YouTube için Hashtag'ler. Nasıl yapılır ve nasıl geliştirilir

Hashtags for YouTube. How to make and how to develop

A great opportunity has emerged on YouTube to draw eyes to the most popular and profitable service for the world’s internet video blogging services. As with almost all other social networks, this popular video sharing site also allows these tools to be used. There are many ways to promote your content better and more productively.

The video service decided to implement such a tool two years ago, in 2016, but the tool never became popular. At least, if you compare its popularity and activity with other social giants like Facebook, VK or Instagram.

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Perhaps the low popularity of hashtags is due to the lack of awareness that they can be used as promotional tags? Perhaps no one believes in its miraculous powers?

YouTube için Hashtag'ler. Nasıl yapılır ve nasıl geliştirilir

Hashtag tagging and video finding methods

Generally, those who use social networks know what a hashtag is, but some can’t even explain the meaning of the word. What you should at least know is that hashtags allow you to describe the type and topic of content in a couple of words for a simpler and more accessible search across the entire social network.

By its structure, a hashtag is a word or a combination of words (written without spaces), preceded by a # sign. You need to enter the most specific word associated with the specified video or topic and the system will generate the result and sort the videos according to a certain criteria. Depending on the user’s choice, a list of popular, new or commented videos can be displayed.

Hashtags are required to make searching for a theme or video as easy as possible. If video hashtags conflict with other videos, it will be divided into a separate section created on the basis of the hashtag.

Such tags should be used in the description or video title. As stated by YouTube itself, in any video posted, such hashtags should be clickable, although only clicking on them in the description. There are two options immediately in the search.

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For example, a user is watching the topic Crafts and wants to find related videos without using the «similar videos» section. It’s totally easy, the hashtag #crafts is written and all related videos are listed. These markers can also be used during normal search.

How to promote video with hashtags

When uploading your finished video, it is enough to put # before the words in the description, and the presence of this sign makes it a hashtag.

Important point: Labeling can be done in Russian and English. You must use spaces to separate the hashtag. So what needs to be done is the same as in other social networks.

The more hashtags, the better, but don’t overdo it. You may be blocked, fined or subject to other sanctions. It is enough to take the 5-7 most common words related to the topic and put them as references.

A few rules about hashtags on YouTube

  1. Repetitions and tags. Youtube prohibits the use of repeated words and phrases, as well as the use of ordinary hashtags.
  2. Deception. Popular and clickable tags not related to the topic of the video are not allowed.
  3. Spam. Youtube allows up to 15 tags
  4. Gaps. Everything is clear, Hashtags and words are used without spaces.
  5. Swearing. Hashtags cannot contain any profanity.
  6. +18 You cannot use sexually explicit hashtags. Posting explicit videos is prohibited. However, there is always someone who adds a popular “+18” hashtag and hopes to drop “viewers”.
  7. Propaganda. You may not use words that discriminate against individuals on any basis. You need to be tolerant when choosing labels.
  8. Threats. Insults, threats or other variations of overt aggression are also prohibited.

All these and other suggestions and rules are posted at

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Of course, you can use popular hashtags (if the theme of the video stays at the bottom), but what is the probability that the user will select the desired video?

Therefore, it’s best to take low-frequency queries. To do this, you can seek help from specialist services responsible for choosing the necessary hashtags. You can do this yourself, by using tags and looking at the number of tags related to the subject, or you can use an auxiliary service.

For example, there is a great web helper that automatically finds hashtags from different features. Relevant hashtags are generated there.

Celebrity hashtags can also be imported from other social networks, but you need to remember that the selected hashtags are popular.

In general, to promote your channel and each video separately, you should follow the simple rules of YouTube-serving creators and use relevant keywords that are less popular.

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