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Start in SMM: how to survive?

My story will be useful to those who are going to promote on social networks, who have their own business and are faced with a dilemma: look for contractors or become a person working in SMM yourself.

Briefly about the report.

  1. Where to start (where to run? What to do?) How to start working in SMM?

  2. Profile communities. What are they needed for? What is there to do? What to talk about and with whom to communicate?

  3. Training: courses, conferences, intensives. I will advertise WebPromoExperts a little.

  4. Networking. I’ll tell you why you need to learn to talk about yourself.

  5. Working with clients and its features.

Where to run?

You need to start small. At a minimum, if you are on social media, you need to make sure you have a good 3G internet connection on your phone. Believe me, when you do not have the Internet and access to your social networks, there is no access to your potential customers – this is a huge stress.

When you don’t have a good internet provider at home, it’s even more stressful. For example, Facebook’s advertising account already works “very adequately”, but if bad internet is connected to all this, the stress doubles.

Separating flies from cutlets

Remember that SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. And when they talk about context, SEO, or other areas of internet marketing, these are completely different things. They work in a complex. Because very often I come across situations when they are looking for an SMM specialist, but at the same time they attach a lot of other, additional work to him. For example, SEO promotion or work with contextual advertising. And for some reason all this is indicated directly under the vacancy “SMM-specialist”. In fact, working in a bundle of SMM-context-SEO is the competence of a full-fledged Internet marketing director or head of department.

How to explain to my grandmother what SMM is?

SMM is a real job, very hard. Therefore, be sure, if you are going to study this, write training in your schedule if you have a main job. If there is no work, don’t be silly, study and forget about laziness.

All my relatives still do not understand what I am doing. SMM is not a sect. SMM is cool. But it will be very difficult to explain to your friends what exactly you are doing besides the fact that you are sitting on social networks. So get used to the questions and don’t be offended by your friends.

What skills should an SMM specialist train?

You will have to study all the time

At the beginning of work, conduct an audit: what you are good at, what you have an idea of, and what is an unattainable peak for you.

For example, you may be good with analytics, you understand numbers, you see some patterns, you had good grades in exact sciences at school. Or, for example, you write good texts, you had great essays, you know how to convey your point of view, present the advantages of the product in a short and interesting way, which is especially valuable because it is most difficult to write short texts, not long ones.

Or, for example, you easily find a common language with people, love to listen to them, are attentive to them. Because on social networks you will have to communicate with people both virtually and realistically. For example, if you are going to work with bloggers, then approaching each individual influencer is a whole process. A necessary skill for an SMM specialist is to be able to find an approach to people.

After analysis, you will understand what urgently needs to be learned. That is, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, it will be important to focus on your priority skills and work them out.

How to learn SMM?

We are looking for a guinea pig. It is advisable not to touch live rabbits. Therefore, we either create a guinea pig for ourselves, that is, perhaps you have some kind of project in mind, or you friends have a project for which you need to maintain social networks. The last option is to test knowledge on ourselves. We create profiles, groups, pages on social networks and promote them.

Profile communities

Quite understandable scheme

How do I find out what’s new, for example, on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube?

We need to find groups in which people are actively discussing this. Previously, forums were popular on the Internet. They had branches, admins, discussions. Everyone helped each other. For now, to make it all easier to get started, just go to Facebook and look for the profile communities. For example, Instagram has very cool communities where members share cases and news about updates.

What to do next? When you come to a group, be sure to highlight the most active members. They will often answer questions, perhaps in the top three, to argue. Often they are the ones who refute the opinion of the person who wrote the post or commented on it. I advise you to follow such people, that is, subscribe to them on Facebook or add them as friends, if possible (because some, for example, have no access to adding friends).

These people, if they are promoting in social networks, often share useful information on their pages. And this will be a very useful acquaintance for you. At the very least, try to prove yourself on their page: ask a question, write a comment. Follow their logic, their hypotheses and reasoning. Learn from experience.

