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Insta digest: all the most useful posts about Instagram promotion

You can watch endlessly at Ryan Gosling, how the water flows and the fire burns, and how Instagram is becoming the best platform for business. Let’s do it together. I took publications from the last 3 months, divided them into categories and chose the coolest ones in my subjective opinion.

Instagram Trends

Visual. You will be surprised, but not everyone prefers the same style. What will be really cool in 2019:

  • 3D images
  • Illustrations
  • Animation
  • Bold typography
  • Realism in photography and the aesthetics of imperfection
  • Modernism and Postmodernism
  • Camp style
  • Design a story
  • Augmented reality

Here are some really cool examples and tips in this article.

Business trends. Six trends on Insta according to Sergey Shcherbakov:

  1. More Stories : Story questionnaires, stickers and masks, music, countdown stickers, GIFs, participation in challenges. We increase the engagement of followers in stories.
  2. Blogging : microbloggers will join influencers.
  3. Photo style will change and become more natural. A steady trend towards authenticity and naturalness.
  4. Statistics and Algorithms : Posting time has lost its meaning. Analytics will become complex, Instagram will be like Facebook in this.
  5. Online shopping .
  6. Augmented reality .

Alexey Tkachuk said that Instagram actually already influences the design of interiors and things. This is the main trend. And I think it will be like that for at least five years.

Read the article and look for the link 🙂

Story promotion trends – a lot of research.

Instagram Virus Stories

How Generation Alpha took Insta or Influencing Children by Attack

And so I think about the best way to write: the story of the egg or the story of the egg? It conquered Instagram. There is a version of the reason for this excitement: everyone was so tired of the aesthetics of endless glamor and successful success that they happily liked the egg.

Beginning of the story

Story development and imitators

A complete overview of the innovations on Instagram

Lest you get confused about which came first, shopping tags or countdown stickers, here’s a complete list of what, why and how to use it.

The article is really a bomb!

Instagram profile design – what’s new?

Full instructions – follow the link

About the new arrangement of elements and buttons:

See how your header looks in the feed and highlight what’s important

Tips for improving your profile: how to make an avatar visible and understandable, how to change the font, what is the USP in the profile header and why it is important to use each character.

The article also contains an avatar gallery: all avatar trends are collected there

Another great profile article for a change.

Here are some profiles for inspiration. In fact, I really want a large selection of these – in different topics.

Instagram texts: take into account all the peculiarities

7 rules for a successful selling post.

Selling post on Instagram in pictures and examples.

It is very well written about mistakes, tone of voice and formulas of selling posts. What should NOT be in the texts:

And here – “What should NOT be in the texts – 2”: an alternative view.

How to make money on Instagram?

The article lists all the main methods. No new ones have been invented yet)

  • Advertising,
  • sale of services,
  • sale of goods.

Well, and if you want, you can make money by doing advertising for yourself and others (targeting), or by promoting accounts (posting and blogging advertising, mutual PR). And read the article – the examples are excellent, the topic is covered.

Another great article on low budget Instagram promotion. Published a little earlier, but the recipes from there will be puffed up to the taste of small and medium-sized businesses.

Selling? Then you need to read about Shopping Tags.

Instagram Promotion Tools


100 publishing ideas – a pill for thoughtfulness.


The most popular hashtags of 2019 – hurry, run, grab!

Instructions for using hashtags.


The types of videos that work great – take business ideas.

We must not forget about a new, but so far underestimated tool – IGTV. 6 ways to use IGTV for business. Create your own channels and play TV.


Yes, photography is a tool. It is a pity that more often than not the scare tool is forever. There are very strict rules here: if you want to promote on Insta, take pictures. Or have a budget for shooting.

Therefore, we learn to make a cool photo. A guide from a photographer who knows how to take pictures and shows by example what and where to click.

Instagram photos at home: what to photograph, how to expose the lights, where to look for equipment, how to work with the composition – in general, a normal technical guide.

Light and software for photos.


It simply says that the giv is not as sweet as it is painted. There will be unsubscriptions. And in order not to destroy your account, try to provide for activities already inside your account for newcomers.

And more about the pitfalls of the give:


How to find good give organizers – secret chats.

Masfol services

Instagram Targeting

How to easily spice up your Facebook and Instagram ads without attracting additional budgets – Buy yourself a good targeting specialist .

What is the difference between target audience on Facebook and Insta?

Instagram Activities

This article describes all methods of increasing activity. And where there is activity, there is more coverage, views, sales – the law of Instagram.

A guide to organizing contests on Instagram.

Working with bloggers

Everything is not easy here. How to find, roll up, negotiate and achieve the desired result.

Instagram business card: what is it and why does business need it

In the article: a) how to make it beautifully, and b) how to use it for business – read it.

Mailing to Direct

How useful and rewarding a newsletter can be.


And about the service to create, read the article

And this is a great case study about sending to Direct from a photographer:


Design Tools

It is necessary and possible to work on photos, videos, content in videos and stories using applications and special tools. Here’s a list of 17 design tools, and 6 more with instructions! And these are user tips.

Limits and restrictions on Instagram

Have changed. Subscriptions and subscribers, unsubscriptions and likes in 2019.


Unobvious questions on Instagram

How to upload photos and videos via computer? – The answer is in the article.

Blue check mark: how to get it and what is it?

And here is the same article about non-obvious stories. Authors answer questions:

  • Is it true that GIFs spoil the quality of stories?
  • How to guess the size of the clickable sticker?
  • Is it possible to add a story for loved ones to highlights?
  • Etc. Questions from those who do everything themselves.

How to make text with paragraphs?

How to use the list of best friends on Instagram?

Fake Instagram activities

… Not welcome. This is understandable, but for more details on why and how cheating is punished, read the article.

Great helpful Instagram guide

It’s all over here.

And here is the official source. You must know this link.

User Guide: Data Usage, Privacy.

We invite you to a new (but certainly useful and capacious) distance course “Promotion on Instagram”. You will be able to create and properly design your account, understand the difference between a personal and a business profile, study all free and paid methods of promotion on Instagram, learn how to write selling posts, create engaging stories, communicate with followers, captivating them. Competitive mechanics, catchy features, recommended, commenting – it will be interesting and useful for you. We work on Instagram, sell on Instagram, live on Instagram. And you can watch the program and sign up by simply clicking on the button.


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