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Top 10 Instagram Visual Trends 2019

The role of Instagram these days, how Insta is changing reality

Instagram certainly has a huge impact on our lives. In the documentary series Abstract: The Art of Design, Es Devlin, the most famous set designer of our time, talks about how mobile photography and Instagram posts have changed the design process:

“Artists are bombarded with pictures of their performances. They get to know their show from a new perspective, understand how many people will see what they are doing on social networks. So we design everything in a square format, but that could change, Instagram could suddenly become triangular. ”

In the current realities, absolutely all public spaces, be they hotels, cafes, restaurants, lofts, etc., should look attractive in a photo on Instagram, because, most likely, a potential client will find out about the place from this social network. If there are unusual, photogenic interior items, this place can only be visited to post a photo on your page. Therefore, if the owners of various establishments want to attract customers, then the space should be “instagrammble”.

Nowadays, the design of photo zones is becoming more and more popular, even artists create some projects taking into account the fact that visitors will take selfies, thus a viral effect is obtained. For example, the exhibition “Yayoi Kusama: Theory of Infinity” in Moscow was a place of attraction for all selfie lovers and just blew up Instagram.

Instagram branding: where to start

With its growing popularity, Instagram has become an ideal platform for brand promotion. Since the important tasks of companies for promotion are increasing awareness, popularity, as well as the loyalty of potential customers, graphic design of an account is an excellent solution to these tasks.

Instagram page design is a huge field for creativity. It is important for a brand to stand out from the general information flow, but on the way to this you can face certain problems : as a rule, many people learn about trends with a great delay, accounts become similar to each other, while global brands and the people most sensitive to changes are already picking up the new trend, standing out even more against the background of the general mass.

In order to engage in branding, I recommend first of all to conduct marketing research, prescribe the values ​​of your brand, as well as a development strategy. Monitoring accounts in your niche is important (keep an eye on your competitors, this is useful not in terms of repeating their ideas, but in building up).

What tasks should the visual concept of an Instagram account solve?

The visual concept on Instagram should solve the following tasks: increase brand awareness, attract the attention of potential customers, increase loyalty, build trust and, as a result, increase sales.

If there are a lot of coffee shops in the city and the menu is quite similar, then branding is a great way to stand out from the competition.

Recognition and loyalty are essential components in brand development, this contributes to the formation of a community. For example, the Starbucks community is very small, in any country many will go there. Therefore, if you are thinking about scaling your business in the long term – opening branches, creating a franchise – you cannot do without branding.

The appearance of the page is a continuation of your brand story, it is a way of communicating with potential buyers.

In order to expand the number of customers through promotion on Instagram, it is important to build a dialogue with a potential buyer, evoke the emotions, associations, trust, interest you need.

To create a visual concept, it is extremely important to observe and understand what is relevant now. Your Instagram page is an advertisement for your product, and advertising reacts as sharply and sensitively as possible to all socio-cultural changes that are taking place in the world, and takes them into circulation.

For example, body positivity, feminism and … Notice how much this has influenced photography. It is no longer fashionable to make refined images of models. People want to see the features of the human body. What was considered a flaw, now, on the contrary, becomes a highlight and attracts attention, catches the eye, evokes emotions and experiences: freckles on the face, stretch marks on the body, folds, wrinkles, even cellulite and acne – all this is natural and beautiful.

zinteta profile

Therefore, it is important to be aware of what is happening in the world. I highly recommend to be interested in what is currently relevant in the field of design, photography and visual art in general. All these trends subsequently become the main ones on Instagram. Don’t follow the crowd, be the first.

To do this, we have made a selection of the main trends that will be popular on Instagram, based on the experience of the best designers, design studios, artists, photographers – arm yourself with inspiration before the New Year!

Well, let’s try it?

1. 3D images

Over the past few years, the popularity of 3D graphics has only increased due to the rapid development of AR and VR technologies. Looking for top 3D artists like

Lee Saul @venusmansion, Roman Bratsky @romanbratschi or Peter Tarka @petertarka, we predict 3D still lifes will be heavily used in design in 2019. Using 3D elements will definitely draw attention to your account.