In such communities, I advise you not to skip disputes, watch out for disagreements, because the truth is born in discussions of such controversial topics.

Social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, are shrouded in many myths. And when a long discussion comes to some kind of consensus, it’s very cool if you understand where the myth began and how it was refuted.

For example, the myth that you can put a maximum of five hashtags on Instagram, because six will no longer work. Although you can bet thirty. Or that on Facebook, if you insert a link into a post, organic reach will decrease – is this a myth or not? How is this proven? How to deal with this?

Read, get into an argument if you have your own point of view. If you are sure of it at least eighty percent. And don’t be afraid to talk to people. It’s online. Nobody will figure you out by IP.

Well, don’t be afraid to google it. If you don’t understand any questions, Google is always open, there are a lot of answers. Therefore, Google is our helper when we learn something.

The main thing is to try to filter the questions that have already been asked there, or try not to repeat them. Because if 20 people ask “How do I create a profile on a social network?” It will annoy everyone.

Therefore, read other people’s questions, ask your own, specifically for solving your problems.

In such communities, I have already learned from my mistakes 1000 times and found a lot of friends and acquaintances. In Kiev, I have photographers, targetologists, and other SMM specialists. People with whom you can immediately speak the same language. Literally the day before yesterday, at one in the morning with a girl who is also engaged in promotion, I discussed the topic – “How to set up an advertisement so that restaurant visitors can see it and come?” Meeting people who are on the same wavelength with you is happiness. And in communicating with them on such topics, the truth is born.

Important! In such communities, I get leads. Businesspeople looking for a specialist monitor such communities and carefully read comments. Therefore, this is a good chance to find a job.

Examples of such communities:

When you go to such groups, there very often appears an insert of similar groups and groups that the admins recommend. Therefore, your development will not be delayed at these four points in the field of SMM.

How to understand that you are a cool SMM specialist

When you realize that you are not doing anything, then you probably need to stop. In order not to feel like a spider-man with six legs, you need to determine what specific you would like to do.

There are many directions in SMM. And there are people-orchestras who do everything. That is, they, for example, are engaged in maintaining a profile on a social network, communication. They are advertising. They make photo content, video content, and text content. They usually work with local brands and small companies.

You can work with ads separately.

Only texts can be written separately. These will be post texts and advertising texts.

You can focus only on design and create beautiful images for posting and advertising.

And in order to understand what your soul is in, you need to digest the information and learn it.

Training: courses, conferences, intensives

The third point is training: courses, conferences, intensives, where I was, what I did and what I saw.

Complete course

How did I start? About a year ago, I started watching free video lectures from WebPromoExperts on YouTube. There are a huge number of them on completely different topics. Just open YouTube and watch until you’re blue in the face. I had something like this.

When you have already decided which direction you like (suddenly SMM will not be clear to you, and you want to do SEO), sign up for the course. I recommend WebPromoExperts.

This course helped me a lot to understand what place SMM occupies in Internet marketing, what I have problems with and what I need to focus on. And with what I am generally all right. Such courses help to systematize knowledge. If you are at the stage “I know something, I heard something, I tried to do something myself,” then the course is definitely necessary for you. On it, everything goes in stages, and you see the whole picture.

The course “SMM: Promotion of Projects in Social Networks” was created for those who promote their brand in social networks. You will learn how to schedule publications, launch advertising campaigns, analyze performance and conversion rates.

Решайте задачи в Интернете


Conferences for specialists

When you have taken some courses for beginners, for beginners, I advise you to go to offline conferences. This year I have visited more than one of these.

The most ambitious is 8P in Odessa. This conference usually takes place in the summer, by the sea. And already, at least, the summer sea coast should make you want to go there and meet people. I met a lot of interesting people there. From there, I had requests for work in the field of SMM. So believe me, this is a very cool thing.

