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Influence! How to organize the activation of influencers in SMM

How do you activate influencers to talk about your brand, product or event? What is important to know about communicating with an influencer and increasing loyalty as a result of working with him? The answers to these questions are in the report of brand mentor Alina Shcherbina at the SMM Day conference, organized by the WebPromoExperts Academy.

People buy from people: why it is important for business to interact with influencers

More and more people make a purchase on the Internet only after they read customer reviews. If a potential client sees an advertisement for a product from a friend or favorite blogger, then the trust in the product that this person uses or talks about increases. Statistically, 71% of people make a purchase decision based on a recommendation on social media, and 84% trust online reviews.

People buy from people. And it is important for business to interact with other people. The brand needs a “human face”: recommendations, word of mouth and spreading information about it in the real world. I will tell you how to do this using the example of my own business – the “Be in UA” platform, which operates in the city of Dnipro.

«Будь в UA» – выставка дизайнеров одежды, обуви, аксессуаров в городе Днепре

“Be in UA” – an exhibition of designers of clothes, footwear, accessories in the city of Dnipro

All coverage of publications (except for paid targeted coverage), mentions in the media and social networks, partner mentions we received absolutely free. To achieve these metrics, you need to do a lot of influencer marketing – influencer marketing.

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Why would people influence each other?

You can interact with influencers in the framework of Internet marketing in order to get loyal, interested people, potential customers for your brand or product.

For example, not so long ago the team of our project “Be in UA” became an organizer of an exhibition in a shopping center. Our task was to gather people interested in the topic we are talking about in one shopping center, and also to show how you can alternatively spend time with benefit in the shopping center.

Команда нашего проекта «Будь в UA» стала организатором выставки в торговом центре

After selecting 20 active opinion leaders in the city, we prepared invitations and sent them to these people. We spent $ 100. And in return, we received unforgettable positive emotions from people who were invited to the event.

12 influencers from the invitee list attended our event, made stories, mentions, publications, posts. In total, over 60 social media mentions were made, and the twelve people who came to us helped to achieve approximately 50,000 hits.

Looking from the other side

Likewise, I was on the other side of working with influencer marketing. As an influencer, I was invited to visit a dental clinic for a tooth extraction. After I told my 2,000 subscribers about this on my Instagram page, 150 people went to the clinic’s profile. I received another 25 requests about this procedure in private messages. With each of my readers, I shared my personal experience, impressions of the service and the service.

As a result, I received a professional solution to my problem, the clinic received referrals from those who are already interested in their services, and my readers – an answer to solving one of their possible problems.

В результате я получила профессиональное решение своей проблемы

What is the difference between a blogger and an influencer

Bloggers – people who are followed by a fairly wide audience. They make money solely by promoting themselves and advertising any services on their social networks. Most often, a blogger is famous thanks to television, some kind of hype, and now he earns exclusively from advertising and takes money for publications.

Блогеры – люди, за которыми следит довольно широкая аудитория

Influencers are people who have their own topic or niche to work with. Most often, they write exclusively about themselves and their lives, about work cases in their field. These can be people who are promoting some small business of their own. Or they work as HR or marketers and talk about their life experiences and their field.

Typically, an influencer has up to 10,000 followers. On his page he has very lively themes, and everything is real, everything is true. There are no ads among posts. And if publications of an advertising nature are found, then it is very rare and, as a rule, they are published free of charge.

When should you work with a blogger and when should you work with an influencer?

When do you need a blogger? When do you need an influencer?
Wide niche, mass product Narrow niche
Ability to close demand Small / Medium Business
Sales department presence Unique product
Confidence in product quality No big team

Bloggers are needed if you have a wide niche. For example, you want to promote a new brand of sunflower seeds or some new chocolate bar. Or when there are big industrial opportunities, you produce something. If you have a production of 10 boxes per week, then there is no point in ordering an advertisement from a blogger to get 10,000 orders. In this case, advertising will not pay off, you will not be able to meet the demand.

It’s great to work with bloggers when there is a sales department, when there are various communication channels, there is an excellent mass product.

When do you need influencers? When there is a narrow niche, small or medium-sized business, a unique product and not a very large team. When you’d better get 10, 20, 30 customers a month, but build such relationships with them so that they become your regular customers and sales go up.

