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Secrets of promoting on TikTok

Although TikTok is a young social network, there are certain secrets that help you promote faster and more efficiently!

10 secrets to promoting on TikTok

There are ways to promote, both free and paid, but we will focus only on those methods that depend only on you.

1. Be very active

There is no reach limit on TikTok, so content flows like a river there. Don’t limit yourself to one post a day. The more you post, the higher your chances of getting featured.

Благодаря свой активности в социальных сетях Кирилл Макашов стал ведущим шоу «Орел и Решка»

Thanks to his activity in social networks, Kirill Makashov became the host of the show “Eagle and Reshka”

2. Be even more active

Not only publish your content, but also interact with other content. The more you use social media, the more you interact with other relevant content, the better results your videos will have.

3. Keep the intrigue

The depth of view greatly affects the ability to get into the “Recommended”. Therefore, try to shoot videos that will build up tension. A similar effect can be achieved with the appropriate melody.

4. Music matters

The sound you add to your video is important not only from an aesthetic point of view. Trending tracks help you get more reach.

Поклонники английского исполнителя  Эда Ширана создали 1,4 миллиона видео, выбрав трек «Perfect»

Fans of English artist Ed Sheeran have created 1.4 million videos by choosing the track “Perfect”

5. Don’t use third-party software

It has been proven that videos shot and edited using only TikTok functionality have higher reach than those using third-party software.

6. Hashtags

Use them, this is not Facebook or even Instagram. This is where hashtags can bring you quite a bit of extra reach.

Хештег #backstage один из самых популярных  –  почти 2 миллиарда просмотров

The #backstage hashtag is one of the most popular – almost 2 billion views

7. Be in trend

Challenges, trending videos, covers – all this is likely to increase the reach of not only one video, but the entire account.

Обучение английскому языку  –  всегда в тренде

Teaching English is always in trend

8. Live broadcasts are important

Prepared videos are buzz, of course, but live broadcasts provide additional coverage for the entire profile, so don’t ignore them.

9. Customization

No matter how ridiculous and trite it may sound, check if your profile is open and it is worth the permission to recommend your account. You won’t believe how often people forget to do this.

Не забудьте переключить

Don’t forget to switch

10. Learn

Read helpful posts on related topics (like this one) and sign up for courses.

Сальникова Дарья

Salnikova Daria, curator of the course “Promotion in TikTok”:

ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, is the most expensive startup in the world, and TikTok itself is growing at a breakneck pace. Therefore, this platform should not be ignored, but carefully studied.

To promote on the platform, you need to know that TikTok is a social network where you need to pay great attention to content creation, be in trend and constantly experiment. At the same time, do not forget about the constant analytics of the account, which will help to derive a working popularity formula for your account.

You can learn how content secrets work in conjunction with technical nuances and data analysis to promote your profile in the TikTok Promotion course, which starts on August 18th.

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