I went to InstaFest, a festival dedicated to Instagram. This should interest you if your work is related to Instagram. InstaFest was also held in Odessa in September. It was really cool. There were interesting speakers. Some topics were not very interesting to me personally. But there were speakers that I was looking forward to and for them I went to Odessa.

Such events allow not only to study the experience of others, but also to meet different people and hear different points of view,

I would also like to note one more conference – SMM Rocks. It is dedicated to the whole SMM sphere. There is about content, and about advertising, and about strategies. It usually takes place in Kiev in April, offline. And what’s cool is that you get information from people who work directly in this area. There are very cool cases. When you listen to a report on a specific case, you always correlate it with your business, with your work: “How would I do it? What results could I have? “

After such conferences, there are usually after-parties, where the boundaries between you and the speakers are completely erased. And I advise you to always visit them.

Intensives for SMM Professionals

Intensives usually last 1-2 days. And during these couple of days you are given a very powerful stream of information on a certain topic. You can improve skills in the target, in shooting on a smartphone, etc.

There is a very cool copywriting course in Kiev called “Fish”. I also took it offline in April. The course is powerful – in two days you are given a lot of information on copywriting. And leading Ukrainian copywriters, writers and journalists come.

Practical seminars and specialist meetings

There are separate lectures by niche specialists. They are paid and free. Here you can already choose where it is easier for you to go.

Lecturers often do practical seminars. They can also be paid and free. This is when half of the lecture is theory, and the second half is practice. This was the case, for example, for targeted advertising. One day we listened to theory, and the next day we set up an advertising campaign for ourselves. And the lecturer helped us.

The same thing happened on mobile photography: one day a photographer told us in the audience how to take pictures. He told the basics, the history of photography. The next day we left for VDNKh. The weather was great and we photographed a lot. And twenty people with telephones at VDNKh – it looked very funny, but it was very effective. Because you take a photo, you approach a professional, and he tells you: “Here, look, this is great. But this is not cool here. Here you have a bad light, and you can’t see anything. But this is great – remember this idea and do it more often. ”

Specialists’ gatherings are also cool. In Vinnitsa, a friend of mine on Facebook is doing cool “get-togethers” in the “Nonvchachiy SMM” community. Girls get together and discuss SMM. There is an event in Kiev called “Sunday Insta Meet”. I was at one of them. There, the girl also collects colleagues, and they communicate on the topic of SMM and promotion, share their pains, touch on a variety of topics.

The organizers of such meetings not only connect people of the sphere, they arrange various training events. That is, you go there and receive information. Such events, of course, are paid. But it’s cool, because you get to know people who live next to you, do what you do. You can find colleagues and finally discuss all the problems. that worry you. Therefore, I advise you not to sit at home, but to meet people from your area. And at such events it goes with a bang.



Networking is when it’s not scary to get to know each other, it’s scary only for the first time. Well, in the second too, and in the third, etc. Especially when you get to know each other the way I did: “Hi, my name is Nastya. I help local brands and companies to live and live and make money on social networks. ” Why local brands? This is because I am an orchestra man and I do a little bit of everything.

Do not be afraid to talk about yourself, say specifically what you are doing, then it will be easier for a person to remember you, write down your contact. And if, for example, someone needs a specialist in your profile, they will recommend you as a friend.

I often receive requests on Facebook: “Hi, I’m from such and such. I was told that you are doing this and that. Do you have time to take on the project? ” I say, “Hi, thanks. Say hello to the person who recommended me. ” And I answer whether I have time or not.

Information about you spreads when you are not afraid to talk about yourself. Give people your contacts. Because even after six months, they may remember that you are specifically engaged in SMM promotion in any area. Let it be e-commerсe or retail, or restaurant business, etc. But they will know about you as a specialist, and that they can contact you.

When you go to various conferences, do not be afraid to communicate with the speakers. Communicating with your audience is one thing. But do not be afraid to communicate with those who came to give information. For example, in Odessa I went to InstaFest to listen to Alexei Tkachuk (Dnative blog). I went up to him and said a few words: “Hi, you have an awesome blog. Thank you for leading him. ” You should have seen his big smile! And after that, of course, we got to talking.

