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How to get VK views for free and cheap – all options

How to get views on VKontakte and take all the TOP positions? Services and step-by-step instructions are presented below on this page.

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How to get views for VK money quickly – 11 Services

To get a lot of VK views on posts and video is fast, it is best to use the services of promotion services, here are some of these platforms:

  • https://doctorsmm.com – here you can buy from 500 views on VK records for 20 ₽. There are several tariffs with a guarantee, the larger the order, the cheaper the unit cost.
  • https://prtut.ru – there are various services for VK, 300 views can be bought for 12 ₽. The service adds “eyes” on records, videos and walls, for large orders a bonus is provided.
  • https://avi1.ru – this service offers 100 VK views to buy for 7 rubles. Here are 3 tariffs, they differ in the speed of execution and the availability of guarantees.
  • soc-service – here you will get 1000 views for 60 ₽, you can specify the desired delay between executions, and also select the country, age and gender of the performers , this increases the cost by 2 times. To place an order – you need to register.
  • nakrytka – here you can get 1 viewing for 3 ₽, registration is not required, but possible. You can pay by card, payments are transferred under the control of Unitpay.
  • smmcraft – will help you get 50 views for 129 ₽. There is no information about the quality of the performers and the time of receipt of resources on the site.
  • socbox – the service automatically starts a promotion immediately after payment. Therefore, be careful with the link, if you make a mistake, it will be impossible to return the money paid. The cost of 1 viewing here is from 6 kopecks. up to 10 kopecks.
  • socprka – this company offers large supplies, you can buy here from 10,000 views for 1200 ₽. Here you only need to provide an email and a link to the promoted post or video.
  • golospobed – here you will be added 1000 views on videos and posts for 100 rubles, and on live broadcast from 200 rubles. To promote, you need to register.
  • zakazweb – this site will increase the viewer counter by 1K for 180 ₽. The lead time here is 5-18 business days, cheating is not fast.
  • soc-shark – here you can buy eyes on recordings and videos at a price of 25 ₽. There is no description of the tariff in the price list, and the rate of receipt is not indicated either.
  • pricesmm.com is a site with many useful informational articles on promoting VKontakte. Here are a variety of ways to increase the view counter.

The listed services are platforms where you can get views for cheap VK money. But each company offers a certain range of services, you can choose the best option for yourself, depending on the desired speed of receipt and quality of execution.

How to get free VK views yourself – Tips

набрать просмотры ВК бесплатно

You need to collect views first of all to increase reach. Therefore, you need to make the most of all existing free methods.

High-quality content

This is the main criterion for popularity on social networks, if your posts will not be interesting to users, then not even a magic wand can help. Create engaging posts and videos that will surely grab the attention of your audience. Also determine when your followers are most active online and post at the right time. If you are experiencing difficulties with regular posting, you can use the auto-posting service, for example:

  • SMMBox;
  • SMMPlanner;
  • Parasite.

Free services

On such sites, you have to complete tasks and earn internal balls, after which you can add your tasks. This method involves linking accounts with which you will perform the necessary actions. But, you can exclude this step by purchasing the local currency. So you do not risk your profile and get a boost of views by live users. These services include:

Mutual PR Communities

Associations for PR can be found on VKontakte itself. In them on the wall or in the news, you can write what you need, also indicating the response. There are many such groups, the only drawback is that it is impossible to track those users who viewed the entry. Here are communities with a large active audience:

  • vk.com/paradise_35;
  • https://vk.com/vz_piar_vk;
  • vk.com /besplatnyiy_piar.


For the Chrome browser, a special tool has been developed that helps to get free VK views on the page and wall. The VKV extension provides automatic exchange of views. It happens as follows: the utility opens several windows in the browser and, without your participation, looks through the posts of other participants in the exchange. For this, you are awarded points, which you can spend on payment of remuneration. It turns out, on your own, you only need to open your VK page. But it is not uncommon when, when installing this tool, users notice activity that they did not show. For example, likes are put down to unfamiliar users. This may indicate that the account behind your back is being used for cheating.


Such software can be used in two variations: with and without installation on a computer. With its help, you can get a good increase in the indicator. The principle is similar to the previous methods, you link an account and the necessary actions are performed for you, after which you also get what you want. When using such methods, there is also a risk of losing control of your account, but you can create additional pages that will be working, and the links point to the desired promotion object. Here are some suitable programs:

  • VkDuty;
  • Vto.pe;
  • BroBot;
  • VkUp.

