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Instagram launches Face Filters and new camera features to put more pressure on Snapchat

Mark Zuckerberg is determined to win the Snapchat audience and is going to great lengths to do so. After implementing it on Facebook’s Nova Camera, it was Instagram’s turn to receive the face filters and masks that made the ghost’s social network so popular among young people.

Starting today, Instagram will receive an update that introduces in-camera face filters, an easier way to turn a simple selfie or video into something more fun, adding several masks with effects and characters .

All you have to do is, inside the camera, tap a filter, choose which filter you want and take the photo or record it to share with friends. The function works with both the front and rear camera and also makes it possible to work with videos used by the Boomerang app, which is also part of the Facebook ecosystem.

Posts can be sent to Instagram Stories (which everyone who follows you can view for 24 hours) or even directly to specific people via Instagram Direct, which is a private message.

New Camera Features

In addition to face filters, Facebook has added new video features such as “back to front” playback (Rewind), a new Boomerang-like format and a “hands free” mode.

A new sticker has also been added that allows you to write a hashtag to put on photos and videos, customizing the position the way you want. The best of everything? Viewers can tap the hashtag to visit her social media page and explore other posts.

Lastly, the network added a new rubber brush to the drawing tools. This means you can erase parts of the images with solid colors and create stunning montages. To do this, once you take a photo or video, select the drawing tool and hold your finger to fill the entire screen with a solid color. Then choosing the rubber brush will reveal the parts you want.

Instagram version 10.21 is now available for iOS and Android with the new features.

Assertive strategy

At Facebook’s latest annual event, the F8, the company dumped a lot of news related to the camera effects platform and launched the AR Studio software, which will soon make it possible for anyone to create masks and filters to use in the ecosystem of Face.

Basically, Facebook’s idea is to spread the word about the most popular and monetizable feature of Snapchat. Face filters and filters with geocalization are the great asset of the social network of the ghost, which despite growing in number of users, accumulates billionaire losses every quarter.

If it’s too expensive and restricted to make a filter on Snapchat, Facebook’s idea is to popularize creation, allowing anyone to create and share. And with that, new features are being implemented not only on Facebook, but also on Instagram, Messenger and even Snapchat, as we have seen with the arrival of the modes History, Status, among others.

The strategy comes working. Last April 13, Instagram Stories surpassed Snapchat in number of users and announced other news. The result of the damage was seen in the first fiscal balance of Snap Inc., the company responsible for Snapchat, which now has public shares after a successful IPO.

To defend himself, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel compared Facebook’s copier forays to Yahoo, claiming that even though Yahoo was a search engine, it never came close to becoming a Google. The facts, however, show that Snapchat’s growth has been slowing and that Instagram is one of the big culprits.

The pressure now increases even more on the ghost’s social network. Will it be able to reinvent itself in order to no longer be a Twitter (which, although it has improved, until today has not been found in a business model) in the market?

Source: Instagram Blog

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