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How to make money on Instagram: basic ways

From the Editor: We are real advocates of remote work (and every third of our students wants to work remotely) and are very pleased with the emergence of new professions that allow you to work without being tied to the office in the field of marketing. Therefore, we are reposting articles of a real connoisseur, connoisseur and promoter of promotion on Instagram Daria Manelova.

Impressive statistics. This is what we see at the beginning of every second article about Instagram. The numbers, according to the authors (and I agree with this), should shock you deeply and finally convince you to go to Instagram. Don’t even walk, but run, because everything is there.

It’s true. But I’ll start with something else. Before going to Instagram and starting a hectic activity there, we must answer the question – WHY?

Let’s omit small cozy accounts for relatives and friends. It’s nice to share the best moments of your life.

Everyone who wants to promote on Instagram and spends a lot of effort and money on it, in unison answer the question “Why go to Instagram?” in one word:


I will help you at the start to evaluate your strengths and choose HOW EXACTLY to earn. We will consider all the possible ways that are now. Spoiler alert: I am for white methods. Therefore, I will not talk about bot farming and buying likes. An honest business on Instagram brings more money and much more fun.

You can read about statistics here. She’s really impressive.

In total there are 4 ways to make money on Instagram, which are already working and will work in the next five years for sure

Only 4, but what ways!

How you can make money on Instagram (on specific examples)

1. Advertising

How to run a quality Instagram blog

Oh this is the sweet word “blogger”. Because everyone who is reading this article now has a favorite. A person so interesting and unusual that you wait for his posts, and after a while you consider him practically a member of the family. Every third child does not mind becoming a blogger. This profession is now much more popular than a doctor, teacher or even an astronaut.

Growing up your account so that advertisers line up is difficult, but possible. You can dictate your terms to advertisers when there are more than 100,000 followers in your account. But you have to work: every day, without weekends and vacations, you will think about how to surprise your subscribers, what else to write, which photo to post better and how to process it so that the overall account style. You will have to be interesting for everyone – joke, quote interesting books, write about different stories that happened to you. Collaborate with other bloggers and exchange audiences.

And also think (think a lot and think hard) about the topic of your Insta-blog. See how subtle positioning really is:

There are many tricks for inflating statistics and only one way to grow a real audience on social networks: you need to publish what people like.

The keyhole effect works for bloggers. If your emotions, photos, words and stories are real, you have every chance of becoming popular. Instagram of a good blogger is a reality show for his followers.

Anna Botanovna writes that it is a serial.

Before choosing this path, think about whether you are ready to be a participant in such a show? And literally push it in (I will support my words with the post of Sasha Mitroshina).

But there are certain rules: excessive intrusive advertising can simply kill your account. Here’s what he thinks about the abundance of advertising among bloggers … the blogger himself.

And I agree with her. Many good brands would never have made it into a crowded market without talented bloggers. And many bloggers sometimes replace entire media outlets for us.

Personal branding is possible

Your personal brand is what sets you apart from other people. This is an image thanks to which consumers of your services or goods (current and potential) remember you, choose you and trust you. A good self-brand is, first of all, a prospect for the formation of one’s career. And in times of any crisis and economic hardship, it is the people-brands that will have the advantage. They are known, trusted, loved. This means that people buy from them.

Besides, people love people, trust people and are interested in people. The motives of their actions, their stories.

Who do I advise you to upgrade your personal brand? To owners of medical clinics and leading doctors, owners of legal practices, psychologists, coaches, bloggers, trainers, cosmetologists, stylists, owners of fashion houses and salons.

Because your stories are interesting to people, but a meeting in a cool clinic is not. The chief doctor’s notes will be read, but the Dentistry page is unlikely.

The goal of creating a personal brand is to show your differences. A strong personal brand helps to select clients, raise service fees, generate passive income (selling training recordings, for example), and build audience trust. This is the profit.

You can promote yourself as a specialist – and attract customers using the social network. You can become an opinion leader in some area – and profit from advertising. You can unite a circle of loyal audience – and promote your thoughts, beliefs, views.

Instagram is a platform with which you can lure others.

For building a strong personal brand, statements alone are not enough. Action is needed. Declared? Do and show the process.

Here are some examples: Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Oleg Tinkov, Fedor Ovchinnikov (“Dodo Pizza”).

