Сделать подписчиков в группе VKontakte
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How to recruit subscribers to a VK group, community and public without tasks

How to get subscribers to the VKontakte group for free and cheap? Programs, services and detailed instructions are presented below in the article.

Набрать подписчиков в группу ВКонтакте

How to recruit subscribers to the VKontakte group with a benefit of up to 70%

Almost all novice authors are faced with how to quickly gain subscribers in VK groups and communities. The most difficult thing is to find the first 100-200 participants. In order to simplify the process and save time, contact special cheat services. For your attention, 10 of the safest and most profitable of them:

  • https://doctorsmm.com – excellent service with reasonable prices and a fairly wide range. For example, 500 basic VK subscribers will cost you only 89 rubles. You can buy it in two clicks, without passwords and registration;
  • https://prtut.ru is just a find among SMM services, since their main feature is free bonuses to almost all services. For example, if you purchase 100 standard Vk followers, 10 reposts will be given as a gift. And all this pleasure costs only 32 rubles;
  • https://avi1.ru is a site for those who prefer excellent quality for little money. For 5,000 stable subscribers, the site set a price of only 1,395 rubles. In total, the cost of one follower will be only 28 kopecks;
  • Kwork – freelance – a platform where prices for all VK subscribers start from 500 rubles. Any quality and any description for a single price;
  • Smm-rocket – 1600 rubles. and 5000 VK subscribers are yours. You just need a link to the group itself and your email;
  • Ztpro – here, for 100 live subscriptions to the group, you will need to pay 589 rubles. The minimum order is 50 people. The site requires registration;
  • Sociogramm is a standard site in the style of minimalism. Price for 1000 VK followers – 450 rubles. The minimum order amount is 100 rubles;
  • Bigsmm – the site offers to buy 1000 subscribers for just 500 rubles. A couple of minutes to register and you can order;
  • Smmyt – the price for 100 members of the VK group starts from 36 rubles. Further, the cost will depend on the speed and the selected country;
  • Pricesmm.com – they do not sell or buy anything here. But on the other hand, they systematically publish useful articles that can tell you, for example, how to get subscribers in the VK group for free and on your own.

If you have not yet decided on a specific site and would like to try the services of everyone right away, remember one important thing – cross-cheating from several sites at once is strongly discouraged. First, evaluate the traffic of one site and only after its completion start cooperating with the next one.

How to recruit subscribers to the VK group for free – Schemes from scratch

Набрать подписчиков в группу ВК бесплатно

Any a specialist who is professionally engaged in development in VK will say that the success of your group depends on how many members there are. In the case when there is a budget for its progress – everything is clear and understandable. But what if you have limited finances? In this case, we have collected free and most effective methods of attracting followers.

Inviting (sending invitations)

Inviting is one of the best ways to keep your community active … You can send invitations to the group to existing friends, or you can make new friends by inviting them to your group. Also, you can send invitations from one group to another, so you will exchange an interested audience. The main advantages of inviting are:

  • the ability to work with the target audience, because most of the people who are interested in the topic respond to invitations;
  • the ability to sort target audience by targeting, age and gender;
  • joining a group of real people, increasing the activity of subscribers.

There are also disadvantages. The main ones are:

  • inviting has daily limits: up to 40 invitations to the group and up to 50 requests to add friends;
  • for too active sending of invitations – they can be banned. The same fate awaits if you do not use a proxy. In the event of a ban, all subscribers who joined by invitation are excluded from the group.

Mutual PR

And here is another free one and a good way to add subscribers to the Vkontakte group and active people as well. Let’s consider a mutual PR using a specific example. Suppose there are 2 groups with similar themes – the first is engaged in tailoring to order, and the second sells materials and accessories needed in the sewing process. The admins of these groups can conclude a mutual PR agreement, and at a given time publish a post about the partner’s services. At the same time, each person makes up the text and the ad for himself.

Free services

There are a lot of resources providing free promotion services in VKontakte. Here are the ones that have proven themselves better than others:

  • Likeinsta – complete user tasks, earn points and spend them on acquiring subscribers to your group;
  • Getlike – here, for completing assignments pay real money. To earn 100 rubles, you will need no more than an hour;
  • Free-subscribers-vkontakte.rf – offer users are handed out here for free, you just need to provide a link to the group. Wrap-up start – in 15 minutes. after registration;
  • Untop – to get your free users, you need to register on the service and leave a link to VK. There are also paid services;
  • Olike is a legal and free service for attracting VK subscribers. They have been successfully operating since 2011, so you can trust.

