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Tik Tok promotion free and paid – online options

How to promote TikTok for free and inexpensively? Successful strategies, sites and programs are presented on this page of the site.

Продвижение Тик Ток бесплатно

Paid TikTok promotion – the cost of online services

Want to lead your account to success, but not can you handle it yourself? Below is a list of assistants who offer paid promotion of TikTok and their prices:

  • doctorsmm.com – the cost of subscribers on the resource starts from 0.19 rubles, hearts – 0.13 rubles, views video – only 7 rubles per thousand. The order takes place without registration, which is safe for your account;
  • prtut.ru – the site provides a wide range of services in terms of quality, on which the final price depends. For example, one hundred standard fans will cost 27 rubles. Technical support, which is always online, will help you decide on the choice and make a purchase;
  • avi1.ru – the service makes it possible to receive a service for every taste and wallet. Users with a guarantee cost RUB 0.33. per unit, which is a very attractive offer on the service market;
  • sockit – there is a fairly diverse choice in terms of cost and description. The price for fans starts from 168 rubles, with a small surcharge, you can choose the gender of the performers;
  • wow-smm – within a day after registration, purchased hearts from live fans will begin to arrive on your account, the cost of which starts from 199 rubles … for a hundred. The rate of admission varies from 20 to three hundred units. in 24 hours;
  • mnogo-golosov – this resource presents one type of service in each direction. The quality of the accounts is not specified, but this is smoothed out by the fact that the minimum minimum is only 15 units, so you can buy the minimum and check the quality yourself;
  • dosmm – the average cost of subscribers is almost 700 rubles per 1000. The resource also carries out orders for reposts and comments in Tik Tok, which is quite rare on the market;
  • tikstar – the service specializes in promoting only one network – Tik Toka. Here the price for all services is the same – 89 rubles. for 100 indicators. Orders are received only for open profiles;
  • pricesmm.com – this site is just a godsend for those who do not know where to start their first steps in the network. Absolutely free, here for you are a selection of tips for all social networks.

If you have an idea: how to promote your TikTok account quickly and inexpensively, study the services presented and you will definitely find an advantageous offer that satisfies your desires .

How to promote TikTok for free on your own – 9 Methods

Продвижение Тик Тока быстро

After registration, many are interested in how to promote TikTok from scratch on their own. There are several options that can help novice TikTokers:

Free services

There are several resources that are ready to rock the social network either for completing specific tasks from your account, or for some other actions:

  • Tiktokstar – for installing some applications, the site will provide an opportunity to get hearts or fans;
  • 1tok – for local currency – tokens earned on tasks , You can increase the number of your likes, as well as use the proposed referral program to earn money;
  • Tiktoper – based on the mutual exchange of activity, the site offers to improve statistics for all indicators;
  • Tiktop- free – the resource offers not only to exchange likes, but also to make money on the manifestation of activity.

Of course, the availability and lack of financial costs make this method of promoting videos on TikTok in the recommendation very attractive, but if you look in practice – too much time it is spent on satisfying the requests of other users before you get the desired result on your profile. Whether it’s worth it is up to you.


The purpose of such software is to automatically perform actions on your behalf. Undoubtedly, their use frees up a lot of time for the user to perform tasks that cannot be done automatically – searching for topics for publications, shooting high-quality videos, etc. What functionality do they have:

  • target audience collection – by competitors, tags, own lists;
  • mass actions – hearts, comments, subscription;
  • automatic publications;
  • unsubscribing from spam accounts.

It is extremely difficult to find free software, but some of the proposed ones provide a free trial period:

  • luckytok;
  • totoptool;
  • instapromo.

In addition to programs for automating processes, there are many applications that will help to make high-quality and interesting content, which in itself will entail the promotion of TikTok for free without registration:

  • Zoomerang – records high-quality videos and automatically applies effects, just shoot and publish a cool video on your account;
  • Cool Video Editor – allows you to shoot both long and short clips, while it has about 200 filters to improve the quality of the footage;
  • KineMaster – opens up a lot of possibilities for video editing. The application has a wide range of tools that will make your content more visible;
  • PowerDirector is the most advanced video editor that creates 4K resolution and allows you to improve quality in different modes.

These and many more applications you can easily find on platforms for downloading.


