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Why selling on social media is NOT fast or cheap, or does price always matter

Brand is what they say about you when you leave the room. Strong and

a holistic brand is when people know about you. A lot of things are talking about you

people, and says the same thing.

Andrey Fedoriv

If you, like me, are engaged in SMM, then more than once explained to clients that promotion on social networks, including Facebook, is NOT cheap and NOT fast for a long time. This article will help you argue for this information.

If you are a business owner, this article will help you plan your promotion strategy.

The idea of ​​a sales pyramid or sieve was born after reading books that literally turned my mind upside down (Nir Eyal, Ryan Hoover “On the Hook. How to Create a Product That Catch”, etc.). As well as numerous conversations with clients on the topic of why I cannot launch sales of an expensive and / or little-known product on social networks in a week, after studying and analyzing successful brands.

When it comes to creating demand, the winner is not the one who starts first; a

the one who will be the first to create or capture the emotional space in the market.

Adrian Slivotsky

The art of creating demand

And here it is, the pyramid of transformation of the audience in social networks into brand followers:

download this scheme for yourself and, when talking with clients, give them a color, then it will be easier to understand which trump cards should be taken out of the sleeve

Let’s start with a simple example.

You provide certain services. You already have a clientele – a little, and suddenly you decided to sell a product or service at a price an order of magnitude higher than the usual one and do it quickly. We launched a dozen advertising banners, a couple of support posts and … nothing – the product did not go! Why?

The thing is that you do not have enough audience at the current level. Each next price level is a sieve that weeds out most of your readers. Not in the sense that they are leaving, no – they are not ready yet to invest more money or their own time in your product. To go to the next level, they lack knowledge about your brand, lack of trust.

To increase the price and move to the next level, it is necessary to form a sufficiently large group of readers loyal to you, from which readers, potential buyers, loyal customers, brand loyalists will then “sift”. Consumers who are hooked on addiction become adherents or evangelists of the brand – mouthpieces of the company that attract new consumers for free!

Moving subscribers from one level of the pyramid to the next

Most of the companies are sure that their main economic value

is the formation and strengthening of habits with the help of products and goods,

they release.

Nir Eyal, Ryan Hoover

On the hook

How to create a product that hooks

The addiction formation process, which takes your subscribers from one level of the pyramid to the next, is perfectly described in the book by Nir Eyal, Ryan Hoover “On the Hook. How to create a product that catches your eye. ” Read the book and you will get a working algorithm for forming a dependency – the so-called dependency loop, easily applied in practice.

Dependency formation loop

The dependency loop consists of the following sequential steps:

Trigger → Action → Temporary gain → Investment


  • A trigger is an attention-grabbing bait.

  • Action is behavior that involves the expectation of a reward.

  • Imaginary reward is the benefit that a person receives by performing a targeted action (not always explicit).

  • An investment is an investment in your product, and not always a financial one.

A person who has taken these successive steps is likely to fall into a dependency loop. Each successive loop reinforces his emotional attachment to your product or brand and … after a few cycles, a brand evangelist is born!

Let’s take a closer look at the pyramid and think about how to work with the audience at each of its levels, nurturing an army of your loyal followers.

Zero level – information gathering, promotion planning

The problem with large numbers is that they are almost always there

multiply by a simple fraction with a very large denominator. If you refer to

audience of 100 million people and only 0.000001% of them will buy your product,

it means that you sell exactly 1 unit of the product.

Seth Godin

Purple Cow

The general informational Internet space consists of millions of people who do not care about you. They don’t know anything about you, they are busy with their own problems and interests. This is the level of indifference. The size of this audience is huge, for the most part it is not interested in you and your brand, and it is expensive and does not make sense to promote at all. At the zero level, the first step is to form a portrait of the target audience. The segment or segments of the Internet community that may be interested in your product, the choice of sites for promotion and format.

We have formed, chosen → go to the next level → we make advertising and information crops for the target audience, described empirically.

Stage one – seeding, choosing the ideal target audience, the first loops of addiction

The task of the level: to cover as large a percentage of the target audience as possible, to isolate the PERFECT target audience among them, to start interacting with readers to transfer some of them to the next level.

Solution: Massive information crops – publish different content, experiment with formats, track the most effective topics and formats, launch them into ads, form the first dependency loops.

