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What You Should Tell Your Clients About TikTok: The Guide of an Experienced SMM Specialist

TikTok is taking over the world. He actively conquers the top download applications, and the audience is growing every day.

We, as real professionals in SMM, have discarded the prejudice that this is a teenage and frivolous platform, and completely immersed ourselves in the study of a new social network. The results and we want to share in this article.

1. What is TikTok Smart Feed?

TikTok immediately opted for a smart feed: no chronological order – recommended content is a priority.

The TikTok feed can be summed up in three words:

  1. Personalized – the feed selects videos for the user that will be of interest to him first of all.

  2. Learned – your behavior is closely monitored. The more time you spend on the site, the better the application understands you.

  3. Diverse – to avoid content of the same type, you will also be shown the most popular videos from related topics that may interest you.

From personal experience, we made sure that TikTok is really addictive. At first it can be difficult to spend even 5 minutes a day scrolling through the feed, but over time, the videos that are most relevant to you begin to appear, and it becomes very difficult to come off. So be careful, because the average daytime spent on TikTok in Russia is 39 minutes, which is quite a lot, but if you are an SMM specialist then it will be worth it. You can get a lot of useful information and see interesting examples of promoting brands and bloggers.

2. Possibilities for creating creative videos

TikTok is a video marketplace. And it provides many options for content creation.

The main ones are:

3. The most popular types of content on TikTok

To successfully promote on TikTok, it is important to understand not only the capabilities and algorithms of work, but also to know the most successful formats.

Here are the top video genres:

Comedy. It can be jokes, vines, pranks – anything that will make the person on the other side of the screen smile.

Vlogs. Moments from life – as honest as possible. Suitable for lifestyle bloggers, and brands can show behind the scenes – for example, the everyday life of employees.

Talents. Do you dance, sing or read poems well? TikTok is a place for self-expression. Talents can be quite unusual, the main thing is not to be afraid, you will surely find your audience.

Fashion. Trends, tips, reviews of shows and new products, or just stylish videos for inspiration – all this conquers millions of viewers.

Animals. The fact that cats, puppies and other babes are great on social networks is not news. And TikTok is no exception.

Lipsing. The name comes from the English lip – “lip” and sing – “to sing”. The recipe is simple: turn on a music track, pretend that you are singing – it is inexplicable, but the fact is that such videos are very popular.

4. Hashtag Challenges

A way to promote UGC.

The company creates creative ideas for videos and launches a hashtag contest.

The user sees the challenge for 6 days and participates in it by publishing his videos on a given topic.

One of the striking examples is the case of Sberbank.

In March 2019, Sberbank created a TikTok account.

They set themselves the task of attracting an audience of 14-25, stimulating the opening of youth cards, increasing the number of transactions in Sberbank Online.

20 bloggers were attracted by the Youth Cards advertising campaign.

Result: 3.5 million views.

8 bloggers were recruited for the “Translate to Sberbank” advertising campaign.

Result: 1.9 million views.

5. Examples of popular TikTokers

Mr. Bean (audience – 1.6 million subscribers).

A prime example of a celebrity reaching new audiences with TikTok.

Maryana Ro (audience – 3.9 million subscribers).

One of the most popular bloggers on YouTube easily broke into TikTok and took part of her fan base with her.

Hollyh (audience – 16.4 million subscribers).

An example of a lipsing blogger. We said it was popular!

Dina (audience – 7.1 million subscribers).

A mixed genre blogger: here is fashion, lifestyle, lipsing, and humor.

Nars (audience – 7 871 subscribers)

Brand account with potential for development in the beauty field.

6. Targeted advertising on TikTok

TikTok also has its own advertising account, where you can conduct targeted advertising. It’s not so easy to open it yourself – you need to partner with TikTok by signing an agency agreement. Then you can create advertisers.

What does an agent’s office look like?

At the agent’s office level, you can:

  • create advertisers and see general statistics on them;

  • allocate ad budget;

  • assign roles (e.g. edit, view).

One agency can create many advertisers and add users to them to manage.

Creation of advertising campaigns

Campaigns are created at the advertiser level. The TikTok interface is not fully Russified, but this is not a problem if you worked in the Facebook ad account. The TikTok dashboard is very similar to its simplified version. We recommend working in the English interface, since the translation into Russian may surprise you:

“Load” and “Conversation” are just “Traffic” and “Conversions”.

Currently there are 3 targets available for advertisers:

We won’t talk about creating ads step by step, since the process is very similar to working in Ads Manager Facebook and is quite simple. But we will share life hacks that will help you get good results.

Tips for creating an effective ad campaign:

  1. Start with creativity.

Vertical video and native format are the most important components. Before thinking through the creative, sit a little on TitTok itself – you will understand what users like.

Remember that TitTok is very scrupulous about copyrights. This applies primarily to music: if some well-known melody is playing in the background, then you may not pass the moderation.

If there is a need to replace the background sound in an existing video, you can do it in the Smart Video Soundtrack section: Library – Creative – Create:

  1. Calculate your ad group’s daily budget correctly.

TitTok offers its own formula for optimization per event (installation): CPAх1.3х20.

For example, if in other advertising accounts the average cost for installing your application is 4 USD, then in TikTok the minimum daily group limit is calculated as follows: 4×1.3×20 = 104 USD.

Do not forget to transfer the amount in dollars, since the payment in rubles is not yet available.

  1. Please enter your product category correctly.

  2. Specify tags.

This will make it easier for the system to understand which audience to show your ad to. Life hack: you can specify the names of competitors as tags.

  1. Be sure to test the Automated Creative Optimization setting.

With its help TitTok will independently combine your videos, texts and images in search of the best combination.

  1. Don’t get carried away by narrowing your audience.

TitTok recommends choosing wider audiences for better optimization.

Test options with and without interests, with and without age division, etc.

  1. Do not enter language in the corresponding field.

Many users use the English interface of the application. If you specify Russian, they will not see your ad.


The TikTok Library includes:

  1. Event Manager where apps, pixel and events can be configured:


  1. Creative Center , where you can edit your video or create a video from templates:


  1. Audiences , where you can create an audience based on interactions with your ad, app or website, and customize the lookelike:



In the “Reports” section, you can create a report by specifying the required columns and upload it:


Useful links:

High conversions for you!

From the Editor. Two authors worked on the article – Anna Chepurkina , targetologist of the Active Traffic service and Alena Kurakova, SMM strategist of the Active Traffic service. Sign up for the new TikTok Promotion course. You will be able to develop your own promotion strategy in the new popular social network. Promote your TikTok account and start making money on it. Get first views and subscribers in just 6 weeks of training.

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