External sources

VKontakte should not be the only place where your group exists. You can also recruit an audience outside this social platform. The most used options for how to make subscribers in a VK group without tasks and registration are as follows:

  • Post comments with links to the group on third-party resources. For example, under YouTube videos. Always choose the most popular themed videos with few reviews. In this case, the probability of going to your group will be several times higher;
  • Leave comments with a link to the group in other people’s popular blogs and forums. The more interesting the content of the post, the better;
  • If you have your own site, be sure to leave links to your social networks in it. And also, at the end of articles on the portal and in the VK group – put the same hashtags. By clicking on them, the user will find the necessary Vkontakte posts;
  • If the topic of your group allows, create various memes. Such, at first glance, a frivolous way, it can quite become viral and lead to new subscribers to you.


The use of programs is excellent an option to increase the subscribers of the VKontakte group from scratch for those who do not have time for tasks, inviting and other active PR campaigns. All you need is to start the program and press two / three buttons to start the cheat. But we do not recommend using completely free options. For VK admins, they are all open and it is easy to get a ban for their use. We have found something better and safer for you – paid programs with endless free versions:

  • Wtope – an idea in earning points. Download the bot, launch it and it will earn them for you. After that, you spend points on cheating;
  • BroBot – the software does not wind up subscribers, but attracts them by inviting. You need to add accounts to the program, and the bot will do the rest;
  • VK10000Friends – this program has the most intuitive interface and settings, and there is no registration. You just need to download the program and start cheating;
  • VKDuty is another automatic program according to the standard “downloaded, launched” principle.

Group Optimization

All you need to do to get traffic and place in the search results is to competently optimize your VK group using the following points:

  • Gather a portrait of your target audience and write a publication plan ;
  • Make a semantic core by choosing 2-3 key phrases;
  • Enter 1-2 basic queries and a couple of key phrases in the name and status of the group, respectively;
  • Think of the URL so that it also sounds the main request;
  • When creating discussions in a group, optimize the titles for the selected phrases, and also write keywords in the title of albums and videos;
  • Publish at least 3-4 unique posts per week.

It sounds complicated in words, but in practice it is much easier. Try it.

Advertising in Yandex Direct and Google Adwords

Advertising in Yandex Direct and Google Adwords is not free, but its proven effectiveness is definitely worth paying … To set up Yandex Direct:

  • Go to the Yandex website, and click “launch advertising”;
  • Log in to your account and select “Text-image ads”;
  • Come up with a name for your campaign and then select the items you need in all the clarifications that Yandex Direct will offer;
  • Compose an ad with key phrases, set the maximum cost per click and send for moderation.

To set up Google Adwords:

  • Go to the Google site, log into your account;
  • Create a new advertising account by selecting the expert mode;
  • Choose the desired goal, campaign type and other points you need in all the specifications that Google Adwords will offer;
  • Customize your ad and pay in a convenient way.

advertising in one of these ways, you will no longer have questions about how to attract subscribers to the VKontakte group from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Contests and sweepstakes

This method is not fast, but quite effective. To conduct a competition with a prize drawing, follow the instructions:

  • Come up with easy conditions and time frames for the competition. Choose good prizes;
  • Publish a post with this information in your group;
  • Find groups in VK with similar topics, and advertise the post with the competition there. This is necessary in order for more people to know about it;
  • On the appointed day, sum up the results of the drawing by choosing a winner using the application “Randomizer”, “Contests”, “RandomPromo”, or any other;
  • Give a prize to the winner.

Hold such raffles no more than once a month, otherwise your group may well get banned.

Guest posts

A guest post is a text that you wrote, but you gave it to a larger VK account for free placement. This can be either a specific user, or a group or community. When publishing such a post, be sure to indicate the name of the author at least twice. Thus, you immediately get the target audience into your group. If the parish is small and no more than 100 people, change the site. To help – Yandex and Google, as well as ratings of the popularity of blogs. If you want to stay in the most famous, be prepared that the post may not be taken. And the point here is not how many subscribers you personally have. The main focus will be on the message of your text, its content and spelling. Everything should be as cool and correct as possible, so work on the quality of what you write from the very beginning.

Buying a group

If you get 1000 subscribers to a VK group, 10,000 and a million and two million is your dream, but you absolutely don’t want to waste time on cheating on an existing one, there is a way out. Just buy an already promoted group! Here are the most popular sites where you can do this:

  • Trade-groups;
  • Funpay;
  • Salegroups;
  • Dream-groups;
  • Market-vk;
  • Retriv.biz;
  • Group promotion onkontakte.rf.

How to distinguish live subscribers in a group from bots in VK

Привлечь подписчиков в группу ВК

We already know how to recruit live subscribers to a VK group and real active users. Also, we know that the presence of such subscribers gives a lot of opportunities to the group and its owner, which cannot be said about the profiles in which only bots live. Distinguishing the first users from the second is quite simple. The presence of one feature is not yet an indicator, but their combination will easily help to calculate the bot. So, what you should pay attention to:

  • Avatar – if instead of it we see the face of a cartoon character or a popular person, then most likely it is a bot. And if instead of the main photo “doggy”, you can safely delete the profile from the group members – this is 100% fake;
  • First and last name – the use of celebrity data, a set of unconnected letters and numbers practically guarantee that before Your bot’s account;
  • If a user has many friends, but there are no views and comments under his posts, this is another reason to think if he is a bot;
  • The place of residence, birthday is not marked , place of work, no links to other social networks. But in reality, even real people do not always advertise personal information, so there is no exact certainty;
  • There are many posts with candid photos, casino offers, bets or something worse.

