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Ideas for games on Instagram Stories

What does it take to increase engagement?

Interesting content. This is something catchy and engaging for users, encouraging them to click on the story further and respond to them. What triggers a reaction and a response. That is, interactive and games on Instagram.

Engagement (ER) is one of the main ranking factors on Instagram. These are audience contacts with a profile. The more engaged users are in your account, the more time they spend watching stories.

ER Stories take into account:

  • user reactions to Instagram stories;
  • replies (messages) in Direct;
  • clicking on a sticker (survey, question, slider, test);
  • Story coverage;
  • clicks back to the story.

The standard formula for the average ER of one post is calculated as follows:

Стандартная формула среднего ER одного поста рассчитывается так

Let’s talk about tricks that can help increase your account engagement. About those that influencers use today, as well as built-in Instagram helpers – application stickers. They work great with users of the most visually oriented social network.

1. Fast reactions on Instagram

The request to send a reaction to the story is old, beaten and tired of everyone. However, in the fall they took off. Surprisingly, quick reactions still work today, and they are too actively used by both bloggers and brands on Instagram.

What do reactions to Stories give?

  • engagement growth;
  • revitalizing your Profile Direct.

Reactions with visualization:

Просьбы реакций в сторис

Fig. 1. Requests for reactions in Stories
(@yogaevgesha, @totallyblond, @sebova, @kochut_wood)

Opinion leaders are still asking subscribers for feedback on their Stories in order to boost their Yandex.Direct activity. The more communication in Yandex.Direct, the more likely it is that network algorithms will show users the next post.

It should be remembered that quick reactions today are opened by swiping up to the story, if they are not hidden by the profile settings.

2. Arrow or call to click on the next story

If you are following influencers on Instagram, you have probably met “Click on to find out more” .

This mechanism is easy to implement:

  • Write text on any Instagram background or your photo.
  • Draw an arrow by hand, or insert emoji (hand, arrow) with a call to click on the next story

Or go for it and create a picture in Story Apps.

Нажмите дальше, чтобы прочитать

Fig. 2. Click next to read
(@stockholm_ira, @kochut_jewelry, @elena_legrand_paris)

Of course, and without specifying an action, a person will click to the right. But your appeal unwittingly draws him into the story and arouses curiosity “What next?”

Emotions the user receives:

  • participation in stories;
  • interest increases before watching the next story.

You get an increase in Stories searches. And to grow interactions, you can repeat the Click Next screen a couple of times. But don’t overuse it.

3. Lantern or eraser

Intrigue effect – the announcement of a new post is posted in the story, and a dynamic element is placed on top of it.

For example:

  • lantern;
  • eraser.

A long-standing way to engage the viewer in profile life. Difference in movement – earlier users announced a post without any special effects. Today the audience is not surprised by this, so an additional tool is used to create interest.

Фонарь поверх анонса

Fig. 3. Flashlight over the announcement (@almooost_famooous, @ peter.tagtrgeen, @eva_fox)

Стиралка, наложенная на анонс поста

Fig. 4. Washer superimposed on the post announcement
(@almooost_famooous, @ jonathan_olsson89, @ peter.tagtrgeen)

However, both the flashlight and the washer are working tools that have found a second life today. Even Peter Tägtgren uses them.

4. Save to Stories

Often “Hold your finger to save” . This is usually done with beautiful wallpaper pictures on the phone or super useful info: a checklist, instructions, recipes.

Обои на телефоне

Fig. 5. Wallpaper on your phone

The leaders in saving lists to stories are experts in various niches: cool SMM specialists, doctors, businessmen.

Списки от хедлайнера «списочного» дизайна

Fig. 6. Lists from the headliner of the “list” design Alexei Tkachuk

Such lists will be readily screened and re-posted. And forwarding is just what you need to increase engagement. Since profile stories are shared, Instagram’s algorithms recognize the content as useful and engaging. This can make your profile appear in Recommended.

5. Stickers

Stickers are a tool of Instagram itself to increase engagement:

  • yes / no poll,
  • question,
  • slider,
  • test.

Stickers help build interaction with subscribers. Using stickers, you can come up with various games for Instagram Stories.

5.1 Yes / no poll

Two-choice option. Both text and emoji look good on buttons. Emoji is a small new and unbroken detail. Stories screen looks a little more interesting with it.

Опрос с использованием эмоджи на кнопках

Fig. 7. Poll using emoji on buttons
(@marinagid_koln, @vasamuseet, @ kybo.cake, @cityhackers_berlin)

A simple yes / no has tired subscribers. Smilies or curly arrows look more relevant today.

At this point, the selection of special offers works well. Invite users to choose a product option or a promotion on their own.

