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Three steps to creating a stylish Instagram feed

It’s easy to make a stylish Instagram feed when a girl is conventionally beautiful, she’s in her early 30s, and photogenic Friday cocktails would be appropriate in her feed. It’s even easier – if she constantly travels to beautiful places, knows how to see the frame, give a person an iPhone no lower than “seven” and say: “Take a picture of me here and like this.” Then, after 10 minutes of processing in lightroom, you will get a frame “like bloggers”.

But no one tells what to do, if you do not know how to take a picture (and this is normal, and not “hands from one place”), instead of an iPhone you have any other ordinary smartphone, you do not like taking pictures and you rarely go somewhere because a lot of work. Also, there will be no beautiful cocktails and parties in your feed, because you are an ordinary person, not a lifestyle blogger.

And you’re fine with this, you don’t want to chase after beautiful shots, but you just want to do your job and use Instagram as another channel for communication with the audience and, perhaps, sales. Nobody tells, but I will.

Beautiful ribbon in 3 steps

Do not try to “make a feed like bloggers do” if you don’t want / don’t work / not your format. Better to spend energy and money on a few different photo sessions with a good photographer. The resulting frames can and should be mixed with ordinary everyday photos. Yes, most likely, 1 in 10 will go to work, and it will need to be pulled out by processing. But it is quite possible to make a stylish ribbon out of it.

For a successful photo session, prepare in advance

Decide on the type and style of shooting – the search for locations, photographer and images begins with this. But I will tell you in advance: it is better to stay on street style. The photos will turn out to be more varied than in the studio, and they will last for a long time. When it comes to styling, Pinterest is there to help you. I make mood boards for client filming there. Enter your keywords and enjoy! You can spy on everything there: poses, camera angles, clothes, tiles with locations. For example, I recently put together a 20-minute board for a cafe in a cafe and found at least 15 interesting and non-repeating ideas for shots.

Collect 3-4 images. Ideally, they are completely diverse, with clothes of different types, shades and styles. For example:

  • simple plain dress,

  • bright shirt + pants,

  • a skirt with an unusual cut + a more relaxed top.

Use accessories. With only one hat, you can make at least a couple of self-sufficient interesting portraits.

Show emotions. Do not be afraid to dance, laugh in the frame, be photographed in motion. Glossy business portraits with a Tony Robbins smile are fortunately no longer in vogue. Subscribers want to see normal live people in their feeds.

Here is, for example, a piece of tape from one of my clients. Everything was filmed in one studio. There are different images and angles here, a lot of movement and emotions. And no, after laughing and dancing in the frame, no one stopped taking the respected expert seriously 🙂

Speaking of processing – 1-2 ready-made presets in lightroom will be very helpful. The most important thing is to draw out the light / color, then pick up 1-2 filters. Well, and then it is already to combine frames in style and colors, to build some kind of visual scheme.

There is another option – download ready-made presets from some blogger. But I would not recommend it. Firstly, this way you are unlikely to learn how to process yourself. Secondly, many of the presets are too “licked” and monotonous. And, finally, you need it – to process the photo, how else are a good few thousand subscribers of the same blogger? People are tired of perfect and identical content, so it is better to find, if not the first time perfect, but your own style.

Well, the magic is clear. The first photo is not processed. The second is after lightroom. I spent about 5 minutes on this, working with color, light, contrast and a couple of other parameters. There is no magic formula, just play with the sliders until you are satisfied with the result. The source should also be initially of high quality – at least filmed on a smartphone with a good camera and not against the light. Here the source is, in principle, already good, but I wanted a lighter and brighter one.


After processing

And the most important thing: if everything is not as good with the visual component as with the text, focus on the texts. Yes, Instagram is a visual social network, but if yours is useful / interesting, then they will read you and pay attention to the pictures in the second place.

Although I (and Instagram) are for beauty and aesthetics, so don’t use the advice from the third point 🙂 But don’t worry if you don’t have perfect shots yet. Start and straighten the tape later.

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