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Understand why you can no longer edit the image, title and description of links on Facebook

It took a while, but it’s arrived. Facebook has updated its policies and it is now no longer possible to customize the preview image, title and description of posts where the content is an external link, such as blog posts, for example. And that goes for most Pages!

In other words, from now on, fanpages that are not from recognized media vehicles will no longer be able to edit the preview metadata. That is, only what comes by default on the external page is what will appear on the social network. You can even add an extra image to create a carousel, but the original cannot be changed at all.

Why has Facebook changed its policies?

During the annual Facebook F8 event in April, Mark Zuckerberg’s company explained that this is a major effort by his team to reduce the spread of false news and misinformation on the platform. When studying the behavior of many vehicles, it was noticed that many take advantage and write the original headlines one way, but third parties modify the image and title to attract more clicks on the social network — the famous clickbait.

By removing the possibility of customizing metadata such as title, description and images, there is greater certainty that it is being shared everywhere on the network, often reducing and eliminating the propagation of fake news.

The company also clarified that it knows that marketing solutions and media solutions partners used a lot the preview feature, especially recognized information vehicles (publishers), and it enabled a new way to return to editions, like you see below.

How can I regain access to edit links for my domain?

Facebook introduced last week a feature for media outlets to indicate that they own the domain, thus ensuring that they are the real owners of the information disclosed. Pages eligible for this tool will see a new section in their Page Publishing Tools called “Link Property”.

From September 12th, publishers will only be able to edit the headlines, titles and images of domains that they have authorization. As such, this feature is initially available for media outlets, including News, Sports and Entertainment Pages. However, if these pages abuse the possibility of modifying their own links, distorting the content, they will lose access.

In an official statement, the social network also explains that in the coming months it will learn how this content customization tool works for vehicles and improves the quality of information on Facebook, adjusting it based on comments.

Update Yourself

If you don’t want to have problems with the default image, title and description of the links you publish on your website, make sure that the metatags present in your website’s HTML are correctly programmed for the publications. Otherwise, there is a risk of the title and images appearing repeated or with random content in all posts.

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Source(s): Facebook Newsroom

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