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Vibrant social media: the picture decides

What is more important on Instagram: text or photo? Oh, this question has caused more than one exciting controversy among avid Instagrammers.

The first confidently and categorically declare – the text. By the way, as a rule, their texts are written easily and smoothly. The latter devote all their strength to studying the next photo editor, because they are confident in the primacy of the photo.

But there is another group that I belong to, and possibly you. Such a golden mean. I am sure that if there is a bright picture, they will want to know you better and read the text. If the picture is uninteresting, of poor quality, the chances that the viewer will get to the text is significantly reduced.

A beautiful photo is a kind of bait. But good text combined with a beautiful photo is a hook you can’t get off of.

Instagram is initially a visual social network, and here its own rules of the game.

If you are a blogger, SMM specialist, entrepreneur who builds a business and independently promotes on Instagram, then you definitely asked these questions:

What photos catch the Instagram audience on personal blogs?

What visual is selling in commercial profiles?

How the hell do you create this quality visual for Instagram?

Let’s go in order.

What photos catch the audience on Instagram?

You’ve probably noticed that beautiful, artistic, carefully retouched photos play out easy, as if random shots taken with a smartphone?

This is how you spend crazy sums on expensive photographers and no less expensive retouching, and in the end you get likes only from friends and a comment from your mom “My pride!”

And all because Instagram has its own canons of photos selling and collecting likes.

1. Emotions and life in the frame. What emotions do these photos evoke in you?

Now take a look and observe what emotions these photos evoke?

Instagram users are more attracted to live photos, as if a frozen moment in life, rather than staged photo sessions.

Not only I think so, but also 92% of the surveyed Instagram users.

Tip to the topic

If you are arranging staged photo shoots, move in the frame, go beyond the perfect boring smile.

In commercial profiles, if positioning allows, show your product in everyday life. If you are using models, ask them to be as natural as possible in the frame.

2. The effect of presence. At one time, Murad Osmann’s photo project “Follow me” was very popular, which is an excellent proof of this point. The essence of the project is simple: Murad photographs his girlfriend Natasha in different parts of the world from the same angle. The girl holds the photographer’s hand and calls him to follow her.

The immersive effect works great in commercial profiles too. People want to buy products on Instagram that in real life fully meet their expectations and the picture they see.

Magazine photo shoots should be left to gloss to create a brand image. If your goal on Instagram is sales, you need to be closer to your customers.

Have you bought clothes or shoes on the Internet? Then they certainly asked for a photo “live” from the seller and, according to what they saw, they decided whether to make a purchase or not. Why not use these “live photos” right away in your profile?

For example, take these:

And let’s compare them with these photos:

They will most likely admire the first pictures, but they will buy when they see the second ones. In both the first and second cases, the product is in your hand, but in the second example, you seem to be holding the shoes yourself and looking at them. It is a very immersive and engaging Instagram experience.

Related Tip

Notice the beauty in everyday things and moments, share with the audience your vision of the beauty of the moment. In commercial profiles, dilute professional photo sessions with light photos in good lighting, taken with a smartphone.

3. WOW effect. This is the very secret of all Instagram girls, whose photos without textual accompaniment gain hundreds of likes. Girls with perfect skin, beautiful figure, vivid images make you want to consider them. Well, or envy.

This technique is often used by clothing stores, footwear stores, beauty salons, when photographing their product on girls with a bright and spectacular appearance. We do not perceive the model of dress or shoes separately. We like the whole image, which is part of the external data.


Captain’s Advice Obvious

Think of a cohesive image that is closest to your target audience. Instagram loves a pretty picture. Make sure that the picture you show to the prospect is effective.

Now that we have found out which photos generate the most reactions on Instagram and sell, the next question arises.

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How to effectively organize the process of creating bright visual content for Instagram?

I am a photographer with the look of an SMM specialist, as I say about myself. I’ve been on the customer’s side of photo content and created such content myself. From personal experience and a few fakups, I have deduced a scheme that, in my opinion, is the most understandable for both parties.

1. The visual strategy is created only after the marketing one.

This means that we already know who our target audience is and what creatives to create for it. For example, a visual for a premium beauty salon will differ from a beauty salon with a more democratic pricing policy. Our task is to attract the audience we need with the help of visuals.

2. Search for ideas, collect references.

At this stage, it is important to think over the style of presentation of your product, decide on the color scheme in the profile, graphics, fonts. It’s good to put it all together in one document, which everyone who is involved in your Instagram can familiarize themselves with.

3. Create a moodboard.

An important point that many are too lazy to do. But in vain. Moodboard (literally “mood board”) is a conditional canvas that contains clippings from photographs, examples of typefaces, icons, buttons, patterns and other graphic elements that together form the desired mood map.

