Соцсети не принесут быстрых продаж, если вы не сделаете качественные фотографии
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What is required of business owners to sell goods and services on social networks

In this article, I want to tell you in detail what knowledge or minimum skills are required from a business owner to successfully promote on social networks and, as a result, increase sales through social networks.

1. Understanding What You Are Selling

No matter how ridiculous it may sound, the owners often do not know what exactly they are selling.

Let me explain with an example. There are foreign language courses. It seems that the language itself is the same for everyone, but the owner claims: “We have a unique teaching methodology” . However, he cannot really explain the essence of this technique.

And here the business owner is faced with the task of speaking in the language of benefits for his audience: what the user will get, what results will he achieve.

It is difficult for a client to make a decision based on common phrases: “Unique technique”, “Not like everyone else”, “Try it yourself” . The user will not buy “anyhow” and will not follow “anyhow” .

Experts or business owners do not understand how to convey the main message of their product. After all, they created it, and in their picture of the world the product / service is already in demand and cover the pains or desires of customers. But how to get this message out of their heads and send it to the heads of consumers, they do not understand.

I also encountered the following request from a client: “Please set up an advertisement for me for the webinar” . An SMM specialist asks clarifying questions: “What will the webinar be about?” We are answered: “It will be for entrepreneurs” . What theme? Who is the speaker? How long is the webinar? What are we selling? There is no clear answer for users.

Before you go to an SMM specialist, a targetologist, you need to understand what your product or service is about and what it is for your consumer.

And setting up ads for the sake of advertising is money and time wasted.

Пример подачи понятного продукта через соцсети

An example of presenting an understandable product through social networks

2. Understanding Who You Are Selling To

Even toilet paper can be sold in different ways, depending on our target audience and their perception of the “ideal” product.

For example, it is important for some that paper should cost no more than 3 hryvnia per roll, for others that it has a certain color and smell, and for others that it gets soaked quickly. Therefore, knowing exactly who you are selling the product to, it will be easier for you to interact with the audience , convey a message to it, and achieve a 100% hit.

Например, одним важно, чтобы бумага стоила не больше 3 гривен за рулон

3. Packaging your product

Packaging means the presence of a website (business card site or online store) with configured Google Analytics and Facebook’s Pixel to track traffic and understand its components.

Minimum brand book – the presence of the company logo and colors. This is a must have for any business.

Пример применения брендбука для соцсетей и для сайтаПример применения брендбука для соцсетей и для сайта

An example of using a brand book for social networks and for a website

4. The presence of a marketer or strategist who understands how and with what tools to achieve business goals

SMM is only a part of marketing and one of the business channels. Therefore, social media should be part of the entire sales funnel.

For example, there might be a funnel, starting with contextual advertising and ending with retargeting via Instagram.

Many business owners do not see the difference between contextual advertising and targeted advertising on social media.


Contextual advertising works with a generated query, that is, users go to a search engine with a specific purpose. For example, a person needs to buy a vacuum cleaner in Kiev, and contextual advertising shows companies that sell this product. That is, advertising helps him make a choice.

Target targeted advertising – generate, create a request for a service or product from a specific segment of users. For example, a company sells vacuum cleaners in Kiev, and the targetologist’s task is to tune advertising to the audience so that they want to buy this vacuum cleaner.

Статистика рекламных кампаний таргетированной и контекстной рекламы 
за январь-май 2021 г.Статистика рекламных кампаний таргетированной и контекстной рекламы 
за январь-май 2021 г.

Statistics of targeted and contextual advertising campaigns for January-May 2021

5. Have a basic understanding of SMM

You need to understand that:

  • social media has a content strategy and an advertising strategy;
  • not all page subscribers see your posts, but only 3-4%;
  • Facebook and Instagram have a ranking system, so the more followers engage with your content, the more often they see your page in the feed;
  • Kum-swat-brother should not see ads for your page if they are not your target audience;
  • you need to at least roughly understand how much it costs to attract one client through different channels, including through social networks. Because it is impractical to promote a hotel for $ 2 a day throughout Europe.

6. Interact with an SMM specialist at the stage of business development in social networks

The owner is a professional in his field and knows more about the product or service than any other person. Therefore, shifting the creation of content only to an SMM specialist will not be entirely correct or completely incorrect. I am for interaction!

