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It didn’t work: Facebook will disable its artificial intelligence M from the social network

Facebook recently announced that it will disable its artificial intelligence M from the social network. The virtual assistant that blended artificial intelligence with human-made work was not as successful as Mark Zuckerberg had hoped e. therefore, the tool that promised to become a new Siri will be discontinued on January 19, 2018.

M’s original purpose was for him to learn from human employees how to respond to more varied questions and questions asked by the audience through Messenge. And employees needed to ensure that all recommendations sent by the platform were correct, which was really complicated in a product with billions of users.

But what was the M?

In 2015, Facebook launched artificial intelligence M, with an initial focus on the North American market, since there Messenger is equivalent to the popularity of WhatsApp in Brazil. M was a kind of virtual assistant connected to Messenger. You might be wondering: but what did this tool do? Well, she showed you what you could do on a Saturday night, which restaurant you could have lunch at, the best hotels in town, anyway, he could help you with a lot of things!

Even if you were talking to a friend and the two of them started making plans for lunch on the 23rd, for example, M already presented you with the possibility of making this appointment in your diary and already showed you several places where you and your friend could have lunch! Great, isn’t it?

Why didn’t it work?

There are actually two main reasons:

  1. Few people actually used the tool, as the vast majority preferred the most common applications that have this same function;
  2. And since M was a tool trained by humans and supervised by humans and as Messenger has more than 1.3 billion users, having a ready answer for everyone instantly was an impossible task. It was an eternal war of cat after mouse.


And was it all in vain?

No! Facebook claims that M was just an experiment, that all the goals they hoped to achieve with it were achieved and that the results achieved with M will be used in other projects.

A company spokesperson said, “We launched this project to learn what people needed and expected from an assistant, and we’ve learned a lot. We will use this new knowledge in other Facebook AI projects. We are still very pleased with M’s performance and with what we discovered through this experiment.”

In addition to this announcement, Facebook also informed that everyone who was working with M will not be unemployed. Employees will be relocated to other areas of the company.

This function had not yet fully arrived in Brazil. In fact, few places have had a chance to use M, but we’d like to know: what did you think of this virtual assistant? Cool or not? Helpful or useless? Tell us!

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