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Learn about Instagram’s new algorithm changes from January 2018

If you follow the news on Instagram, you know that many things are changing. Today, we’re going to tell you a little more about the latest updates to the social network’s mysterious algorithm.

The 10% Rule

One of the rumors going around is that now, when you post on Instagram, only 10% of your audience will be exposed to it. If this post has a good engagement among this slice of followers, from then on the post will gain relevance and appear more frequently to the rest of the audience.


In addition to the 10%, Instagram will still restrict your account exposure based on the engagement of the page. And, to make things worse, short comments like “beautiful”, “amazing” and “I love it!” they may, from now on, no longer count as an engagement that would help the post gain relevance. Accounts that perform this practice may have restricted functionality. But on the other hand, accounts that have genuine comments will be valued.

Tip: Comment with four words or more, so you’ll have an increased likelihood that your comment will count as an engagement.

For the engagement junkies, we have one more sad news: you will need to respond to comments on your page within 60 minutes, otherwise your post’s visibility will likely be affected.

But don’t worry too much, there is still a salvation: the stories! Stories on Instagram can be an alternative to make your profile appear. Use and abuse this tool. Enjoy the novelty of GIFs, do not edit the caption of your publication for at least 24 hours to avoid being confused with spam and never delete a post and publish it again right after deletion.

Business profile

If you are a business owner and still use your regular account to advertise your work, it’s time to change: by making this change, the chances of greater viewing of your profile can improve a lot. In addition to exposure, the Instagram business account has other advantages. You’ll have access to several additional performance statistics, helping you to think of a better content strategy and publishing hours.

The hashtags

If you’re the hashtags freak, you can stop there. By improperly using this tool, your publication can be considered as spam, even disappearing from the timeline. Good practice recommends using hashtags sparingly, so choose only 5 instead of the 30 you used before! Another tip: vary the hashtags according to the subject of the publication, as their repetition can also be considered as misuse.

If you are used to putting hashtags in post comments, it’s good to know that this tactic no longer works. Hashtags used in comments do not appear in the search field. And, with the latest update that made following hashtags possible, your profile will be able to grow using this tactic.

There are lots of news and lots of things to stay tuned to, but the best way to be successful on Instagram is to stay tuned to any changes on the social network. So, follow our blog and stay inside! Read more about Instagram on the Nerdweb blog:

Source(s): The Pigeon Letters

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