I had to deal with the following situation: when promoting companies and individuals, clients did not want to provide material in their field and sent them to look for it in search engines. WHAT? If the owner positions himself as an expert, then he has his own vision on various topics. And users can read an article from Wikipedia or from Google at their leisure, without subscribing to the pages of the business owner.

Audiences want to read about unique experiences, personal opinions of the business owner, not rewritten “truths” of popular articles.

Обсуждение проектов в агентстве

Discussion of projects in the agency

7. Investments in social networks

Social networks will not bring quick sales if you do not make high-quality photos, texts for publications or for advertising campaigns and do not give the SMM specialist money for advertising. Very often microbusiness says: “We have no money, but let’s make sales” . But social media is more about investing now and getting results later.

Соцсети не принесут быстрых продаж, если вы не сделаете качественные фотографии

8. Create a budget for SMM

Promotion budget consists of content preparation budget + advertising campaign budget.

Content preparation . The cost depends on the quality of photo and video materials, their processing, design in accordance with the corporate identity. After all, you can just post pictures, or you can design them aesthetically. You can shoot yourself on an old phone, or you can invite a professional photographer. And here the cost of content will depend on the quality of the equipment itself, the experience of the photographer.

This is especially important when packaging a product. Quality packaging can certainly affect the price. But, as a rule, the price is justified.

The advertising budget consists of the cost of the targeting services and the advertising budget itself.

What is the difference between a $ 100 targeting analyst and one that works for $ 500 (cost is approximate) ? There are novice specialists, and there are those with experience and cases in these areas.

Experienced Targetologist:

  • Costs more.
  • Has expert opinion and knowledge in the customer’s niche. For example, he knows that the cost in one niche is $ 0.10, and the cost of an impression should be such and such; in another niche – the cost is from $ 0.20-0.30, and when it becomes more expensive on tests, the target analyst can quickly react and change something in the advertising campaign (audience or creative).
  • Tracks the effectiveness of each ad, disables ineffective ones by reacting quickly.

A $ 100 marketer needs to launch ads quickly. Therefore, he will order creatives from someone who is at hand, sometimes without delving too much into the product itself. Such a specialist may not deliver Pixel, not prescribe goals, launch it to a wide audience and wait. Meanwhile, Facebook itself optimizes the ad, and not always for the audience that we need. Because people often react simply to a creative (text or image) and do not delve into whether they need this product or not. This way the owner gets a lot of clicks and almost no clients.

To understand your target audiences, you need to walk the customer journey . A $ 100 marketer won’t do that. It will simply drive leads or drive traffic to your site. And the owner’s task is to sort out and separate the grain from the chaff, that is, to find in this “heap” of leads exactly target leads who will turn into customers.

Also, the advertising budget depends on what kind of project you have – at the start or it is already developing.

If the project is just starting, you need to get at least 1000 clicks to the site in order to see the conversion of the site and understand which conversion. Based on the number of clicks, knowing the approximate cost of a click, an advertising budget is formed and the cost of the targeting work is added.

And do not ask an experienced SMM specialist or targetologist: “Why is it so expensive?” . They will not tell you the parable of Picasso. Here it is:

“One woman was walking down a Parisian street and noticed Pablo Picasso sketching at a table in a street cafe. Delighted, but not so much as not to be somewhat arrogant, she asked Picasso if he could sketch her for a fee.

Picasso agreed. In just a few minutes, the sketch was ready – a real drawing by Picasso.

– And how much do I owe you? – asked the woman.
“Five thousand francs,” Picasso replied.
“But it only took you three minutes,” she politely reminded the artist.
“No,” said Picasso, “it took my whole life for this.”

(Quoted from Selling the Unseen by Harry Beckwith)


A business owner cannot completely transfer the management of social networks to an SMM specialist or agency and say: “Do what you want!” He must be involved in this process. And the work will take place in the synergy of the owner’s expertise in his field and the expertise of an SMM specialist.

The “SMM-specialist” course is designed for those who want to master a new profession of an SMM-specialist. You will be able to independently create a plan for publishing content, learn how to launch advertising campaigns and analyze their results. Bring leads and sales from social networks to customers.


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