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Science fiction and SMM in challenging niches

Everything that is only capable of
imagine a person,
certainly exists somewhere
in the Galaxy … No, perhaps this one
even the most incredible fairy tale,
which would have had no chance
turn out to be reality
somewhere on the other end

Paul Anderson,
“Lord of a Thousand Suns”

Why science fiction?

2019 … Science fiction writers of the 19th-20th centuries imagined life in the 21st century as an urbanized world with highly developed nanotechnology, flying cars, advertising holograms, massive robotization, the implantation of smart gadgets into the bodies of people with appearance sometimes bright and non-standard, sometimes of the same type and gray, but at the same time looking into a large explanatory dictionary in search of the right word …

It is worth noting that in many ways the science fiction writers were right – robotization, advanced technologies that previously seemed the invention of a madman, realistic 3D advertising … How can you not recall the series of films “Back to the Future” or Isaac Asimov’s book “I am a robot”?

“Everything that the human mind creates exists in reality!”

Burkin Y., Lukyanenko S. “The Island of Rus”

However, the explanatory dictionary from the book of Arkady and Boris Strugatsky “Interns” has become more like a family heirloom than a reference book. Indeed, with the advent of the Internet, people began to think more globally, catching answers to all their questions in its networks. With the advent of social networks, the world has changed even more, and we are so used to close contact with gadgets that they really seem to have become a part of ourselves. And the wall screens from the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury come to mind … What’s the point that these screens (so far) are not implanted into the walls (and that is doubtful – how about TVs)?

We fall asleep and wake up with a smartphone in our hands or next to a pillow, first of all we check the news feed, “hang out” in the “Recommended”, check the “Inbox” folder, afraid to miss the letter, like an important telegram, look at the number of likes, subscriptions, of mentions, we are worried about the beauty of the profile, as if about the interior of a home … And therefore it is not surprising that SMM has come to be considered an easy prey for making money. Even a schoolboy can handle, well?

Who knows, maybe the new generation Z, or, as it is also called, digital natives (those from the early 2000s), began to be born with an innate intuitive ability to maintain a beautiful profile … And although this is a joke, but in every joke … you know. And therefore, even they will not hurt to learn the peculiarities of running business pages in social networks, especially if the niche is complex. Indeed, in our time, social networks have become, like the gadgets themselves, a parallel half-genuine, half-virtual reality.

And it is not surprising that they affected the business, luring it into their networks. Now no one will be surprised by the pages of dentists, psychologists or fortune-tellers, not to mention companies representing brands of shoes, clothing, and cosmetics. Why, even companies producing building materials have their own Instagram profiles.

So which niche is difficult?

A complex niche is called not because it implies a widespread organizational structure of the company, or because it is difficult to attract the user’s attention.

a complex niche in social networks means a business with a high level of competition, a narrow target audience (TA) and a capacious level of expert knowledge. Or a complex product, the purpose of which is incomprehensible without additional explanations (for example, innovative solutions).

In the next block, we will look at its 4 main areas and thereby detail the essence of a complex niche and a complex product.

The peculiarity of a complex niche lies in the fact that there are practically no “pivots” for analysis – similar projects / products that could be taken as a basis. At the same time, launching a complex product on a social network is always a hope for the formation of an image, an increase in customer recognition and loyalty to a brand, its product or service. Selling remains an implicit goal – and it is not so important that it will be indirect. After all, marketing is the result of the complex interaction of various channels and tools.

But, you ask, since the niche is complex, and don’t expect direct and quick sales, why should a complex niche SMM? The answer is in the benefits that a business can derive from all the efforts made by an SMM specialist:

  • Increased competitiveness – bypass the position of an information leader and an expert who will be more trusted.

  • Increasing the level of audience trust to the product / service due to the position of an informer and an expert.

  • Expanding audience reach due to the emergence of new channels and an increase in points of interaction with the business.

  • Lead generation and customer base growth due to advertising relevant to the stages of the sales funnel, targeted to the relevant segments of the target audience, in various social networks.

  • Attracting additional traffic to the site or to the AppStore / GooglePlay (in order to increase the number of app downloads) through ads in posts, stories or Direct.

  • Warming up the audience – potential customers become more aware of the business proposal and the specific benefits of the product or service.