Contests and sweepstakes

They help not only to gain views on VKontakte online for free, they can also tighten other indicators. You don’t always need an expensive prize, you can get by with just lucrative offers, for example, post a photo of the winner on the community avatar or send a checklist you have developed to the leader.

Activity on other pages

You can use popular VKontakte pages to show yourself. Comments or open walls are a great place to do this. Only you will need to compose such a text so that users become interested and they go to your page. Thus, you can gain views in a completely natural way.

Link seeding

All means are good in promoting, you can distribute a link to a post or video on any available sites. You need to find sites where your target audience lives and carefully promote your posts. For example, you can use sites for posting informational articles:

  • TJournal;
  • Vc.ru;
  • Yandex.Zen;
  • Spark.

How the VK viewer counter works and why is it needed

получить просмотры vk за деньги

Viewing is counted by the system only when a person is delayed for a couple of seconds on the publication. The peephole meter was more a necessary measure than a planned one. Not always the popularity of a post can be judged by the number of likes and comments; many users prefer to silently browse the feed. That is why they added a view counter, it shows the number of interested views, forming a more truthful picture of the popularity of a particular post. A few more interesting facts about the set of numbers next to the eye and practical tips on how to increase the VKontakte view counter:

How to make a lot of VK views inexpensively, even if it is paid

There are several methods that allow for money get the indicators you want. Each of them has its own cost, we will tell you more about them and choose the most profitable way.

SMM Services

We have already mentioned such sites, on them you can make VK views paid and inexpensive. Such companies offer several tariffs, you choose the one that suits the rate of admission and quality. Considering that the list of users who viewed the entry is not available, here you can also save money by ordering cheaper services. It turns out that 1000 views can be obtained for 39 rubles. and ensure your records are promoted dynamically. In addition, this option is completely safe for your account, you do not provide any personal data, no one will be able to understand what exactly you tried to increase the numbers on the counter.

Advertising in the VK community

This method can show good results, we will tell you what methods of placing such advertisements exist:

In this case, you go to specialized sites, for example Sociate or Bidfox, using numerous filters to select communities. Right at these sites, you can see the group’s statistics, track the dynamics. But this method can be called the most expensive, since here you will need to pay a commission to the exchange for the opportunity to choose an advertising platform. As a rule, the community that is looking for clients has to pay, no one will tell you directly about this, but the percentage is added to the total cost of the commercial ad.

набрать просмотры вк за деньги

  • Via administrator.

This method can be called the most profitable, since you negotiate directly with the admin, fewer intermediaries – less price. In this case, you must independently decide which community is most suitable for your advertising.

The site itself also makes it possible to find a suitable group and add ads. The market platform will select suitable communities based on the knowledge of your audience and the specified budget. Also, this method eliminates the need to track the placement of commercial posts yourself, to analyze the results – All information will be provided by VKontakte.

Official VK advertising

Having entered the advertising account, you you can create a post that the system will promote. The main advantage of this method is the ability to customize the target. That is, you can specify the characteristics of users to whom the ad will be shown: gender, age, geography, interests. The cost of such advertising depends on the number of specified criteria and the existing competition.

Does the number of VK views affect getting to the TOP

увеличить счётчик просмотров вконтакте

Of course, the number of views is important for promotion and getting into the Top. But this indicator cannot be called dominant in the formation of ratings. The following characteristics also have an impact:

  • The total number of subscribers. Most often, those groups that have more subscribers are higher in the list of results of internal search. Therefore, it makes sense to take care of the increase of this counter;
  • Dynamic increase in the number of participants. Even if you have the largest community, but development will stop and new subscribers will not come, you will be demoted in the Top;
  • Audience activity. It takes into account how often users interact with your posts, like, comment and view posts. Therefore, you should not limit yourself to just a set of eyes, there should be a natural balance between all values;
  • Thoughtful SEO. Affects the position in the rating how accurately the name of your community will correspond to the entered query. Also, the presence of keys in the description of the group and posts will have a positive effect on the promotion.

We have listed the ways that help to view entries in VK on the wall and in the group, but do not forget that you need to take care of the complex development.

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