate in the publication of useful content users. You should also periodically ask the viewer to subscribe to the channel and get likes.

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5. Organize posts in playlists.

Converting videos into theme-based playlists is an excellent step forward with several benefits. First, it will be easier for users to watch entire favorite columns, not individual clips. Second, playlists can also be populated with a description of the clips. This will increase the chances of getting a position in the YouTube rankings.

These simple tips help increase the position of videos created and published under certain search queries.

The modern YouTube algorithm invented by the developers is based on only 2 elements. The first is a video description for the request, which serves to determine its semantic relevance. The second is the evaluation and analysis of behavioral factors.

Behavioral factors that subscribers on YouTube show are the number of likes and views, as well as comments. Therefore, it is important to create quality content, otherwise 90% failure will occur. Behavioral factors will worsen when people don’t like or feel good about bad content, and people will click the dislike button or leave a bad review. If the content deserves attention then the feedback will be better. Now imagine the content created is powered by the YouTube subscriber boost promotion. Youtube subscribers will subscribe to your profile, your influence on people will increase and they will trust you. The video, which has many positive likes, instills trust in YouTube’s search engine, ranking as useful and recommended for viewing. If you want to buy Youtube video likes, take advantage of our ALL-SMM service. Thanks to the service we offer, you will not only be able to increase likes, but also benefit from our Youtube views boost service.

Therefore, the most important actions in promoting the channel or individual videos: Creating detailed descriptions using key queries, using keywords in the title of the video, alerting potential subscribers as well as getting them to put likes and subscribe to the channel. It would also be unnecessary to remind you to click on the Bell.

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