Публикации в социальных сетях

Social media posts

For example, we promoted Milka chocolate through famous personalities, but such a niche product as craft soup in cans was promoted through small influencers. Oksana Pavlenko, Founder & Editor-in-Chief at The Devochki, posted on her Instagram.

Why work with a blogger or influencer

First of all, cooperation with a blogger or influencer is necessary if you are launching a new product. This is an informational occasion to hype, reach people and generate interest in your brand. Your task is to make sure that people become interested in you and hear something new about you or your product.

Прежде всего сотрудничество с блогером или инфлюенсером необходимо, если вы запускаете новый продукт

You can also start working with a blogger or influencer to advertise an existing product or service in order to get a new audience. Even if an influencer has only 300-500 subscribers, but they are active and involved, then with a successful ad you will get 300-500 people who will learn about your new product.

If you are advertised by a person with a good reputation, personal connections, active lifestyle and broad interests, then he strengthens the position of your brand. This is how you develop your brand image and create your own army of supporters for your product.

By building loyalty with bloggers or influencers, you engage ambassadors, create a community that already knows about your brand and is ready to support you.

Microinfluencer trend: how to work with it

Тренд микроинфлюенсера: как с ним работать

Microinfluencers are most often business founders, experts in a specific niche: marketers, PR specialists, journalists. These are professionals, those about whom they say: “widely known in a narrow circle.” Such people are able to influence their readers, their opinions are often listened to. If you are lucky enough to find and “recruit” such a person, chances are high that you will have great productive communications.

How to work with influencers?

Step 1. Choose a product and set a goal.
Step 2. Find and select influencers.
Step 3. Prepare an offer.
Step 4. Communication with influencers.
Step 5. Implementation of the campaign.
Step 6. Audit.

When you are going to enter the information field with advertising, it is important to clearly describe the product you will be presenting and the purpose of such advertising . You can advertise just a brand, or you can talk about product features that competitors do not have. Further in the preparation, we describe the purpose and expectations of advertising with an influencer. This can be increasing awareness, creating User-generated content (UGC), attracting new customers.

Когда вы собираетесь выходить в информационное поле с рекламой, важно четко описать продукт

For example, a brand sells cookies. Mim handed me a package of macarons. And what exactly do you think this brand is selling? This brand is not currently selling cookies, but an emotional presentation service. That is, the company has demonstrated how you can hand a box of sweets. Likewise, you can advertise a brand or some feature of your product. For example, only eco-friendly, only gluten-free dough . Or you can promote the service within your business.

The next step is preparing the concept of interaction with an influencer . Consider the timing, approaches. For example, suppose you plan to interact with one influencer in one week, with another influencer in another week, or several at once within the same time frame.

Следующий этап – подготовка концепции взаимодействия с инфлюенсером.

Next, let’s start looking for influencers. You can search for them in industry networking, among friends and colleagues. You can also conduct an in-depth study of the target audience. This option may take you some time, because first you need to ask your customers whose opinion they listen to, who they follow on social networks, which opinion leaders are authority in the industry for them.

You can study industry media experts in your city who specialize in a topic that interests you. Also, try to find micro-influencers among your clients. Open your client’s social media page and see what he talks about on his profile, how he interacts with the audience.

Perhaps you will see someone in your user who will help your brand grow. I also recommend going through the client’s subscriptions. Analyze bloggers that this person already trusts. Perhaps among them there will be someone who will be close to your topic.

Возможно, вы увидите в своем пользователе того, кто поможет вашему бренду развиваться

After selecting the right influencers for your business or brand, conduct a profile analysis. Estimate audience engagement: divide the number of subscribers by the number of likes and posts . A good indicator is considered to be at least 5%. Next, evaluate the number of ads in your profile, the reaction of readers to publications of this nature.

It is important to determine the relevance of your product or service in relation to the values ​​that the influencer adheres to. For example, let’s say you sell sweet, high-calorie cakes, and an influencer with an engaged, classy audience, a fitny girl, is on a sugar-free diet. In this case, your product will simply not be relevant.