As soon as people do not use robots to make their life easier. So, in the process of tik tok promotion of an account and video, it was not without them. It will not be difficult to find them, just enter the defining words in the Telegram search and see the result, for example:

  • @Tiktokstonks_bot;
  • @nakrutkitiktok_bot;
  • @XxxTIKTOKxxX_bot;
  • @NakrutkavTikTok_Bot;
  • @Tiktok_nakrutka_bot;
  • @nakrutka_tiktok_bot.

Start the bot and find out what readings and on what conditions it ready to increase.

Mass Following and Mass Liking

These painstaking actions have not lost their relevance and allow you to increase the performance on your profile. You can perform them yourself – in manual mode or trust the automation – using the programs mentioned above. In either case, the following actions are performed:

  • the sites on which your potential audience is located are tracked;
  • likes are put on their videos;
  • a subscription is made on profiles;
  • comments are left under their content.

All activities are aimed at one result – drawing attention to your account and receiving feedback from users.

Mutual PR

How to promote Tik Tok in Russia, USA and Ukraine? Seek help from the community, which includes the same people in need of activity. You can find similar ones on any social network. You need to leave your request on the profile and wait for receipt. Do not forget to please with your manifestation a couple of people who want to increase their performance – reciprocity can speed up the process.

Duets with bloggers

If you manage to find a TikToker developing in a similar subject and with about the same number of fans, the removal of the duet will benefit both:

  • after the video is published, both yours and the fans of the partner will see it – this will contribute to the exchange of the audience;
  • to make the video view more people, make suitable tags, for example – #duetTikTok;
  • share the video on the accounts of other platforms, this will attract additional attention to it.

You can shoot a duet with a familiar TikToker, by agreement, or use a video of a famous blogger and “reaction” was filmed for him, such content is very popular in Tik Tok.

Link Spread

The more people know about your blog, the more followers you can get. You can notify about this:

  • by creating a post in which you will tell about the new blog;
  • mailing list with an invitation to join;
  • posting videos from Tik Toka on other sites;
  • periodic reminders of the page in the VK or Instagram stories;
  • tracking the target audience on various forums, communities and mentioning your profile in them by commenting on posts.

This is a very simple way to promote videos on Tik Tok without tasks and programs, which even novice bloggers can do.

Contests and marathons

Most of Tik Tok’s content is entertaining, so contests will perfectly fit into the social network format. You can organize it both independently and with the participation of other users. For a successful organization, it is enough to observe the following rules:

  • announce the drawing;
  • explain the conditions in as much detail as possible so that participants do not have additional questions;
  • specify a prize that will satisfy subscribers;
  • indicate the date of summing up;
  • tell us how the winner will be determined;
  • come up with your own hashtag;
  • summarize.


I know everything about the usefulness of this tool in social networks, but not everyone knows how to use it. Here are the main points to consider when choosing tags:

  • find 2-3 mid-frequency tags popular in your direction;
  • add a few of your own to them, narrowing the scope;
  • do not use more than 5-7 tags per post;
  • track changes and add them to your tags;
  • watch competitors;
  • tags should always match the subject of the video.

You can determine the popularity of tags in the application itself in the “Interesting” section, or use special services:

  • gettags;
  • toptag;
  • influencermarketinghub.

Using these secrets of promoting the Tik Tok channel online, you can count on high audience engagement and early hitting the Top.

How to prepare your Tik Tok account before promotion

Продвинуть tik tok безопасно

Currently, social networks have gone beyond “just communication”, they provide an opportunity for the user to develop, become famous and make money on it. This is what attracts more and more users, which is why competition is growing daily. Therefore, if you are counting on success, then you need to invest a lot of time and effort, and sometimes money, to popularize your account. You need to start with its correct design:

  • nickname – created in Latin, they should include 3 main characteristics: brevity, originality, capacity;
  • avatar – it should show the main idea of ​​your profile; if it’s a personal blog – your photo, if it’s a commercial blog – the logo of the organization. Do not forget that the size of the picture is small, so avoid small details and a large number of colors;
  • description – in the provided 80 characters you must fit the main purpose of your presence on the social network and indicate what makes you stand out from the rest;
  • design – the overall picture of publications should be consistent in the same style in order to create a sense of the “integrity” of the profile.

The primary visual impression of an account in most cases determines its further actions visitors – get acquainted with the content or skip, and go in search of a more worthy candidate. Therefore, it is so important, even at the stage of creating a profile, to come up with a “package” for it, doomed to success.

