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TrendHERO Review: Checking Instagram Bloggers Like a Pro

Why check bloggers at all?

How does it work?

What else is interesting?

What’s missing?

Let’s analyze the account of the Ukrainian blogger


Any promotion tool can be used in two modes: effective and “to be”. Create pages in social networks and write news there once a month, advertise on the radio without a dedicated phone, launch the context for high-frequency requests and that’s it …

At the same time, you can get the most out of each tool.

There are stores only on Instagram or selling only through SEO. Someone manages to sell through YouTube, while other companies build their business model on email newsletters. Any tool can be extremely useful if used correctly.

Today we are talking about trendHERO – a service for checking bloggers on Instagram. For those who want to get live subscribers and recoup advertising from influencers at least 5 times.

Why check bloggers at all?

The market for influencer marketing is on the rise.

The number of requests to Google in the CIS has been growing steeply since 2016, at conferences they talk about successful and not very cases, hundreds of startups in this topic are opening. Foreign research shows a figure of $ 6 billion as a share of Influencer marketing.

Is everything cool?

But! As in any new popular direction, there are people who want to cash in. After all, it is easier to wind up likes and subscribers than to create content and work with an audience for a long time and painstakingly.

Moreover, even if the blogger is “good”, he may simply not suit you – the wrong audience, wrong location, wrong integration, when the blogger does not understand what exactly he is advertising. In general, there are many situations where it would be possible to weed out the influencer in advance. This is what trendHERO is for.

How does it work?

You enter the name of your Instagram account – and the service collects a lot of information for you for thought in the form of graphs 🙂

Sample blogger summary:

This account has 100k subscribers and only 55k high-quality audience.

Although the average is 3.3 thousand video views, which indirectly suggests what the reach of your ad may be.

Important point: move from like / dislike or good / bad to subscriber value. For example, if this account has an interesting audience for you, and the cost of advertising is up to UAH 300, then how much will the subscriber cost? With a minimum reach of 3 thousand and a conversion of 10%, a subscriber will cost one hryvnia.

Subscribers growth

The graph itself has a lot to say.

For example, you can see that in January they started launching ads. We see that the account is steadily growing – most likely, the blogger regularly publishes content for his audience.

If you look at the subscription schedule, we see that in February Instagram rolled out an update with the category “Least interacted with”, and the account unsubscribed from most of those to whom it was subscribed 🙂

Let’s look at another type of chart:

We see that the account was rapidly gaining subscribers in December, but stopped doing it – and now it has an outflow. It looks like pumping up an account for advertising (investing in audience growth in order to sell ads on the channel later).

Or here’s the third type of graph:

Looks like a contest in October. When the account is constantly growing due to content and advertising, and then decided to participate in a giveaway. It can be seen that they lost half of what they gained. It can also be an unsuccessful promotion – bots were bought, and Instagram removed them.

Thanks to the support of trendHERO for these examples. The guys respond quickly and are ready to show by examples how to analyze.

Demographics for Insta Bloggers

In order not to buy ads from those who will not give you your target audience, you need to carefully look at this parameter. Of course, it’s nice to have 100,000 subscribers from Ukraine, but not for an eyewear store from Minsk.

There is a very shortage of the city here, but the support was assured that they will add it in the future.

Audience type

It is important to understand who the blogger has collected in his subscribers. Although Instagram cleans up frank bots, there are many other accounts from which your ad reach is falling, and you most likely will not get the required number of subscribers.

What trendHERO shows:

That is, we see that the blogger has 34% mass followers and 10% suspicious (most likely bots or very inactive people).

Why are mass followers bad? They subscribed to thousands of people, so their feed is filled with a huge number of posts. They are more likely to skip the ad post, which means they will reduce the reach of your ad.

The support team said that commercial accounts are identified by dictionaries that are filled in using machine learning. This is probably important if you sell your products and services primarily in b2b. If you work with companies, then you need bloggers who are subscribed to commercial accounts.

Comments (check engagement)

It feels like it has become more difficult to wind up subscribers now, so everyone rushed to wind up comments. trendHERO shows the number of comments per 100 likes, but this graph is much more interesting:

You’ve all seen these contests where you need to put something in a comment or mention a friend? This is what you can see in this graph. Most of the comments are short (these are most likely contests or calls to respond), 15% are suspicious and only 6.5% are real.

A clear sign that out of 59 comments on average per post (it was in the summary, remember), there are practically no real comments. This means that the coverage will not reach 55 thousand high-quality audience.

What’s more interesting?

  • Support. They answered me in 5 minutes, explained how to read the distribution graph of likes and promised to write an article soon.

  • 3 checks are free.

  • Unload the interests of the audience.

  • Large block with mentions – that is, you see who the blogger advertised. For example, if he often advertises clothes, then his audience likes it and you can see him as a useful influencer.

What’s missing from this service?

  • Search. I would like not only to check, but also to find bloggers. They promised to do it in the future.

  • Show similar bloggers – about the same blog focus, geography and audience.

  • Hints. There are many indicators, some are unique – I want more tips and examples of account parsing. As we were shown on the example of the subscription growth graph.

  • City breakdowns. Now demography – by country, but I would like – by city. This is important, for example, if you need to gather an audience for a conference in Lviv or Kiev. They also promised to do it along with the search.

Let’s analyze the account of a Ukrainian blogger

I urgently need to choose a blogger for a client. Niche: sale of women’s clothing, geography – all of Ukraine. Through a blogger, my client wanted to attract potential customers, increase the number of subscribers and sell a certain product. I chose this blogger for my client.

The first reason is high audience engagement. This means that the audience responds well to posts, comments, likes and follows the blogger:


The second reason for my choice is that the core of the audience is located in Ukraine. Geography is an important metric that is not always taken into account.


The third indicator that made me happy: a significant part of the blogger’s audience are women,


who also actively like the blogger’s posts.

And in the service it is convenient to see the type of audience, and this is very valuable. An understanding of the quality of the audience comes.


I clarified with the service how this parameter is calculated:


Why do I need to look, in my opinion, the interests of the audience? If the audience was interested in business / sports, then perhaps the advertising of clothes with this influencer would not be effective. We look at the interests of the audience @alina_frendiy


Suitable for our purposes. We study the quality of the audience.


And the trend of its growth.



It would be nice if the service gave its rating under this graph. There is only help.

The following metrics are important because we don’t see sharp peaks and suspicious growth spikes. This means that there were no artificial markups. And there is a natural decline in activity during the holidays. Conclusion – the blog is developing organically. He’s alive.

I substantiated my choice of a blogger for a client using the service in a well-reasoned and detailed manner.


  1. Advertising with bloggers can and should be done.

  2. In this case, bloggers need to be checked for cheating, which can be done in trendHERO.

  3. Better to do it now, while the service has just started and you can get free checks.

Get 3 checks for free

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