The topic of personal branding is ambiguous and extensive and definitely requires a separate development in another article. For now, know that one way to make money or increase your average check is through a strong personal brand.

How to make a cool public and make money on advertising

You need to choose a niche that is interesting to a wide range of readers, publish (hello, Captain Obvious) interesting and useful content, give the public’s participants the opportunity to post their content. In marketing, this is called UGC (User-generated content or user-generated content) – it is original content that is created by the brand’s audience. It is important to work on engagement, to organize contests, marathons, activities within the public. Introduce followers.

These are examples of great publics for moms.

In the public, for movie lovers, they came up with the idea of ​​arranging frames from famous films by color (a good move, by the way, try to do this).

The main thing for the success of a group (public) is choosing a niche. It shouldn’t be “for everyone”.

Public monetization – advertising. Of course, it is better, thematic, close to the topic of the community.

My student’s public and a vivid example of the use of user-generated content

2. Selling services: subtleties you need to know

How Instagram services are sold

First, you inspire confidence, get to know each other, show your expertise and exceptional competence. And then you sell:

  • consultations (for psychologists, nutritionists, stylists, marketers, lawyers);

  • trainings (info-business, sports);

  • training videos (makeup artists, chefs, stylists, etc.).

Now the one who sells a service on Instagram is a good marketer to himself. The higher the degree of trust of followers to you as a specialist, the higher your check and revenue in general.

Online coaches are a whole trend. You can find yourself a coach and motivator, mentor and coach in any area, for any income. Posts in the specialist’s channel will show: how the training will take place, the degree of the coach’s involvement and whether he is right for you or not.

I will give my own account as an example. I am selling you a fishing rod with which you will always catch delicious fish: this is the knowledge of how to promote on Instagram. Natively, but persistently, I invite you to the School of Entrepreneurship page on Instagram. I often write about the School, students, programs, news in my account. All this in order to arouse curiosity and desire to learn.

In fact, most of all I write about Instagram, of course. Want an encyclopedia of promotion? Subscribe 🙂

When geography doesn’t matter

You provide some services (consultations) via Skype. Or you can join the team remotely – like a hired Instagram manager, for example.

In this case, for promotion, you choose bloggers who work for a vast region, for example, for the whole of Russia. And you give targeted ads without being tied to a specific place.

When you sell in a specific region / area

If you serve banquets, cut your hair or do makeup, you have a beauty salon or you are a wedding photographer, then you need:

  • be sure to indicate your city in the account header;

  • be friends with city (or regional) bloggers and publics;

  • in the target do not forget to indicate your city or region.

It is important not to forget about hashtags indicating the city. They will find you.


When selling services on Instagram, the main thing is an instant reaction to a request. If there are a lot of orders and you feel that you are not coping, urgently delegate. The manager will communicate with clients, process applications, respond to comments, work out complaints and negativity, sell.


Fast response to follower replicas is good

3. Sale of goods, handmade

If your product is associated with emotions, then you are there. It is on Instagram that decorations, furniture, beautiful clothes, decor items fly like hot cakes.

Important! Provided good packaging.

These are videos, photos, stories – visually, such accounts must be flawless. If a blogger is forgiven for some blurry photo for jokes and funny content, then there is no account in selling goods. They will not forgive.

Stores on Instagram have a number of features:

– usually quickly “grow” and require a site;

– profitable only with high marginality;

– require automation and regulation of processes.


An example of selling goods made with your own hands

Now Instagram has ceased to be a business card and perform a purely image function. It solves purely marketing tasks: sales for individual entrepreneurs and companies of different levels.

Simplify your ordering process as much as possible! Instagram is a field of miracles for impulse purchases, users do not want to take unnecessary actions. Learn to sell here and now.

The most frequent and effective option for a sale is to leave your phone in the comments to the publication and wait for the manager’s call / message.

4. Account promotion

You can make money on Instagram by promoting other people’s accounts. A whole line of new professions have grown on this social network over the past two years.

What Insta specialties are in demand today


  • account manager – I train such specialists at the School of Entrepreneurship on Instagram and regularly receive applications;

  • targeting specialist – specialist in targeted advertising;

  • copywriter – writes texts for Instagram accounts of different directions;

  • Insta-photographer.

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Now the demand for promotion specialists is high. And if you have a certain reputation in the market, word of mouth turns on and customers pass your contact from hand to hand. This means stable earnings and growth.

I hope this article was helpful.

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