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Where and How to Create Marketing Videos – 6 Tools

Many marketers are afraid to use video in their strategy. Firstly, there is a barrier in the form of the cost of production and the complexity of the format, and secondly, not everyone knows about the simple ways to create videos in online services.

Video marketing is a powerful tool for advertisers. I’ll tell you about the most convenient video editors and resources that will help you create video posts and ads for your marketing campaign.

If you have your own content, video content, ready-made Animoto storyboard templates will help you to style and present it beautifully. You can upload your raw video to the editor, cut it into cuts and add titles. The inside of the tool looks like this:

In the editor, you can also add photos to your video (you can even edit them in the interface – to ensure a uniform visual style), overlay a soundtrack and create author’s storyboard templates. And the finished video can be uploaded to social networks directly through the editor interface.

Monthly subscription costs from $ 8.

2. Explee.

This tool will help you create hand-drawn animated stories that have been trendy in recent years. A typical concept for such a video is a voiceover introducing the viewer to a particular subject or story, accompanied by alternating visual illustrations.

This format is good for educational videos about abstract concepts and concepts, stories about the history of a company or project, presentations of business ideas and proposals. Here is an example of such a video from the editor itself:

The cost of a monthly subscription is from $ 7.

3. Crello.

A very easy to use tool – the Crello editor. The platform offers thousands of animated templates that can be easily edited to suit your needs: change the text, choose the font and color of the labels, add animated objects and change their size and position. This is how it looks in the editor’s office:

Such bright animation is very effective – this format grabs attention and helps to convey a short message in a split second. Crello has three animated design formats:

Video – content can also be made from photos. To do this, you just need to superimpose a video background or animated objects on your advertising image:

Basic account with 12,000 templates and the ability to create animated posts – free

The cost of a monthly PRO account is $ 9.99.

4. Stories.

Yes, yes, the built-in Instagram Stories tools will turn even quite modest content into a full-fledged video. Use built-in animations, fonts, and effects to create engaging behind-the-scenes videos and event coverage. Spontaneous videos shot on the phone are relevant to Instagram and will bribe your audience with the usual format.

For example, Allure likes to share videos from events or short interviews:

5. Stock video.

Browse through stock photo catalogs in the video section and you will be amazed at the number of videos that can be used for marketing campaigns. Stock videos are professionally filmed, and their price will be ten times lower than the cost of producing your video. Here are the video sections in the most popular photo stocks: Depositphotos (from $ 19 for 1 video), Shutterstock (from $ 219 for 5 videos), iStock (from $ 60 for 1 video).

This is what one of these videos looks like on the Depositphotos photo stock:

Animoto will help to combine stock video with your content.

6. Kapwing.

Stop! And listen! Stop motion is one of the newest trends in the online marketing world. These cute videos are reminiscent of childhood and attract with simple naivety. Kapwing editor allows you to create this kind of animation from your source content in .mp4, .mov, .webm, .ogg and .mpeg formats:

The cost of 1 video without a watermark is $ 6 or an unlimited monthly subscription for $ 20.

What to look for when generating video content

Most users watch videos without sound, so they need to be interested in the picture. If your video does not seem valuable to the viewer in the first few seconds, you can almost certainly assume that he or she will continue to scroll the feed, instantly forgetting about the existence of your brand.

One of the ways to gain the attention and trust of your audience is to actually benefit from your video. You have two options here. Create entertaining content, such as a funny joke in a video. Or provide the viewer with useful information. How-to videos, educational videos, reviews, one-second videos of a sale or announcing an event are usually very positively received.

Video in marketing is not always an expensive production and professional shooting. You can easily make short videos for regularly filling your social media accounts. Take a close look at the video editor options and flip through other brands for inspiration.

Good luck!)

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