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Telegram bots for SMM specialists!

Without exaggeration, Telegram can definitely be called the most popular messenger among SMM specialists and digital experts. And thanks to a variety of bots, this messenger can be not only convenient, but also useful.

Yes, Telegram bots are able to take on certain routine responsibilities of SMM specialists, facilitate some processes and become substitutes for other software or applications.

Today we will share with you a selection of the most useful and effective ones, and you can supplement this list with your own in the comments to this publication.

1. @ControllerBot

For you, this is perhaps the king of all bots if you are promoting and maintaining a channel in a telegram. After all, thanks to this bot you can:

  • add an image even to very large texts;
  • add voting emoji (similar to likes);
  • add a button with a link.


Now the bot is gradually losing its relevance, because Telegram is evolving, and the functions that were previously used by this particular bot appear in it:

  • posting;
  • analytics;
  • comments.

2. @getcombot

An incredibly useful bot if you like to give rallies on Instagram using the “comment + follow” mechanic.


The bot has a web version

Send this bot links to any post on Instagram. In response, you will receive a link to a complete list of everyone who commented on your post. Using the same link, you can select the required number of winners and check them for the fact of subscribing.

3. @UtmGeneratorBot


Each link, with rare exceptions, must have utm tags. And if you rarely work from your phone and do not want to dig into the browser for this process, this bot is exactly what you need.

4. @Instabot

Despite the fact that the bot has a whole bunch of different functionality, the most important thing in it is the ability to unload a post from Instagram in the form of text and images. The bot also helps to correctly scatter paragraphs over the text so that Instagram perceives them and your text does not turn into a solid sheet.


A few more bots in addition with the same functionality: @InstagramSaverBot and @SaveAsBot

5. @Gmail bot

As you might guess from the name of the bot, it transfers your mail to Telegram.

@Gmail bot

Thanks to the bot, you will not only receive notifications about new letters, but also be able to reply to the letter directly from Telegram itself.

6. @QuizBo

A bot to help you create interesting content, lead magnet or add-ons to your product.


Thanks to this bot, you can make a simple test with answer options and a timer.

7. @ text4instabot

The most convenient bot for working with text on Instagram. He will calculate the number of characters for you to fit everything, and formatting will help you to do it.


An irreplaceable thing if you work primarily from your phone.

8. @BotFather

Finally, a little about the bot to create a bot. With this tool, you can create your own. Don’t count on too much, though.


Without knowledge of programming languages, you can get the most out of this – a simple bot-assistant or an interactive lead form.

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