The brand and the influencer must have the same values, mission, and certain worldview. If you look at the world “from different floors of the same hotel,” then you can never find a common language to talk about important things.

Команда нашего проекта «Будь в UA» стала организатором выставки в торговом центре0

The next step is to prepare a proposal for an influencer . You can start with the simplest thing – information partnerships. This option assumes that you can tell about the influencer, and he – about you or your product, event, service. It costs you nothing to post about this person, talk about his blog or business, post a quote or answer a question.

For example, your business is related to sports. Ask the influencer what he thinks about sugar, workouts, and so on, and post the answer with a tag on your page. In return for such a simple action, you will receive reach, interaction and repost from the influencer, because he will be pleased to read about himself.

In exchange for cooperation, you can give the influencer a gift – your brand’s products, a service, or invite him to an event that you organize. You can offer product testing, a personalized discount for influencer subscribers – anything that can increase reach, engagement and provide usefulness not only to the influencer, but also to his subscribers.

Команда нашего проекта «Будь в UA» стала организатором выставки в торговом центре1

Further on plan – organization of communication with an influencer . Address the person in a personalized manner and be sure to introduce yourself. Give a sincere compliment to his profile, pay attention to the expertise. End the message with a question: “Would you like to? ..”, “What do you think about this?”, “Are you ready to interact with us?”, “Let’s define the format” .

Команда нашего проекта «Будь в UA» стала организатором выставки в торговом центре2

The next step is implementation of the campaign and mandatory control of requests , processing of comments and work with feedback. It is important for us what people wrote after the publication of the influencer, about information about our business, and what we got in the end.

Команда нашего проекта «Будь в UA» стала организатором выставки в торговом центре3

Upon completion of the collaboration, ask the influencer for readers’ feedback. Request statistics, enter it into the database and agree on future cooperation. Ask the person what other topics he would like to work on, what brands to interact with.

Recruit the right influencers

It is possible to get love for a brand without an advertising budget. Initially, it is important to create a cool product so that people themselves want to tell about it.

Команда нашего проекта «Будь в UA» стала организатором выставки в торговом центре4

Empower the influencer to interact with your product, brand, community.

Команда нашего проекта «Будь в UA» стала организатором выставки в торговом центре5

It is important to adhere to common values ​​with this person and declare to readers, subscribers. So you can gather like-minded people, brand ambassadors around your product.

Команда нашего проекта «Будь в UA» стала организатором выставки в торговом центре6

We live in the era of social networks, where high-quality and beautiful content is very important. If your business has any offline hotspots, give the person the ability to create content locally. Take care of the lighting, possible photo zone, help to take a good photo – everything so that the influencer or guest can get cool content for their social networks when they interact with your brand.

List of available tools for activating an influencer:

  • Mini interview . Invite the person for a short conversation, ask them a few questions consistent with your goals, and prepare a blog post, website, or social media post.
  • Organize a live broadcast with an expert . Announce it on social media, on your website, and talk about topics of interest to your audience.
  • Take a photo shoot or special project . You can add captions to the photo in the form of quotes from an influencer about a specific issue or question.

Команда нашего проекта «Будь в UA» стала организатором выставки в торговом центре7

Photo session with influencers. Going on Vacation theme, $ 100 budget. Result: 100 Stories, 30 Posts, Media Publishing, 80,000 Organic Reach

In the end, I note that if we are talking about working with influencers, you still have to pay. Time, attention and creativity.

Build relationships with influencers

Collect all contacts, notes, specifics of working with influencers, feedback and results in one database. Working with an influencer is not a one-time deal. And even if you change jobs or launch a new brand, you will have proven influencers with whom you already have great experience working with.

Команда нашего проекта «Будь в UA» стала организатором выставки в торговом центре8

Remember, the result of working with an influencer is not always direct selling. Its essence is loyalty, increasing awareness. It is important for you to work in such a way that the client, even after a month, three, or five, will remember you. All this can be achieved by coming up with cool ideas, creatives, working with interesting and bright people.

Develop a personal brand so that you are known by your first and last name. If you are an SMM specialist, a business owner, an expert in a certain topic, then you should be recognized and associated with the fact that you make great products. And of course, learn to influence and change people’s lives for the better.

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