At this level, we work with the selected segments, collect and analyze data to detail the persons and isolate the PERFECT target. There is no other way to understand who your ideal readers are than by posting on various platforms, launching ads and analyzing the result.

Remember that we are working with a “cold” audience – they still don’t care about you, but your product may potentially be interesting. This is the level of mass. The more crops you do, the more people you reach, the higher the percentage will move to the next level – potential buyers and followers.

Selling goods at the level of recognition is like hitting a sparrow from a rifle – accidentally and unlikely. You find yourself in a person with a very strong need, who does not have time to go into details – he bought and moved on. And it is not a fact that this customer will become your regular customer.

For a conscious purchase of a product, a person must make at least 7-10 informational touches with your brand – read a post, see an advertisement, meet a product in a store, read a review, etc. Simple statistics – 100-200 thousand potential buyers and with every 7-10 contacts. You can estimate the price of the question yourself. Therefore, I repeat, the main task of this level is sowing, gathering information, transferring the reader to the next level.

An example of passing the dependency loop at the first level

You are a private clinic that is just starting to promote its brand. Do the first information and advertising crops. One of the posts on the brand’s Facebook page involves engaging with a cold audience – an express consultation from one of your specialists.

Trigger – thematic publication on an exciting topic. Invite readers to ask questions and promise a qualified answer.

Action – search for necessary information, interest in your post.

Imaginary reward – the answer to your question.

Investment – comment under the post and track the response. Ideally, a dialogue with your specialist, which may very likely end up with an appointment. In this case, the person invests their time in you (the most valuable resource for today!).

The first circle is passed. Now your commentators will highlight your posts in the feed, read and interact with the ones they care about.

After one or several cycles, the reader becomes interested and becomes a subscriber of the page, thus moving to the next level.

Stage Two – Tracking / Potential Buyers

Objective of the level: selling inexpensive products, forming a layer of an engaged audience, interacting to move as much as possible to the next level.

Solution: posting commercial posts, holding free or conditionally free events, transferring some subscribers to a closed group for more active interaction, holding contests.

You have formed a portrait of the PERFECT target audience, crops have become more targeted, posts can have a clearly expressed commercial nature, targeting is detailed. Pixel has collected the first data – you start to confidently sell inexpensive products.

That part of the audience that is interested in your proposal is sifted to this level. They track publications and are ready to use your product if the price is safe . One or more purchases build strong trust that takes you to the next level.

At this level you can organize promo events – free of charge or for a nominal fee and gather people for them, conduct online marathons (also free of charge or for a nominal fee). The larger the audience, the better – some of them will definitely become your customers!

It is good to hold contests at this level, since you will not deal with prizes, but with potential buyers.

Lyrical digression:

The competition is good not only because it increases the coverage of your publications and increases virality. Come up with conditions under which the participant will have to invest in your brand – for example, post a photo of your product in action or a review, a question or a way to use the product in case of purchase.

By investing time in your offer, the participant becomes a “warm” potential buyer who is more likely to respond to your ad and buy your product.

At the same level, an important layer of the audience is formed – the followers – for one reason or another they are not ready to buy your product yet. But they are interested in your content, actively interact with publications.

Each purchase is a new round of the dependency loop.

Each participation in the event is a new round of the dependency loop.

Each repost, a story about you to friends and acquaintances, a comment is a new round of the dependency loop.

Great demand creators are constantly looking for them (impulses, triggers) and always

experimenting to find what will turn the viewer into a customer.

Adrian Slivotsky

The art of creating demand

And here the magic begins – in the process of forming a habit to your brand, the consumer pays less and less attention to the cost of what you offer!

Consumers who have been using your product for a long time or interacting with your publications are more willing to tell their friends about you. Frequent interaction creates more opportunities to encourage people to invite friends, share content, and tell each other about the product.

From this layer to the next level are “sneezers” and loyal customers.

Stage three – sneezers and loyal customers

Objective of the level: the systematic sale of products of the middle price segment, the formation of regular customers, the cultivation of an army of “sneezers” who willingly spread information about your brand, the formation of trust and the transition to the next level is love.

Solution: active sales on-line and off-line; active communication with your audience – ideally personalized; conducting off-line events – presentations, lectures; sale of paid lectures. Trainings, master classes; transfer of some subscribers to a closed group for more active interaction, holding contests among an active audience with significant gifts.