5.2 Question with an answer box

Q&A is a sticker that has one of the highest engagement rates among followers (based on my March 2020 research). A question in a story is more effective than a question in a post. Not everyone reads the post, and even more so not everyone replies in the comments.

How can you work with the question today?

Foreign bloggers used the game “True / False” – they posted a window with an offer to ask something and a field for an answer. And then they published a sticker with text or voice decoding:

Вопрос с окном ответа

Fig. 8. Question with an answer box (@ angelina.lilienne, @lamise)

Or as a variation – “Would you rather” :

Игра «Вы бы лучше»

Fig. 9. Game “You would be better” at @jadulaciny

Such a mechanic is both a game, and a sea of ​​content, and an increase in the viewability of stories. I wonder what questions the subscribers sent and what the influencer answered. And questions give ideas for new posts. So you get shareware for free new content for your Instagram.

5.3 Slider

The slider is a so-called voting roll with a gradation of reactions. As a rule, it is used as an interactive event for some kind of event. In the spirit of “Wow! Agree! We support “, etc. Pictures for delimiting reactions can be located inside and outside the sticker. Reactions in Instagram Stories are located inside the sticker:

Просьбы реакций в сторис0

Fig. 10. Using the slider in Stories (@marinagid_koln, @art_yogamatic, @stary_lev)

On the last screen, the voting idea is good, but the implementation is extremely poor. It is difficult with so many values ​​to correctly mark the correct answer. Therefore, the optimal division is 1-3 options.

Reactions to Instagram story – outside:

Просьбы реакций в сторис1

Fig. 11. Applying the sticker “slider” at @ 1design_school

Similar to the previous figure – not a very good visualization of voting. Consider your answer choices and where they will be located when you decide to use this tool.

The novelty slider works well. Publish an announcement and add a vote with reactions. This will tell you whether the upcoming launch is successful or not.

5.4 Test

Test is the most engaging sticker on Instagram. With a well-chosen idea, it turns out to be a great game. This is what the guys from the German fan community @ rammstein.newsletter did on Advent – every day until December 25 they posted 5 multiple-choice questions.

Total subscribers played the guessing game:

  • with emoji songs;
  • frame by frame or making of;
  • by entry;
  • by line or word from text;
  • based on a sample from the composition;
  • defined the guitarist’s guitar and other details known only to fans.

Просьбы реакций в сторис2

Fig.12. Guessing variations

Or a variant of the @prosto_mykolka showroom in Zhytomyr – a game based on Harry Potter. Given a frame, and from it you need to understand which part of the Potteriana the proposed picture is from.

Просьбы реакций в сторис3

Fig. 13. The Harry Potter Game

For fans, this is both entertainment and involvement in the Instagram profile. And even possible sales, because the store has a lot of goods with the symbols of the Universe.

Collection of Stickers

Use a combination of stickers effectively. This is how the stories become dynamic and do not bore users.

As in the Icelandic example:

Просьбы реакций в сторис4

Fig. 14. Different stickers in @tanie_thorsteinsson’s stories

Idea simulates the game “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” – you need to choose the correct answer. Plus it’s built on your knowledge like “What? Where? When? “

6. What ideas for storytelling games can you take?

The game can be made according to any book. History, music, geography, etc. For businesses that work with children’s goods (toys, bedding, clothes, dishes, tabletop, etc.), it is easy to come up with a game, because ideas are in front of your eyes.

The game can be launched at the expert level. For a marketing agency, this is not only a variant of their own development history. Basic concepts of marketing, stages of setting up advertising or SEO-promotion – a kind of checklist for beginners.

A couple of examples of games from domestic brands:

Great idea, just for brand advocates (loyal followers). But the horizontal arrangement of the screen is inconvenient for reading.

Of course, story games are primarily aimed at subscribers who know the product or brand history well. And this is logical. The audience needs to be entertained and engaged so that users remain loyal to the brand, make repeat purchases and recommend the profile to others.

In any case, a brand can take its development history and launch questions on major events. Or focus on production cycles and arrange a so-called educational program.

What’s not relevant today

This is not to say that any specific tools are outdated, and it is better not to use them. For example, it seemed to me that the game “Predictions” and the picture with words scattered on a square grid, users have played enough. Nevertheless, I still see these mechanisms in stories from different people.

If influencers apply something, then there is a response. This is the guideline.

An idea behind you. The goal is to engage subscribers and provoke responses to the content. Therefore, the idea should not only be interesting and understandable to the audience, but also be implemented efficiently for users. And first test the created game on yourself. Will you be interested in playing it yourself? The answer is “Yes” – start on Instagram. No – look for another idea.

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