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There are many of you, but I am alone: ​​how to be in all messengers and not be torn

It’s no longer news that email conversion rates are much lower, because it is more convenient for customers to use instant messengers. We wish all the support specialists and marketers strength and patience: in order to quickly answer customer questions and send them newsletters that they read, you need to be in touch absolutely everywhere.

If evolution worked a little faster, you would already have an extra pair of hands, eyes and brain regions that speed up information processing. But you can’t count on it, so messenger aggregators can make life easier.

We have selected several services and compared them so that you do not drown in a million tabs and open applications. The selection contains suitable options for marketing tasks, technical support, with additional tools, ready-made solutions or without them.

First, take a look at the comparison table:

5 services for working with messengers


“Platform for messenger marketing and launching mailings in messengers”

First of all, we advise marketers to pay attention: using the service, you can send mailings, service notifications and message chains to clients in seven messengers and set up auto funnels. TextBack allows you to communicate with users, and to organize technical support in social networks, you can create a chat bot and set up auto-replies depending on the request or user action.


“Omnichannel platform for communicating with clients using chat bots in WhatsApp Business API, Instagram, Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Yandex.Dialogues and free online chat”

Please note if it is primarily important for you to build a customer support process in messengers. There is an assessment of the work of operators, there are many opportunities for automating communication with users: a self-service menu in chat, the ability to create chat bots and scripts for automation, auto funnels, “smart” templates for quick responses, mass mailings.

Carrot quest

“Online service for automating and accelerating marketing, increasing sales and improving the quality of communication with customers”

Service for convenient multichannel user support.

Double care: both for clients who prefer social networks and instant messengers, and for operators who can work with all communication channels in one place. Analytics of communication is available for individual channels and in general, assessment of the quality of operators’ work, useful marketing tools: auto funnels, email newsletters, pop-ups and push notifications.


“Specialized CRM-system for online stores. Full integration of CRM and online store “

This option is for those who are primarily interested in making sales through instant messengers and social networks. Especially if users are actively buying on Instagram – the service collects messages in Direct, comments and replies to stories in one window. Other useful marketing tools are also available: email and SMS messaging, user data collection and auto funnels.


“Platform for customer support and sales, aggregating all messengers, online chat and e-mail in a single interface”

An excellent option if your target audience prefers more specific messengers (for example, South Korean Line or Chinese WeChat) to conditional vibers and telegrams. True, to implement marketing campaigns, you will have to supplement with another service – auto funnels, mailings and other joys of marketers are not available in Blinger.

The choice will be much easier if you have a clear idea of ​​what tasks you want to solve with the help of instant messengers and how it will improve the lives of your customers. Good luck!

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