Don’t miss free seminars and conferences from WebPromoExperts in February

We present online seminars and conferences from the Internet Marketing Academy WebРromoExperts in February 2020. With the help of the calendar, you can plan your time for training with leading experts.

When: February 11, 15:00 (Kyiv time)

At the online seminar, we will talk about the approach to video blogging in 2020 and why a business needs a YouTube channel. Let’s analyze what influences the development of a YouTube channel and what are the secrets of hitting YouTube trends.

Alexey Tokovenko – Product and training manager and teacher of the AIR Academy. Certified Business Program Trainer and YouTube Specialist.

Creates educational materials, teaches blogging courses, advises on content creation and YouTube promotion.

Since 2016, he has been engaged in consulting and channel management of AIR partners. Among them: Toronto TV,, AndroNews and others.

Seminar program

New media reality, YouTube analytics

Approach to Video Blogging 2020

Why does a business need a YouTube channel

What influences the development of the YouTube channel: platform tools for competent promotion

All about optimization: how to improve your channel and video for effective organic promotion

The secret to hitting YouTube trends

Cost: participation online – free, recording a seminar – 200 UAH.


When: February 12, 15:00 (Kyiv time)

At the online seminar, we will discuss how to promote an online store without buying links and practically without texts.

Participants will also receive one item to choose from: site audit, Google Ads audit, Facebook and Instagram ad audit.

Voloshin Vasily – head of SEO and contextual advertising department.

Since 2010 in marketing. He started with the creation of MFA sites and their monetization through Google Adsense. Came out on passive income of $ 1000 / month. Since 2013, he has been professionally engaged in link building, SEO and analytics. Has been with Mnews for over 3 years. More than 70 projects. Main specialization: contextual advertising, analytics and SEO.

Seminar program

  • How to understand if SEO is going wrong

  • How to restore trust

  • Which gives quick results

  • Lessons on the project and the subtleties of work

  • What you need to be ready for after a year of work

Cost: participation online – free, recording a seminar – 200 UAH.


When: February 18, 15:00 (Kyiv time)

At the seminar, we will talk about TOP methods of promoting business in social networks and Internet marketing trends in 2020. We will discuss whether working with opinion leaders is effective today, what are the nuances and life hacks. And of course, we will analyze the cases from Alina’s practice.

Krivenets Alina – internet marketer.

Marketer, copywriter, SMM specialist. 7 years of experience in Internet marketing: from writing selling texts – to promoting large projects (a chain of restaurants, a network of tourist complexes, a network of massage studios) on turnkey social networks and working with a personal brand.

Seminar program

  • TOP Methods of Business Promotion in Social Networks

  • Personal brand

  • Working with influencers

  • How to sell without targeted ads

  • Internet Marketing Trends 2020

  • Cases from my personal practice as an Internet marketer

Cost: participation online – free, recording a seminar – 200 UAH.


When: February 20, 17:00 (Kyiv time)

This webinar will be useful for those who currently have active Facebook campaigns.

If you need to optimize your account to reduce the cost of a lead, or scale campaigns while maintaining the current CPA, then at the webinar we will look at the techniques that I use to manage advertising accounts in social networks.

Ivan Burach – specialist in contextual advertising at WebPromo.

Lecturer and curator of training courses at the WebPromoExperts Academy.

Guest speaker at Remarketing XI conferences, iCamp Lviv 2018, as well as Google events.

Certified Specialist for: Google Search Ads, Google Display Network, Google Mobile Advertising, Google Analytics, Google Shopping Ads.

Seminar program

  • Principles of advertising cabinet analysis

  • Working with betting strategies

  • Optimizing ads between placements

  • Leveraging Machine Learning

  • Logic of analysis and adjustments for creatives, principles of successful creativity

Cost: participation online – free, recording a seminar – 200 UAH.



5. Free online conference “SEO Day”

When: February 21, 10:00 (Kyiv time)

  • 14 reports with practical examples, cases and personal experience

  • 8 hours of useful rich information

  • Online communication – an opportunity to ask a question to the speaker

  • Gifts from organizers and partners


6. Online seminar: “The right Internet marketing tools at every stage of the funnel of an e-commerce project based on See Think Do Care”

When: February 25, 15:00 (Kyiv time)

Today, Internet marketing has a huge number of tools, which, in turn, have varieties, types, subtypes and can correspond to different business goals.

However, despite this, the customer journey can be summarized with a new look at the funnel from the famous analyst Avinash Koshik – See Think Do Care. By viewing the customer journey through an STDC lens, all marketing activities can be clearly planned with the right tools at every stage.

Maxim Yan – PPC Team Lead at

3.5 years living, breathing and thinking with paid traffic. He worked both on the side of large Ukrainian and foreign agencies, and on the client side in InHouse teams. At the moment, he is responsible for paid traffic in one of the largest retailers in Ukraine –

Seminar program

  • Review of paid traffic tools for e-commerce

  • Going beyond standard understandings and stereotypes

  • Understanding each STDC stage

  • Why you can’t show the same creative to everyone

  • Each stage has its own set of tools

  • Single window for evaluating results

  • As a gift, participants will receive a product launch checklist for all stages of the customer journey

Cost: early bird – UAH 300, on the day of the seminar – UAH 350.

When: February 26, 15:00 (Kyiv time)

Engagement is one way to make friends with subscribers.

In the online seminar, you will learn:

➢ Why do we need engaging content, does it make sense to create it

➢ Ways and types of engaging content

➢ How knowledge of the psychology of subscribers helps to create engaging content

Lesya Gaidash – Head of SMM-studio SMM-time.

Psychologist by education, SMM-specialist by profession. More than 6 years of experience in the SMM field. Works with small and medium-sized businesses. Builds long-term relationships with clients.

The average duration of cooperation is 1.5 years. Conducts workshops on SMM for beginners and seminars for entrepreneurs on business development in social networks.

Seminar program

  • How to motivate subscribers to comment and be active

  • Non-standard approaches to standard competitions

  • Types of Engagement Contests

  • 6 types of publications to increase engagement

  • About prizes. Do you always need prizes for activities

  • Do you need to engage on pages at all?

Cost: early bird – UAH 300, on the day of the seminar – UAH 350.


When: February 27, 15:00 (Kyiv time)

Let’s talk about an important online advertising tool – remarketing. Who should use it and when, what kind of remarketing is right for you, and which one is best left. How to “catch up” with users so that they do not just return, but make a purchase or a targeted action. Consider Google and social remarketing.

Natalia Zhikhareva – specialist in setting up contextual and targeted advertising in the Internet marketing agency Inweb.

Natalia has a background of more than 50 PPC projects in Google and about the same in setting up Facebook ads. Among the major projects that Natalia is proud to work with are Tshina, E-p.prom, Dec-school, Blackroll and others.

Seminar program

  • Remarketing: Why? for whom? why is it important?

  • Types of remarketing:

  • Regular (by audience)

  • Search Engine

  • Dynamic in Google

  • Dynamic on social networks (Facebook)

  • Where to get audiences. Remarketing Strategies

  • Setting up remarketing and optimizations: Google and Facebook

Cost: participation online – free, recording a seminar – 200 UAH.


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