Firstly, the mood board is your guideline in the implementation of your plans. When you have before your eyes what you want to bring to life, the chances of doing it as close as possible to what you intended increase.

Secondly, a mood board is a map for photographers if you delegate the process of creating a photo.

And thirdly, a mood board is a guaranteed portion of inspiration and motivation. And if you do it with your colleagues, it also turns out teambuilding.

4. Preparing to shoot.

Here is a very important point. No not like this. VERY important point. This includes finding a photographer, locations, models, props, and budgeting.

Search for a photographer.

On Instagram, you will find quite beautiful profiles with an announcement in the Insta-Photographer profile header. Do not rush to contact the first specialist you like! Often the whole professionalism of such photographers lies in the fact that they manage to beautifully manage only their own profile.

If you still want to try collaborating with Insta-photographer, what should you pay attention to?

➤ Of course, ask for a portfolio.

Maintaining a personal profile is easier according to your own idea than creating pictures according to the technical specification and implementing the idea of ​​other people.

➤ Is there a brief? How does a photographer collect all information about a shoot?

The photographer’s task before shooting is to make sure that the picture in his head completely matches the client’s picture. It is impossible to do this without briefs and additional questions.

➤ Value for money.

Some Insta photographers consider the amount of work by the number of photos – from 50 UAH / photo. If the photographer needs to come several times during the month, the amount is from UAH 3,000.

Some photographers raise the amount of their work just because they have an expensive camera. Here again we return to point number one. Good photos can be taken using smartphones, as well as absolutely unsuitable ones – with a camera.

➤ Any reviews?

A photographer can take pictures beautifully, but fail in deadlines. Or be unpunctual, irresponsible. If the photographer has a portfolio, write to brands they have already collaborated with. This will give you the most honest and unbiased feedback.


Try to get away from boring studio shooting in the background. As we already found out above, Instagram loves life, and it is definitely beyond monochromatic backgrounds.


Here I immediately recommend looking for either novice models, or novice actors, or friends / girlfriends who feel free and easy in the frame. Several times I had cases when I agreed to take pictures for a brand of girlfriends, and it’s not that I didn’t like them … But they were clearly not suitable for this task: a stupor in front of the camera, zero emotion in the frame, a disgruntled customer.


This is a separate line of expenditures in the budget, and you should understand that it is not unimportant. Beautiful photos from Pinterest are beautiful because they have props from ZARA Home. And when the customer asks to repeat the same, but you were allocated 300 UAH for the props. – mission Impossible. It is not necessary to purchase expensive props for every shoot, but it is worth updating it periodically.


For a high-quality result, a budget is needed anyway.

I would like to consider these most important points:

– photographer,

– models,

– location,

– props / image of the model.

How to process photos and videos? Do you need paid apps?

I seem to have bought all the paid photo / video / graphics apps.

And I use almost some free ones. Most of them you are probably already familiar with


Snapsеd – Free for iOS / Android. Here, basic photo correction, removal of unnecessary objects, people, work with proportions and perspective. For the more advanced, you can create interesting double exposure effects and work with text.


Lightroom – there is a paid version, but free enough, iOS / Android. It is convenient to do all color correction here. Working with individual shades in the photo – already for that I love this application with all my heart.


VSCO – there are free filters, there is a paid subscription $ 20 / year, for iOS / Android. I bought a subscription only because of the function to do color correction and apply filters to videos. There are many interesting filters, but they are more likely for personal blogs, as they change the color of the photo, which is not always appropriate for commercial profiles.


Phonto is a free text on photo app for iOS / Android. The trick is that you can download absolutely any font from the Internet to your smartphone and use it without using Photoshop.


Over, PicsArt – paid applications for creating graphic templates for posts, working with graphics, iOS / Android (free versions have a lot of ads and little functionality). In Over, it is very convenient to work with layers like Photoshop, however, only on iOS. PicsArt has a great graphics toolkit.


DesignLab is a paid app that makes you a graphic designer for iOS / Android. You don’t have to save on this application if you want to create decent templates for Instagram yourself.


Cute Cut Pro is a paid video maker app for iOS / Android. It is the only video editor that has multiple video tracks. It works on the principle of layers, which is very convenient. You can overlay one video on top of another and create interesting effects.

This, in my opinion, is quite enough to create high-quality photos / videos / graphics for social networks.

Instagram is becoming an increasingly serious platform for business. The days when you could take a photo for this social network with one hand and sell in batches are over.

Creating interesting and compelling visual content isn’t just fun, it’s a resource-intensive process.

And the sooner we accept these rules of the game on Instagram, the faster it will bring us satisfied customers. Which is what I wish you 🙂

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