If you are still in doubt, write a private message to the user. By correspondence, it will become clear for sure whether it is worth leaving the person in the group. But if there are several suspicious accounts, be prepared to spend a lot of time.

How and how to attract subscribers to the VK group without a block

How to get subscribers to the VK community without programs and bots? How to attract and retain the focus of followers’ attention? It’s simple – your group should be interesting and fulfilling. Great content, its outstanding presentation and success are already in your pocket. But here it is important not to miscalculate with the theme of your group, because “as you name a ship, so it will float”. Here are some tips for choosing a theme wisely:

  • popularity – the higher the better. You can find out which topics are in the trend by entering the “Groups” section and writing a keyword in the search;
  • related areas – it is convenient when the group’s topics cover many areas at once. This makes it easier to select content, because you will have plenty of ideas for creating it. Example – Cosmetology and Hairdressing: advice for professionals and beginners;
  • a narrow topic is also a very effective choice. Working in a narrow direction excludes a lot of competition. For example, on request beauty, VK gives out 329,392 communities, and on LPG massage – only 1,646;
  • binding to the region – first you will need to work on the content and audience, but then there will be no end to those wishing to publish from Your posts. Examples: Dating in Reutov, Sportivny Blagoveshchensk;
  • serials, films and TV shows – fans of some creations spend a lot of time discussing new episodes or favorite characters. Take advantage of this and create a similar site. For examples, you can take such groups as the TV series “Soldiers” or Titanic – the best movie.

But along with the desirable topics, there are those for the use of which your group will immediately fly to the ban. These include:

  • propaganda of violence;
  • call for suicide;
  • psychotropic substances;
  • spam.

5 Ways to clean the group and community from VKontakte dogs

Сделать подписчиков в группе VKontakte

It’s no secret that the presence of dogs negatively affects the statistics and overall popularity of the group. Therefore, the goal should be only real live subscribers to the VK group without bots and dogs. You can get rid of dogs in two types of ways – manual and automated. Manual cleaning is as follows:

  • go to your group in the “Subscribers” tab and open the participants menu;
  • scroll down to find blocked users;
  • we remove each found from the group.

This method is rather slow and not very effective. More suitable for small groups with few people. For large sites, it will be much more convenient to use automated methods, where a program is involved in cleaning dogs. The most popular of them:

  • Olike – we log in through VKontakte, go to “My profiles” and click “connect”. Next, allow access to the group and paste the proposed code into the window. Then click “Order for VKontakte” and “Remove dogs from groups”;
  • Vkbot – log in and find the “Community” tab. Next, put in the box a link to your group, and click apply. Now you just need to find the line “Remove swampy users” and click on it;
  • Vk.barkov.net – register through VK, allow access to the management of your groups, select the required one, put a tick in front of the characteristic that you need and and click “start search”. The program is paid – 24 hours of work will cost 249 rubles;
  • Antidogs – enter a link to your group online and see what percentage of dogs you have. If the level is critical, you will be asked to get rid of them. Cleaning costs 299 rubles. For this money you get endless access to the program and always a “clean” list of participants;
  • Vkserv – log in, get a token, copy the entire address bar in the window that opens, paste it into the input field below and save. Now select the necessary cleaning criteria and provide a link with the previously obtained token. Next, your group will be scanned with the subsequent removal of all dogs.

How to make subscribers in a VK group active and alive

To make the group interesting to old users and attract the attention of new ones, she must be active. The same method will work if you suddenly do not know how to attract subscribers to the VK group, community and public. So, the following are considered the best ways to revitalize your audience:

  • ask questions – ask subscribers for opinions, ask how their day went, what they like to do in their free time, etc.
  • publish polls – the topic can be absolutely any, but the main thing is not to overdo it with the semantic load – the simpler the better;
  • run various contests – choose the best commentator or the most active subscriber. As a presentation, you can come up with something symbolic;
  • write joint lists – tell users about your desire to compile a selection of the most beautiful actors, for example. And ask them to suggest options;
  • celebrate round dates and important events – 2000 subscribers, 300 reposts in just a week, a month from the day the group was created, and the like. The holiday atmosphere will never be superfluous;
  • create intrigue – write that you have an idea that you are ready to share. Invite followers to try to guess what it might be. In addition to the fact that the activity indicators will be increased, you will find out what your subscribers really want.

Use your imagination and do not be afraid to experiment. Only by trial and possibly some mistakes, you will find the best options for yourself. Just become your audience a good friend and then they will gladly respond to you in kind.

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