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What’s wrong with real estate SMM and how to fix it

If you accidentally come across an LCD account on social networks, there is a 98% chance of leaving immediately. And the point here is not in blurry visuals or weak copywriting, but in the fact that SMM of residential complexes is a niche thing. It is difficult to imagine a person who will actively follow the news about the deepening of the excavation at the construction site of a particular residential complex, if he does not plan to buy housing in this complex.

So take the first tip of the article : let go of the dream that LCD account statistics will match those of top influencers. Your task is to reassure people looking for housing that you are maintaining an account of the coolest residential complex in the country, as well as to maintain the loyalty and calmness of those who have already purchased an apartment there.

If you could come to terms with the recommendation above, and you are wondering how SMM will help convince people to buy square meters from your client, then read the article further. We’ll talk about the intricacies of moderation, account design features and pitfalls, which (spoiler) are very, very many.

Be honest with the client

To start talking about what the product you are advertising is good for, you need to know its benefits and USP. It would seem a trivial statement, but often to the question “What is your LCD cool?” developers answer in monosyllables: Everybody!

The client can be understood: this is his brainchild, and we love children with unconditional love. But here you need to get specific answers:

  • The residential complex is located three minutes from the metro;
  • has its own water purification system;
  • each apartment is equipped with a Smart Home system;
  • there is an open-air cinema on site, etc., etc.

These facts are your trump cards with which you can build convincing communication.

It is just as frankly worth talking about the disadvantages of LCD:

  • bad location
  • there is no metro nearby,
  • poor infrastructure or lack of parking spaces.

This is important to know in order to contrast them with the strengths of the complex:

  1. there is no metro, but there is a huge parking lot and three bus stops nearby;
  2. there is no grocery store on site, but there is Auchan 15 minutes walk from the residential complex.

Content plan features

It would seem that you are maintaining an LCD account, where construction is planned for years to come, and any action is accompanied by a detailed analysis. But in reality, an SMM specialist receives 2-3 situations per month. It can be anything: promotions, price increases, changes during construction, etc., etc.

Situations and situations that it is impossible to prepare for them, but you can take them into account in advance in the CP. Thanks to this, the number of publications per month will not change, as will the frequency of your appearance on the air.

Subtleties of moderation

Let’s pay attention to the elephant in the room: LCD account management is accompanied by a lot of hats . You can grieve for a long time and argue about why everything is so, but in fact, all you can do is work competently with the negative.

Do not delete every comment that contains even a bit of criticism. On the contrary, consider them as an opportunity to once again talk about the advantages of LCD. For example, if you were told about the inconvenient location of the complex, tell us about the availability of parking and guest parking.

Не стоит удалять каждый комментарий

Also, if the criticism is not constructive, and the tone of voice allows, you can laugh it off or troll a little. This approach is not very popular in real estate, where everything is very serious and friendly, so this kind of communication will definitely set you apart from the competition. The main thing is to use this move carefully and only with the client’s approval.

Также, если критика неконструктивна

But if the comment is full of foul language and outright hate, then delete it without a twinge of conscience. In some cases, it is better to block the user, or even complain about him to the social platform itself.

Features of the visual design of the account

Trends and realities

Despite the fact that most LCDs have a clear positioning, in fact, their target audience is limited only by financial capabilities. This means that the developer at the same time wants to attract both a twenty-year-old student, who was promised an apartment for graduation, and a couple in adulthood who decided to move closer to their grandchildren. Therefore, crazy collages, textures or neon texts, noises and scuffs – everything that is so “modern and youthful” in 2021 is for a different type of content.

The purpose of visuals is to convey information about the complex to the buyer , and not to impress with all sorts of graphic techniques that the designer learned in the courses. You need to be creative, but in moderation and with taste. Otherwise, stick to the same color scheme, use 1-2 legible matching fonts and ditch unnecessary designer frills.

In general, your designer’s unique handwriting should not overshadow the LCD you are promoting.

Bezrybe on the photo front

Almost every modern LCD is a work of art … rendered. But since social media accounts are launched at the stages when the pit has not yet been dug on the construction site, the reality leaves much to be desired for another 2-4 years.

In such situations, it is necessary either to order an impressive number of renders, or to contact the stock. If you stop at the stock, remember that even there you can find natural photos. It is enough to be patient and pay extra attention to detail. Otherwise, your feed will be overflowing with pictures of laughing women with a salad and images of a parking lot, where each car has a New York number.

Don’t forget about emotions

We talk a lot about informational content here, but you shouldn’t forget about the emotional component. It is often the emotions associated with the brand that become the decisive factor in the purchase.

Here’s a simple example:

Вот простой пример:

Which of these creatives evokes the most emotional response? Another example, which, by the way, will show you how to play around boring renders:

Какой из этих креативов вызывает больший эмоциональный отклик?

Playing with non-instagram details

Construction with concrete slabs or floor plans? Not all assets will be aesthetically pleasing and you will have to work with them. This does not mean that you need to shrug your shoulders and put everything in your account as it is. In such cases, creativity should be shown. For example, here’s how we played the layouts on one of our accounts:

Обыгрывание не инстаграмных деталей

General visual guidelines

When creating visuals, it is important to consider:

  • aesthetics (the creative should be pleasant to look at, it should be of good quality, the colors should be combined, there should be a balance of main and accent tones);
  • unobtrusive (no loud funny music on the video, jumping out graphics, flashing inscriptions and other annoying “ruffles”);
  • simplicity (the viewer should not think about the concept of a creative, the message should be clear right away);
  • attention to detail (no palm trees on the background of the residential complex in the middle of Poznyaki).


Maintaining an LCD account is a job where your accuracy, tact and attentiveness will be tested daily for strength.

The widespread opinion that there is no creativity in real estate is wrong. It just manifests itself differently: not so much in textures and memes, but in the ability to beautifully and informatively sell an expensive product that still exists only in blueprints.

The “SMM-specialist” course is designed for those who want to master a new profession of an SMM-specialist. You will be able to independently create a plan for publishing content, learn how to launch advertising campaigns and analyze their results. Bring leads and sales from social networks to customers.


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