Where is it more profitable to order PR in Tik Tok and how much does it cost

In accordance with the law of market relations, the higher the demand, the greater the supply. Taking into account the popularity of social networks, it is logical that there are plenty of proposals for their promotion. Let’s see how much PR TikTok video and account on different sites cost.

Online sites

Search engines will give you a large list of stores ready to sell you an increase in performance on account. The expediency of contacting them is:

  • control of the admission process;
  • getting the result faster than with independent attempts;
  • maintaining the balance of indicators on the profile;
  • obtaining guarantees for services;
  • smooth increase of counters;
  • the possibility of choosing between contractors.

Average cost of services, offered by resources, at the moment is:

  • fans – average quality 22 rubles per hundred, live – 160 rubles;
  • hearts – no guarantee – 15 rubles, with a guarantee for a period of 70 rubles;
  • video views – only 11 rubles for 1000 views.

Do not make orders in several sources at once, so you will not be able to track the quality of each one, and also because of an excessive increase in performance, you risk running into trouble in the form of a shadow ban.


Here you need to consider several possible placement options:

  • direct advertising – from B You will only need the time spent creating an account that will be dedicated to a specific product or service. Show the distinctive aspects of the product you are selling, the work points associated with its production – everything that can interest and attract potential buyers;
  • placement with bloggers – research the interests of your audience and find a Tiktoker with followers that are right for you. Specify the terms and format of the placement: mention, joint challenge, duet, reaction recording. Agree on the cost – it starts from 500 rubles and up to infinity, depending on the “stardom” of the blogger;
  • targeted advertising – this type of placement becomes available after connecting TikTok Ads. Then you need to determine many parameters – the type and purpose of the advertisement, its budget, the audience to which it will be shown, etc. It is quite difficult for beginners to understand the settings, so it is better to seek help from professional agencies or freelancers. It is worth mentioning that the price of daily advertising starts from 500 rubles, which is very expensive for novice users.


Soft, thanks to automation , accelerate the execution of manipulations that would take a lot of time manually:

  • likes;
  • comments;
  • mass subscription to an audience selected by parameters ;
  • blocking spam accounts;
  • generating tags.

While there are not too many programs with such functionality:

  • totoptool is currently the most popular software developed for TikTok. The cost of monthly use is 1410 rubles;
  • luckytok – by intelligently gathering an audience and performing mass actions for 910 rubles per month, the site guarantees the safety of your account and full technical support;
  • instapromo is a robot- the assistant, sold here for 790 rubles, is ready to be active for you on accounts selected by the hashtags used.


Performing tasks online on such sites requires a lot of time resources, so if you want to speed up the process, it is wiser to buy “internal currency” for real money. This will help you quickly find those willing to complete your task. However, it should be noted that the services are more expensive here than on professional SMM sites. Also, many users perform tasks from fake pages, therefore, by paying for a “live” audience, you run the risk of getting bots.

You made sure that cheap promotion in Tik Tok, the cost of which does not exceed the cost of buying a cup of coffee , perhaps – you just need to know where to go.

Tik Tok promotion algorithms – how not to break them

Продвинуть Тик Ток недорого

The uniqueness of Tik Tok is that rivers can even be beginners, but of course, some points must be observed:

  • the system responds faster to videos that have a description and tags;
  • by observations, videos in which people participate, not just objects, gain views faster;
  • don’t use privacy, this reduces reach;
  • try to make the video unique, and not just repeat someone else’s idea ;
  • be active on other pages;
  • use effects and editing is visible in the application itself – the system loves it;
  • avoid frequent calls for likes and comments in your content;
  • bypass forbidden topics, otherwise you risk not only not getting into the rivers, but also being banned.

I would like to dwell on the last point in more detail, because often users miss it. What topics cannot be displayed on the social network:

  • terrorism and everything connected with it;
  • moral and physical torture;
  • a call to suicide;
  • promoting alcohol or other mind-altering substances;
  • fraudulent schemes and gambling.

Tik Tok is more loyal to newcomers and immediately throws a couple of their videos into the rivers, then monitors the audience’s response to the material:

  • how many hearts, views, comments the video got;
  • how many people have shared it;
  • the number of people who clicked and subscribed to the profile during this time;
  • the total time it was viewed.

By the results, the system either continues to interact with the user, or not. Therefore, you do not need to relax, otherwise the social network will instantly recognize this and the number of incoming views will sharply decrease.

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