2. Don’t forget the illustrations

Illustrations are actively used in all areas of design. Hand-drawn graphics fit perfectly into the visual range of the account: you can add real photographs or make separate posts with sketches in all kinds of styles: flat art, sketch, doodles, line art, watercolor sketches, comics, etc.

Graphics are especially popular in the fashion and beauty industries. It is interesting to follow such accounts: thecovetco

Interesting account of the private clinic Isida Clinic @isidaclinic. For this niche, such a technique as graphics is rare, so the account definitely stands out from its competitors, and the content looks interesting and varied.

The illustration can also be used for the account avatar and highlights,

as there are already too many line icons.

A few inspiring graphic designer accounts where you can see stunning graphics and possibly get ideas for your project:

Los Angeles illustrator @bijoukarman

Graphic designer from New York ps.ny

Illustrator & Tattoo Artist @annawandagogusey

Illustrator & Tattoo Artist @annawandagogusey

4. Animation

The popularity of animation on Instagram is growing every year, with its help you can effectively present information, especially when there is a lot of it. It’s also a great way to add variety to your content.

Ivan Dixon created a colorful animation for the Adidas Originals account.

5. Bold typography

Typography is getting bigger and bolder, this trend has moved smoothly from 2018 to 2019, and I think it will stay longer.

6. Realism in photography and aesthetics of imperfections

The era of staged stock images has sunk into oblivion, and it is also not fashionable to take photographs that actively use filters and retouching. To understand this, you just need to log into your Italian Vogue account.

Models show freckles, skin problems, bruises under the eyes, body imperfections in the pictures, and this is certainly beautiful.

A vivid example of how you can gracefully, delicately, beautifully show the imperfections of the human body is the account of toys for adults.

Despite the fact that the topic is quite complex, the content is as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

This trend is also seen in the accounts of young brands, for example:

Photos are as natural as possible, and sometimes the shots look like they were taken by a non-professional photographer

This trend is visible not only in the fashion and beauty industry, but also in interior and subject photography: chaos and negligence are welcome, accents on texture and textures – marble, concrete, wood. The main thing is to create an atmosphere in the picture, to convey emotion.



7. Modernism and postmodernism in photography

Modernism is the general name for trends in the art of the early 20th century, including Dadaism, Expressionism, Cubism, avant-garde, surrealism, etc.

Artistic methods that were created over a century ago are now very relevant in photography. One of the features of such shootings is the bold use of scenery and makeup in photo shoots.


8. Aestheticization of kitsch or “camp” style

In 2018, 90s aesthetics were in trend. It is now being replaced by the controversial 2000 aesthetic.

In her essay “Camp Notes,” Susan Sontag wrote:

“The camp is characterized by heightened theatricality, love of artificiality, exaggeration to the grotesque, some vulgarity, aestheticism, an antinomic combination of play and seriousness.”

Sontag calls the camp “a special kind of aestheticism” and even “perversion”, which loves everything unnatural and exaggerated.

By the way, camp aesthetics will be the main theme of the Met Gala 2019.



9. Stories Design

Demand for the quality of content in Stories has increased. Therefore, Stories design turns into a separate direction. And that is a topic for a separate article.

10. Augmented reality

The rapid growth of augmented reality from the games, video and applications industry migrated to design, in 2019 AR, thanks to the new capabilities of mobile devices, occupies Instagram.

As you can see, the tools for working with account design are huge. If you don’t have the ability to figure things out on your own, and don’t have a regular budget to work with experts on an ongoing basis, you can contact an agency to create a visual brand language on Instagram. The agency can make you a brand book, where the concept of your account will be spelled out, colors and fonts are selected, graphics can also be drawn separately. With the help of the brand book, you can solve further tasks on your own.

It is important to write down values ​​and strategy, without this it is difficult to understand which visual style is suitable (a fictional story and insincerity will be in doubt, the style must be justified)

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