After you have already established a connection with the speaker, when you have discussed what he is doing, he will definitely ask what you are doing. And you tell. What if you will be of some use to each other. Or – what if you have the same question that has been keeping you awake for two months? And you can ask this question and get an answer to it. Therefore, such situations are simply worth their weight in gold in this area.


Chat with fellow listeners. Because they can become both your colleagues and potential clients. Suddenly you will find that very ideal partner with whom you can already create your own team. If you, for example, start working as an independent person, as a freelancer, and do not work in some agency.

Share experiences, stock up on contacts. If you can, make yourself business cards. For example, when the guys came to Dnipro, one of the girls, who was a listener, handed out business cards to everyone: “SMM specialist, I’m promoting in social networks”. And everything would be fine. The girl approached the matter correctly. But first of all, she didn’t ask if it was interesting to me. And secondly, she made a mistake in the text of her own business card. What she did right was that she immediately began to benefit from the seminar that was taking place. Because there were probably potential clients there. What she did wrong: She was as stupid as a mistake. Therefore, be careful.

What’s more important. Remember to discuss issues that might be called problems. Because there are a lot of problems in internet marketing in any area. And now they always excite us very much. And when you share pain with another person, chances are you will find understanding in people. This is the same story when at 1 am you can discuss targeted advertising with a person just because you have a common pain. And by two o’clock in the morning, find a solution to this problem, come up with a cool thing and implement it. Everyone is in their own project. Therefore, do not be afraid that someone will think: you have a problem, it means you are a bad specialist, so you don’t know something. It is impossible to know everything. Therefore, the more you try to solve your problem, the sooner you will find a solution. Or, at the very least, you will know what not to do in order for you to have this problem in the future.

Customer Service


This is the most important point. Working with clients is what most often drives us into some kind of framework. Because there can be many ideas, but the client lives on his own wave.

First and foremost, be honest. Do well – it will be fine.

Ask questions, brief your client. Try to find out as much as possible about him and his business at the first meeting. About how he sees progress, what he knows about it. For example, I came to one of my clients for a second meeting with a presentation on SMM, which I did for teenagers. And by the end of the meeting, they were able to distinguish between SMM and SMS, and how it differs. And it turned out that SMM is not MMM or CMC, etc. Therefore, find ways to communicate with them, both verbally (that is, understand what wave they are on), and through a messenger or mail, where you can discuss working moments.


The most important thing is to discuss force majeure. Everyone has them. The Internet was turned off, suddenly you were in the hospital, you need to leave, there was a fire, a flood or problems with equipment. This is always unpleasant, but discuss such moments so that your client will know if something happens, what he needs to do, how to solve this problem.

And the last point is also very important. Explain the scope of your work. Why are you doing exactly this and exactly like this at this point in time. Because it seems to us that we are doing everything logically and correctly, and the client may not understand at all what is happening, why there is such a text and such a picture. And why the ads were launched for a week, and not for one day for the entire budget. Therefore, explain everything. The client does not read your mind and may not understand your work.


If you just have a discrepancy, and you do not understand each other – have worked, parted and maintained a good relationship. You just can’t work together. This is completely normal.


And most importantly – know how to rest. Otherwise, by the end of the year, by December 20 or 30, you may be very tired of all this. Therefore, during the year, take the opportunity to escape from the city, from the country, turn off all communications and just relax. Because the constant stress on social networks is very stressful and tiring.


If you have any questions or want to thank me personally, you can write to me. I am ready to answer all your questions and I will be glad to talk to you

The course “Effective SMM: Promotion of Projects in Social Networks” is designed for those who want to master a new profession of an SMM specialist. You will be able to independently create a plan for publishing content, learn how to launch advertising campaigns and analyze their results. Bring leads and sales from social networks to customers.


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