YouTube’ da videoları üst sıralara çıkarmak için gerekli 10 unsur

10 essential elements to rank videos higher on YouTube

YouTube’ da videoları üst sıralara çıkarmak için gerekli 10 unsur

Videos that appear on the main page of the site always get much more traffic than videos that appear on the second and subsequent pages. The increase in channel traffic will naturally lead to an increase in the number of your customers and as a result will lead to a significant increase in sales. In order to bring them to life, it will help you to familiarize yourself with the ten main rules of increasing traffic for videos on YouTube, which we will present below.

1. Using keywords in video

To do this you need to embed videos, try to use the maximum number of characters available. Include infrequent or moderately used keywords so your video can rank for less competitive keywords in search engines.

2. Using Key Tags

Try to use the words and phrases associated with the video as much as possible. The YouTube search engine allows you to rank with lots of videos with a similar theme. Add key tags to your tags that they use in their tags.

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3. Using key video names

Remember, the YouTube search engine always displays within the first five to six characters. So you need to make sure you include the correct key at the beginning of the text. Creating a vibrant and catchy title will help users draw extra attention to their Videos.

4. Increasing the number of likes

The more likes your video has, the greater the chance of getting to the top, feel free to use annotations for this. When sending an email, add a note with a reminder and a request to subscribe to the channel. Requests similar to video comments and descriptions can be written.

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5. Increasing the number of followers

Another mandatory rule to increase view traffic is to increase the number of targeted subscribers. So, remember to actively use annotations with requests to subscribe to your channel. In addition, you can add such invitations to the description of the video.

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6. Share link

For Google, video links with high quality and a large number of links are very important. For companies, you can create such links by combining articles, forums, comments and social media. (For example, Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, etc.). Use your own keywords in links that readers see.

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7. Adding a video link

Try to embed your video on as many sites as possible, and don’t forget to include the videos on your own blog. Additionally, the link URL of the video can be added to articles, article directories and all press releases.

8. Increasing the number of comments

The number of comments is as important as the number of likes. To increase views, invite them to comment on your video in the video descriptions. In addition, you can request viewers to participate in Q&A in the comment section.

9. Content sharing on social networks

Add videos that will attract the attention of viewers and share them on social networks. When sending an email, add a separate postscript with a similar request.

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10. View time

Note the average time spent by viewers on your YouTube channel. The truth is that both the time each viewer spends on your channel and the number of views of the videos are important for ranking high. If most visitors are leaving your channel after a few minutes, you need to offer them better quality videos or change the style of the videos posted. It is possible to attract and keep viewers’ attention on your channel and only through quality content.

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