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Reboot SMM 2021

SMM is like a computer! If you notice problems, freezes, glitches, you need to respond immediately. After all, you do not want him to fall on the battlefield of the posts of competitors and drag your entire business with him? To reanimate the technique, sometimes it is enough to resort to the saving key combination “Ctrl + Alt + Del” . In the case of SMM, you need to click on the magic button “Restart” in the start of your Social Media.

This is not just the advice of a blonde, but an urgent recommendation from a specialist with many years of experience in the field of SMM. I’ll tell you everything in order!

Why do we need to reboot to SMM?

Зачем нам перезагрузка в SMM?

Imagine a situation: your friend is fighting like a fish on ice, trying to “make friends” with social networks and make them work for their business, and all kinds of Instagram and Facebook do not reciprocate. “Poor fellow” – you will sympathize and you will probably forget about this situation.

Now put yourself in his place. Just imagine that social networks have rebelled and refuse to sell your service or product. A couple of months ago, everything was stable, and now Instagram rejects your posts as a foreign body. And this is not some horror movie. And not predictions for 2021. And real fakups, which right now are sneaking up imperceptibly both to the SMM of your businessman friend, and to yours too!

You can write off everything to quarantine, the government, the weather in the end. I call it evolution.

In SMM, in no case should you use the same tools for a long time. Tools tend to fail, break, become ineffective. People stopped using stone when the hammer was invented. Over time, the digging stick was replaced by a shovel. Do you know why? Because it’s more efficient!

So, more effective tools have already appeared in SMM, with the help of which it is much easier and faster to build a business on social networks. If you have a foundation that erodes every now and then, this is your choice! If you want to build walls and a roof (for yourself or your client as an SMM specialist), read on!

Where to restart?

Usually, people plan to start all important things on Monday. But the reboot of SMM must start with an understanding of who your client is. SMM can be very different.

  • B2B does not imply communication with an end user, but with another company.
  • B2C involves selling directly to a buyer.
  • SMM for a product is designed to increase consumer interest in your product, arouse the desire to buy it.
  • SMM for services primarily sells you as a great specialist.
  • SMM for a personal brand is building and promoting your image, reputation, level of awareness on social networks.

I hope you understand that the target audience in each of this niche is very diverse, which means that the motivation, and tone of voice, and presentation, and tasks should be different.

Now I give instructions on which keys to press in order for the reboot to take place.

1. Review goals . Decide what specific results you want to achieve, and check if your SMM is aimed at achieving these goals.

2. Make sure you segment your target audience correctly and understand 100% exactly what they want.

Пример сегментации целевой аудитории для клиента

An example of segmentation of the target audience for a client

3. Reload content. Communicate with the target audience in an accessible language. Subscribers to a beauty salon probably want to be loved, praised, given correct advice, complimented them, and not looked down on them. But the guys who buy building materials are unlikely to see daily posts about cats. Meet the user’s requests, be relevant.

4. Work with ads . SMM is always numbers, and they need to pay a lot of attention.

For example, in the ad account (in Facebook Ads) there are a lot of indicators: reach, impressions, cost per result, quality assessment, performance evaluation, CTR (click-through rate), CPC (cost per click on the link) etc.

Скрин рекламного кабинета

Screen of advertising cabinet

5. Develop a personal blog . Now people buy from people. And they get bored with faceless companies that only sell goods and services. The audience wants live communication. Therefore, the personal blog of the owner or the top in social networks is a must have today. This will help you not to turn into a page that in every post screams: “Buy, buy!”

Build trusting relationships with subscribers , show yourself not only from a professional side, but also from a personal one: your charisma, your everyday life through the prism of a professional one. But here, too, be careful. You can choose 3-5 personal topics that you will broadcast on social networks (and do not even touch on the rest of the topics).

6. Ask subscribers questions . If you are interested in their opinion, then they are important to you. And the audience subconsciously feels it.

7. Go to video content . YouTube is the most powerful SMM tool today.

Speak, develop your charisma, your expertise in different formats, confirm this with reviews, publications in the media.

If you want to learn more about effective new SMM products, join the online marathon “Reboot SMM 2021”.

16 апреля – онлайн-марафон «SMM. Перезагрузка 2021»

April 16 – online marathon “SMM. Reboot 2021 “

6 speakers, professionals in their field, will tell you how to properly reboot your SMM:

  • Olga Onikienko (CMO CPA – SalesDoubler network) will have a theme about cats and not only “So who are you? SMM in B2B! SalesDoubler Case “.
  • Alisa Bolokhovets (author of the YouTube channel for people about people in business MarketDir) – “Business + interviews = why is this YouTube in 2021?”
  • Vlad Bogutskiy (founder and CEO of B91 Targeting Agency) will speak with the topic “What to analyze in Facebook and Instagram ads, and how to do it right?”
  • Alexandra Bazilevich (the owner of the beauty salon Lime Studio) will give a report “SMM for the personal blog of a business owner: why is he?”
  • Anastasia Fem (owner of the communication consulting agency MOVNA Couture) will give the tools to create an image through conversational stories and live broadcasts, remove the fear of the camera, and you will fall in love with your voice.
  • I, Lesya Gaidash (head of the SMM time SMM agency), will open the topic “Content in SMM is not only cats, but also numbers.

6 speakers-practitioners at the online marathon “SMM. Reboot 2021 “

In addition, you will receive 6 presenter checklists . They will detail the questions, answering which you can understand:

  • where are you now;
  • what are you missing;
  • what needs to be tightened to achieve the desired results.

And remember, always start by planning, writing your strategy. We must understand where and why we are going. But as Confucius stated: “When it seems to you that the goal is unattainable, do not change the goal – change your plan of action.” Or, in modern terms, reboot!

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