Самый простой способ найти фотографа – поискать его в Instagram
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How to take a photo session for social networks for an SMM manager

Organization of photography for social networks is that moment in the work of an SMM manager, where there is no room for a blunder. Clients invest a lot of money in a photo session and expect the same results. In this article, we’ll talk about how to shoot without the fakap and nerves of an SMM specialist.

Concept creation (brief)

A concept or brief is the main document for a photo session, where it is spelled out in as much detail as possible what result should be obtained. It is being prepared for the client and for the team, so that each participant in the photo session understands why the photo session is needed and what should be the result. The more detailed you write down the brief, the more chances for success. I am writing a ppt brief to show the final expected result. It takes from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the complexity of the search for references.

What’s included in the brief:

  1. You prescribe the topics of your posts in advance and select a reference and visual idea for each one that the photographer will need to shoot.
  2. There are situations when it is impossible to prescribe all the technical specifications for photographs in advance. For example, when you shoot with young children and a lot depends on their mood. In this case, it is better to divide the pictures into categories. For example, with a child and a product, subject photos with a product, parents with children and a product. And for each category, find references with different plans (far, middle, near). The more references, the better.
  • Timings – the day of the photo session, scheduled by the hour. When and what do you shoot, in which rooms. This is the last point in the brief, and it is advisable to write it together with the photographer.

AND main advice: During the planning phase, always allow 20-30% more time to shoot than you bargained for. Even if the photographer says that you will invest in 2 hours, add +1 hour. People tend to exaggerate their capabilities, and some of the team may be late.

How to find a photographer and other professionals

Ok, we have a brief. Now you need to understand what kind of specialists you need to attract to the shooting and where to look for them. Yes, yes, very often at brand photo shoots one manager and a photographer is missing for social networks, additional hands are needed.


The easiest way to find a photographer is to search for one on Instagram. But unfortunately, I had a case when the photographer I chose did not do the job well. Of course, we received and used the photo, but already during the photography it became clear that the person had little experience of working with models, and the result was not the same. My advice: look for a photographer among colleagues and acquaintances who have already had shooting experience close to your tasks. Another option for finding a photographer: ask SMM managers in Telegram chats to recommend a person to you. The average cost of a photographer per hour of shooting is $ 60-80 (Kiev, Ukraine).

Самый простой способ найти фотографа – поискать его в Instagram

Makeup artist and hairdresser.

These professions are often combined. If you don’t need to do some incredible make-up, this is perfectly acceptable. Just remember to book your dressing room an hour before the shoot, so that the makeup artist has a place to work. The average cost of a makeup artist-hairdresser on set is $ 20-30 per hour.

Food stylist.

Necessary if you have complex subject photos. Immediately talk to the stylist who will look for and select the props. The cost of his services and the result of his work depends on this. You can find such a person through Facebook or chats in Telegram. Prices for services – from $ 15 per hour and more.

Models or actors.

You can find it through Instagram or specialized sites. Prices for services – from $ 10 per hour and more. Depends on the level and appearance of the model.

Be sure to talk to all specialists about the time of the photo session and the conditions. Better yet, ask and check the recommendations of the experts involved in the shoot.

Day of shooting. Things to consider and not forget

When all the specialists are found, the decor has been ordered or has already arrived, it remains to breathe out again and wait for the day of photography. And what should the manager do on the day of the photo shoot? Here are some tips:

  • Arrive early to monitor processes and make sure you invest in timing.
  • Show intermediate versions of the photo to the client. It is easier to reshoot on the day of shooting than to re-arrange the photo.
  • Don’t worry. If you are well prepared, everything will go smoothly.

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