  • Improving SEO Metrics – social networks have a high degree of trust in Google and Yandex search algorithms, so the more direct links and natural anchors leading to a company’s website, the higher it appears in organic search results and the more often its pages are indexed.

Strategy in a complex niche

Strategy, as a consistent, step-by-step path of a company from a starting point in the current time to a desired goal in the future, has long become an integral part of any balanced approach to modern business. And therefore, companies that want to promote their complex product or service on social networks are obliged, like no one else, to work out in detail and prescribe all the key stages of the strategy.

So, starting to develop a strategy in social networks, I first of all recommend collecting all data about a company, brand, product or service: name, logo, corporate identity, mission, USP, photo and video files, etc. This will help optimize work and effort.

At the next stage, it is necessary to formulate the goals and objectives that are set for the SMM manager, while prescribing the mission of the company or brand. So that a potential visitor to an account in social networks can understand the role and purpose of this profile on the network in one or two sentences, assess the degree of its attractiveness and usefulness specifically for himself.

That is why it is so important to correctly structure and concisely write the nickname of the account, header, headings that will be displayed in the profile.

If the profile already exists, you must first conduct a full audit of the current account for an easy-to-remember, unambiguous nickname (without unnecessary characters – an underscore, “Morse code” like “_._”, special characters incomprehensible to other users a la ” } I {“etc.), a well-structured header with a simple Unique Selling Proposition (USP), the benefits of a specific account for a potential subscriber (what will motivate them to subscribe), and a clearly defined schedule (for stores).

At the same time, it is very important to analyze in detail your competitors (including their advertising) and target audience (in general and by segment) in each of the social networks where the business will be presented. This will make it possible to provide information and reach the audience in the most capacious, appropriate, interesting and unique way. Indeed, now companies are not competing with each other for the “right” to be in the news feed, but with friends, relatives, and colleagues of potential customers. And it is important to remember this at every stage of creating and implementing a strategy: only high-quality, relevant content and the right approach to promotion in a specific social network can attract the attention of the audience. What does this approach include? And what is the right approach to content generation and promotion?

Let’s remember the banal truth: if you want to be talked about, stand out. The first hook is a photo that should catch in 1-2 seconds, otherwise the content may go unnoticed. However, just a pretty profile picture from a complex niche category is not enough. It is important that all accounts in different social networks have the same style with the site, branded products, standing out with common brand identity “markers” – corporate principles, profile colors and brand voice (manner of communication). To learn how to develop it yourself or make sure that the performer is “really fumbling”, read the detailed manual “Brand voice: how to sound appropriate” .

Let’s go back to the promised areas of complex niches, because they determine the relevance and the main type of content of the account. The following sectors are worth keeping in mind:

  • B2B segment – a potential client needs to be told not only about the product, its advantages and technical characteristics, but also about the benefits of the acquisition. Therefore, it is important that the content is expert. These are the areas of business lending, services for automating business processes, restaurant equipment, etc.

  • Niches with a very narrow target audience – the difficulty lies in the fact that you need to be an expert yourself in order to sell a specific product or service to your target audience, as is the case with the advent of drones.

  • Innovative products and services – a segment with a limited audience and an acute issue of lead generation. At the same time, the complexity is due to the lack of demand, background information on the topic, and an established positioning scheme. A striking example of complex products at one time could be a steam engine, a bicycle, a car … Yes, any inventions of past centuries, if, of course, social networks had already appeared in those years.

  • B2C segment with situational demand – a product or service is needed by the audience at a specific point in time and requires a clear explanation of the essence and purpose of the product or service. For example, the services of a plastic surgeon. Beyond medicine. the segment is typical for the construction business, design services, quest organization, etc.

In addition, for the audience to trust the expertise of the account and subsequently buy the promoted product or service, it is important to publish content that is “motley” in format:

  • Expert notes (as a concise article in the abstract format) – allow you to communicate in an accessible way about the benefits of using / owning a product or receiving a service.

  • Infographics – visualized content with specific indicators makes it easier for the target audience to understand and perceive a particular information.

  • Video – the most engaging content, regardless of its type – educational (free MK, chips, tips), documentary (video tours, vlogs), informational (product reviews, its top features and benefits, online – broadcasts, questions and answers) or entertaining (video bloopers from their videos, relevant jokes and situational marketing).

  • Webinars – as a way to establish closer contact with the audience, to confirm the level of your expertise.

  • Instructions – technical documentation (for innovative products or services).