This is the trust level. They know you, they trust you, you are ready to buy goods and services at a higher price (if the prices do not differ much from the prices of competitors). Loyal customers start to give preference to your brand, your products and services, the price should not differ much from the market average.

To spread information about your brand faster, you need to nurture “sneezers”. “Sneezing” means relentlessly telling your colleagues, friends or admirers about your product or service. Sneezers grow out of your first satisfied customers and active followers. They spread information about you and it’s completely free!

This is the level of the middle price segment in the market. At this level, you can sell paid trainings, run paid marathons, monetize your brand.

As in the previous step:

Each purchase is a new round of the dependency loop.

Each participation in a PAID event is a new round of the dependency loop.

Each “sneeze” is a new round of the dependency loop.

Having a sufficient audience at this level, you develop brand loyalists.

Stage four – brand lovers = LOVE

Objective of the level: sale of VIP-services and VIP-products. Forming a group of fans, from which the brand evangelists will later grow.

Solution: special solutions and products of the VIP level, privileges for customers, creation of a closed club for the “elite”, closed meetings for “friends”. Let your VIPs feel their own specialties!

They love you, they want to interact with you, they WANT TO BUY from you, you are no longer compared with competitors. VIPs are your gold reserve, communicate with them more often, give them your love – after all, some of them will become the evangelists of your brand!

Fans are actively spreading information about you, they become your mouthpieces and bring buyers! At this level, customers find you themselves thanks to rave reviews from friends and acquaintances:

– you sell expensive and exclusive products and services.

Step five – ADEPTS

Your loyal army, which is ready to blow every word about you. They will buy your goods at any price, the price does not matter anymore. Buying is a way of getting in touch with you and they will buy more and more!

This is your loyal army, which will help you with all its might. Spread the word about you across all sites.

As you can see, the path that needs to go from entering the information field to selling expensive products is quite expensive and at the lower levels requires serious investments – financial and time. But it’s worth it! By forming a stable foundation of the pyramid, making it wider and more powerful, you are selling more and more expensive goods and services. Gradually approaching the level where cost no longer plays any role.

Examples of how having enough followers at the bottom of the pyramid allows brands to sell expensive information products:

Example 1 – Andrey Fedoriv and his course Supermen (Brand’s Dad)

Course fees:

Standard – 200 $

VIP – 500 $

Premium – 3000 $

The launch of the course was preceded by active work with the channel of the same name on YouTube

Channel creation date – August 2017

Number of subscribers – approx. 25 thousand

Number of captured videos – 38

A month before the start of sales for the course, a Facebook page was created. Number of subscribers – about 5000

The uniqueness of this product is that it continues to work – the channel is alive, the base of the pyramid is expanding, sales in the VIP and Premium areas are also. Andrey Fedoriv knows like no one that a brand is long and expensive! New products under the brand of the same name appear.

If someone hasn’t watched Fedoriv’s vlog and “Daddy ..” – then run faster

Example 2 – Natalia Cholodenko School of Psychology

I cite this example with special trepidation, since I am an adherent of the Cholodenko brand and I know that behind each of the numbers is the titanic work of Natalya Vladimirovna and her team.

Level 1 – today the total number of subscribers in three social networks is about 500 thousand people!


Facebook – 298 thousand subscribers

Instagram – 126 thousand subscribers

YouTube – 72k subscribers

Level 2 – on-line sale of MK at a symbolic price.

I would venture to suggest that only 1-3% of this number moves to each subsequent level. Thus, from this entire half-million army, no more than 5-15 thousand people are ready to pay for a product worth $ 10.

I repeat once again – the figures are assumed, I only demonstrate the degree of sifting your readers at each subsequent level.

Level 3 – tickets for off-line events costing Standard level – 400-700 people per 1 MK.

Level 4 – VIP-products: Cholodenko Club, VIP-seats at events, expensive online events (from $ 100).

Level 5 – the top of the pyramid. And only a few of the half-million audience of the foundation makes it to the top of the pyramid – the School of Psychology. Here come true adepts who are ready to pay several thousand dollars for training.

Prospects are only for those products that are created by obsessed with their own

by people.

Seth Godin

Purple Cow

Raise an army of loyal adepts! Good sales to you! And remember, people only talk about products that are worth talking about.

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