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How we scored 3,000 comments in the contest in 14 hours

The client was not playing an Apple technique, not a car, not a trip to Dubai, and not even money. At stake were 3 free participation in an interactive online marathon for the realization of talents using a light package for 2000 rubles. But the tension in the comments was like at the Russia-Croatia match, and it turned out to be not at all a thirst for freebies.

A niche, and a competitive one, even too much – coaches in the information space bloom like mushrooms after a rain. Places for online marathons will not surprise anyone either. And they are all, as a selection, useful, interesting, deep and life-changing. Therefore, we did not expect a surge of interest in the amount of 3000+ comments in less than a day.

Given: not promoted personal account “for friends”

A client came to me a month ago, on a recommendation. Initially, the task was to promote a personal blog account and bring the right audience there, which will buy online marathons and games. Client 8 years in HR, career guidance, career coaching and talent development. Everything is built on really working practical tools and psychology. It is a pleasure to promote such a blog. But in the process, I came to the conclusion that comprehensively promoting accounts on an ongoing basis is not quite what I want to do, so the task turned into a one-time promotion.

But we’re distracted. The account was conducted mainly for friends and the audience who came from Facebook, already knows Anton well and bought his products. It was conducted chaotically, in the mode of life notes “here and now”. For a month of work, we first of all transferred it to a business account, made a photo session in 4 different images and turned it into a full-fledged blog with clearly defined topics and headings.

It was

  • Account @tony_na_drakone, personal blog.

  • Topics: psychology, personal development, personal effectiveness, self-realization, finance + personal posts about the life of the blog author: travel, book reviews, interesting events.

  • Number of subscribers: 2000.

  • Account age: 6 years old, first post dated July 6, 2012

  • Number of posts in the account: at the time of the start of work 6860.

  • Objectives: to turn a personal account into a readable thematic blog, attract a new audience that does not know Anton in Facebook or the gaming community, and also collect participants for a gaming marathon every month.

  • Average number of orders per month: prior to that, the client did not sell anything on Instagram on purpose.

  • Period of work: one and a half months.


  • Number of subscribers: 6500.

  • Published posts: 40.

  • Number of orders: in the first month we collected 250 registrations for the online marathon, where about 100-150 participants were from new subscribers.

What did you do.

  1. Changed the design of the account. In the first month we had a photo session with a photographer. TK was put on street-style shooting in several different ways. The shots from the photo session were diluted with photographs of a client from the Dominican Republic + shots taken on a smartphone. At the same time, we ordered the artist icons for the saved Stories in a fairy-tale style, and so we found a visual concept.

Icons for saved stories: fairy style, blue-white-gold scale

The first version of the visual

When we saw the icons from the artist, we immediately finally decided on the color scheme. We also took into account that in addition to photographs of the client from different angles, you need to add nature / city / subject / something else and dilute professional shots with mobile photography. So we got the second option. It is also not ideal, but the right path has been found, and the client will be able to move further in the same direction on his own.

Second option: warm treatment, different locations, angles, focus somewhere – on the surrounding landscape

2. We changed the content format: from a chaotic personal to a thematic blog. Personal posts / notes were also left, but the focus was shifted to benefit.

Was: personal chaotic posts

Was: short personal notes

Now: personal remains, but in a thematic context and / or format of stories


Now: Engaging Posts


Now: useful thematic posts

As a result of our content manipulation, organic reach, impressions and engagement have gradually grown (important note: this does not happen all the time, especially for those who have just started promoting on Instagram, so promote your posts).

Important! We also launched several interactive activities in posts: a game with metaphorical cards, a test game, made a lamp-themed marathon with fellow colleagues in the shop, and at the same time got involved in a small travel-give. In general, they were active on all fronts and in a month grew from 2,000 to 6,000 subscribers without promo posts, targeting and advertising from bloggers. Paid only for participation in the give.

We didn’t plan to go there anymore, but it turned out well and almost painlessly by unsubscribing. But givas are evil, friends, choose carefully, carefully, only if the topic and audience are 100% suitable for you and you really, really need it. For us, it was more of an experiment that turned out to be successful. By the way, we also advertised the competition there.



Contest post received the largest coverage in 1.5 months



The contest post received the greatest involvement, followed by interactive post-games with revealing cards. Also, the audience responded best to helpful posts

The essence and mechanics of the competition

We raffled off 3 free places for the Realizator online marathon using a light package for 2,000 rubles. The mechanics are simple, requiring no unnecessary movements:

  • Sign up for an account.

  • Like the post.

  • Write a comment under the post. More comments, more chances to win.

  • The competition lasts exactly one day, during the day we will write STOP 3 times in the comments. Whose comments are the first to every stop will get tickets.


The entire contest post can be read here


Result: 316 likes and 3167 comments in 14 hours

What’s the catch?

Warning questions: we did not cheat comments, did not ask friends to comment, did not promote the post. The only advertisement is one 15-second video in the Stories of the travel-marathon account at 9 am with an invitation to participate. But we nevertheless added the secret ingredient – we offered the participants not only to write comments, but to write there the countries and cities where they would like to visit. And voila – we hit several psychological triggers at once.

  • People love to share their dreams and plans, especially about travel. Travel has long become a favorite topic for small talk, and I want to tell you not only about where you have already traveled, but also where you plan to visit. After all, everyone wants to live an interesting rich life, especially in the eyes of others.

  • In Instagram, magic things work great in the style of “write your dream in the comments and it will definitely come true.” And here is a whole field to write all your travel dreams at once! A moment of unprofessionalism: I also went and wrote in the comments several countries where I want to visit. Not to win, but simply because I, too, believe in the power of public intent.

  • By promising to randomly announce 3 winners throughout the day, we created tension and excitement. People followed the post and periodically dropped comments, hoping to grab a prize.

  • Unwittingly, we created a whole community around the competition: people no longer just wrote comments, but communicated with each other, spoke out, voiced their dreams, desires and thoughts. And they also noted a bonus in the comments of friends, although we did not ask them about it in the conditions of the competition.







After the drawing, we received a lot of thanks in Direct – people received real group therapy, a little magic and a pleasant pastime.

Customer comment

“It is always important for people to have a community in which they can safely speak out and unload what is inside – beautiful and kind. Because often people from childhood are taught that one cannot dream and fantasize, especially out loud and in front of others. And then people got the opportunity to enjoy together in the chat in the comments – public, but nevertheless isolated. As a result, everyone liked and commented on each other, started communicating, making friends, getting to know each other, going to each other’s profiles.

People got a non-judgmental space to dream, although in the post we did not give this framework and did not ask to share dreams. And it’s cool that people themselves went in this direction. Thanks to Lera for her support, I am pleased that all my creative chaos can be structured so neatly and carefully without hurting my delicate mental organization))) It’s also very cool to go on joint experiments. ”

Checklist for Instagram activities

I will collect the main conclusions that I made in the process of work in a small checklist:

  • Let’s have a simple mechanic that doesn’t require unnecessary movement.

  • Add excitement and tension (complete randomness, multiple winners, tight deadlines).

  • Set a topic for comments – commenting is just not interesting, the passion quickly disappears.

  • Periodically come to the thread to cheer people up and keep the conversation going if it develops.

  • Prepare a small incentive prize for all participants – both an additional incentive and a pleasure.

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