  • News – Inform potential and existing customers about changes in your products, company and industry.

  • Entertainment content – suitable for groups in social networks, should be closely related to your topic, professional humor, sketches from office life, etc. are encouraged.

  • UGC or user-generated content – the ability to show a potential subscriber that you have real customers (the same as the target audience) who are satisfied with you, your product and have already received benefits from its use ( and photos with people, according to statistics, gain 38% more likes than other publications).

What else can be added to the strategy?

Nowadays, the client’s path is unknown and inscrutable (unless end-to-end web analytics is configured). And in order not to lose the opportunity of an extra additional touch point with a potential client and at the same time understand his order history, the path along the travel map, it is important not only to set up analytics, but also to implement a CRM system, which is precisely aimed at customer relationship management. , their twisting is 2-3 times more effective than usual.

Moreover, choosing a system with the ability to configure end-to-end lines will allow you not to lose a client and answer his questions in time without leaving the CRM system, regardless of the channel from which the client came.

There are still questions like “Why do you need CRM?”, “What questions can a CRM-system close?”, “How much does it cost to implement CRM?”, “Which supplier to choose?” and many others? Then follow the link and find out how to choose and implement a CRM system based on the goals, objectives, type of activity and scale of the organization.

And with all this, it is important to remember such a standard, but vital for business credo: no matter how balanced strategic management is, no matter what efforts digital specialists make, but if the product is uncompetitive, of inadequate quality, underdeveloped or even of dubious utility for audience, go for the product. Bring it to the right level – when you are not ashamed of the product, when you want to be proud of it. And only after that, start marketing it (after all, according to the classics, this is not only promotion, place or price, but first of all a product!), Including SMM.

Ultimately, a correctly developed and successfully implemented strategy must go through the stages of the SMART formula:

Last bad advice

As there are no achievements without defeats, there are no successful SMM cases without fakups. But you must admit that learning from mistakes is more pleasant, albeit harder, if they are strangers. And therefore, remember the following 8 harmful tips for an SMM specialist:

  • Law 1 “Write boringly and sadly” reads:

    Old faceless content is always in vogue and there is no other way.

  • Law 2 “More terms and professional vocabulary. Much more!” reads:

    The more incomprehensible terms and professional slang, the more expert the account looks and the more expensive the product can be sold.

  • Law 3 “You signed, but you did it without respect!” reads:

    Be proud and arrogant: where are you, an SMM specialist – the godfather of all company accounts in social networks and faceless content (a reference to Law 1) without a heading and with terrible filters on stock photos, and where are they mere mortal followers, not worthy of your time and attention.

  • Law 4 “Be cocky and aggressive” reads:

    The more aggressive it is to sell the product, calling for targeted action in each post through a paragraph or two with the words “Buy !!! Promotion only for you !!! “, the more often and deeper the sales will be.

  • Law 5 “Only mainstream, only hype – they cannot be annoying” reads:

    It is better to post something mainstream on the decline of the hype wave – ordinary mortals-followers (referring to Law 3) will “devour” any content in one fell swoop.

  • Law 6 “Pishawslitwaternomabzatsettaktaktak” reads:

    The structure of the text should be monolithic and heavy, so that all the “weightiness” and seriousness of the content is felt.

  • Law 7 “There are never too many hashtags” reads:

    Use all available hashtags, and the more mentions the better (especially if the number of posts with a specific hashtag exceeds hundreds of thousands).

  • Law 8 “Advertising is good under any” sauce “: to hell with targeting and target audience analysis” reads:

    Since mere mortals-followers will “devour” any content in one fell swoop (referring to Law 5), advertising will also work in any format: “one advertisement for the entire audience” or “all advertising for one subscriber.

I hope that in your childhood there was also a book by Grigory Oster “Harmful advice. A book for naughty children and their parents. ” Or, in extreme cases, you are not devoid of a sense of humor and are in your right mind … After all, the advice is life-like and is no worse than the others, only they should be taken “backwards” – written back.

In conclusion about science fiction and SMM

No matter what writers fantasize about a person living in the 21st century, today …

“… Today it turned out that his knowledge is just ripples on the surface of the ocean. He has no idea what is happening even at a depth of a meter. And what is happening in the very abyss – and cannot imagine. ”

V. Vasiliev, “Hunting for wild trucks, or Technician of Greater Kiev”

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