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Top-Level Prikoldes: How Entertainment Content Can Help Promote Your Internet Project

While some companies are opening vacancies for memologists and actively scouring social networks in search of fresh trends in the world of entertainment content, others are still trying to rely on some kind of “seriousness”. Wait, just because you have a large company does not mean that your posts should be bland and boring, with dull pictures from free photo stocks. It’s time to admit that entertainment content is more than serious.

Entertainment content formats

The same types of content are quoted differently in different social networks: for example, Zen users are more likely to pass the test, and a funny picture will be repost more than anyone else on VKontakte. That is why it is important to determine exactly how (i.e. using what formats) you will entertain your audience on each of the interaction platforms.


One of the most common types of engaging entertainment content is games. The formats here, in general, are limited only by the imagination of SMM-specialists or content marketers, but in general they can be divided into tests, riddles and puzzles.

В Aviasales за 2020-й год так прокачались в бесконтактности, что даже сделали диджитал-настолку

In Aviasales for 2020, they improved so much in contactlessness that they even made a digital tabletop

Fortunately, it is not necessary to resort to the help of programmers to make some comic test on your own – for this there are services like EX.CO (formerly known as PlayBuzz) or Yandex.Forms that allow you to create simple things, but on the other hand with the ability to integrate into “Zen”. Even the functionality of social networks has already reached the level when such games can be easily added to Facebook or Instagram.

Note: Telegram, which is gaining popularity among brands and bloggers, has not yet reached this point, but, on the other hand, it is not a social network either.


actively use this method of attracting newcomers: after all, in such giveaways, as a rule, one of the main requirements is to subscribe to the promoted account. There are also obvious disadvantages to such entertainment: freeloaders can come running for free, not your target audience.

Situational Content

Participation in all kinds of challenges or flash mobs allows you not only to be on the same wavelength with the Internet (and therefore stay in trend), but also to attract millennials. Plus, this format is viral, which can also contribute to audience growth. The disadvantages of situational content include, perhaps, its transience: such events, as a rule, do not last longer than two or three days.

Memes (and humor in general)

Believe me, connoisseurs of Internet humor will appreciate your knowledge of current memes and the ability to beautifully adapt them to their services and products. And they will appreciate even more if you are able to create your own meme: however, they can evaluate both positively and negatively. With the successful use of this (rather powerful) tool, you can get not only new users, but also increase the level of loyalty of an existing audience. It’s also cheap.

Интересно, это стратегия была такая или случайно получилось?

I wonder if this strategy was like this or happened by chance?

We all remember the scandalous Reebok banner ads, made with an aggressive feminist mood. Almost no one took them seriously, but the company unwittingly spawned a meme – and, from this point of view, very successful.

Note: In general, you need to be extremely careful with provocations in marketing: touching upon topics that are triggering for society, companies run the risk of not only not attracting consumers – of losing existing ones.

By the way, it is a mistake to believe that only pictures are meant by “memes”. Now this type of content is able to adapt to different formats: video, text, even certain gestures – all this can now be made viral and placed in the status of a meme. In 2020, thanks to the pandemic and self-isolation, Tik Tok burst into the top of the most popular services of the year: breaking through the denial, anger and depression of even the most adequate inhabitants of the planet, this social network conquered more and more places in the hearts. Now there are massively emerging video memes, which are then spontaneously converted into text or pictures.

Polls & Quizzes

The easiest way to interact with the audience: here you have two whole pluses in one bottle – interactive and feedback on certain issues. Audiences love it when brands ask their opinion – even if it’s just about New Year’s food.

Инстаграм-аккаунт «Медузы» постоянно проводит битвы, тесты и опросы: дурацкие и не очень

Meduza’s Instagram account constantly conducts battles, tests and polls: stupid and not so much

Stories, quotes, facts, congratulations …

In other words, short texts that do not contain useful and practical information for your consumer. Nevertheless, this format (filed as, say, a permanent heading) can also become viral.

Тут вам и мем в формате словаря, и объяснение значения непонятных сленговых выражений

Here is a meme in the dictionary format, and an explanation of the meaning of incomprehensible slang expressions

With the last two formats, the audience is happy to work, since it takes little time and action from it. The disadvantages include, perhaps, the smallest propensity to spread.

What entertainment brands are trying to attract their audience with

Fortunately, more and more companies are realizing how powerful the paws of entertainment content are. For example, the Instagram account of Aviasales makes original and topical memes.

И плакать хочется, и ор свой остановить не можем

I want to cry, and we can’t stop our cry

And the music service Spotify is creatively adapting a viral meme about our inconsistency.

Я: мне бы хотелось быть жаворонком

Me: I would like to be a morning person
Also me: / night dance playlist /

SRSLY’s Instagram account instantly gained under one hundred thousand subscribers, simply by publishing a starter pack of a resident of the capital.

Минимум фотошопа и затрат — зато какой результат

Minimum photoshop and costs – but what a result

And at TEXT.RU we entertain users with timeless classics – illiterate stars of Russian show business.

Дзену, конечно, нужны оригинальные посты, но чтоб обязательно с какой-нибудь такой тематикой

Zen, of course, needs original posts, but always with some such topic

Why memes aren’t always good

As we have already repeated many times, it is important that the entertainment is “in the subject”: your current or future consumer is not a fool, so you can distinguish art from fake. It’s time to get away from the letters again and enjoy a couple of examples of how not to do it:

Как-то не очень аппетитно...

Somehow not very appetizing …

This meme once “broke” the Internet: of course, only the lazy didn’t use it in an advertising campaign …

We could continue, but believe me, you don’t want this

We say, only lazy. This is an example of a superficial use of the meme: everything was ready, only the first word was replaced. In the absence of problems, of course, there is nothing wrong – but then how do you differ from the rest of the mass and why do you need to go to you?

Интересно, это стратегия была такая или случайно получилось?0

Pain except for the stores of this mall

The meme with Harold is definitely beautiful, and his face fits perfectly into the image of the sales assistant, but why are big discounts for the buyer a pain?

Why entertainment

Good entertainment content is topical, funny and, if presented correctly, has a great chance of going viral. The audience spreads your memes, and other people see that you are cool and start following you. Then some part of these people becomes your consumer – somehow thoughtful entertainment works, organically integrated into the overall content marketing strategy of the brand. Translating meanings through a simple visual image that most people understand has a positive effect on response: people see that you are empathic, that you understand them, and automatically want to trust your project (even if they are not familiar with it yet). The most important thing is to be really as awesome as you claim to be.

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