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How to get views of the Telegram channel, video and posts according to the scheme

How to get free Telegram views on your own? A complete guide and instructions are presented on this page of the site.

набрать просмотры в телеграмм недорого

How to get views of the Telegram channel at a SHOCK price from 0.01 rubles

If you understand that for successful channel promotion You need to gain Telegram views for free or cheap, then this article is what you need. Here we will consider paid, but inexpensive ways to get views, and also talk in detail about independent work to increase counters. Let’s start our review with SMM services that can add the traffic you need for money:

  • https://doctorsmm.com – on this site you can buy a wrapping of 1000 views for Telegrams for only 10 rubles, but the company responsibly warns that a slight write-off of resources is possible. Good quality views with a 30-day guarantee can be purchased for 117 rubles. for 1000 units.
  • https://prtut.ru – the company offers to wind up 100 views on posts in Telegram for 7 rubles. The price list on the site also has other tariffs, the minimum order is 100 views per post.
  • https://avi1.ru – even 10K views can be generated here, 500 per 20 posts in Telegram. The most budgetary traffic that you can buy here is 100 views from bots for 7 rubles. There are attractive rates with a guarantee, you do not need to register to place an order.
  • Progressium – here you can buy 500 views for 24 rubles. But, you will not find a description of the tariffs, it remains to rely only on the decency of the company. You can pay for your order using popular payment systems.
  • WoW-smm – you can order one hundred views on the last 5 posts for 199 rubles. The company cares about long-term relationships with customers, so it tries to fulfill the order as efficiently as possible.
  • Socbox – here for 1 view of the post with offers you will pay 0.13 rubles. Registration on the site is possible, but not required for placing an order.
  • Smmrus – using the services of this site, you can get 50 views on the last 5 posts for 120 rubles, this is the minimum order. The service offers only one tariff, users from all over the world will view your posts.
  • Pricesmm.com – here you will not be able to purchase paid views, but on the pages of this site there is a storehouse of information about the promotion and development of your own Telegram channel. Also collected all the ways to help you get free views of Telegrams from Russia and the USA.

Get free views of Telegrams – bots and programs

получить просмотры телеграм самостоятельно

Despite Since the cost of paid promotion is quite inexpensive, not everyone has the opportunity to invest in the development of new projects. Programs and applications come to the rescue, which take on some of the work on boosting indicators. Such tools can make Telegram view videos and posts without your personal participation, all they need is access to your account. Let’s make a reservation right away that full-featured versions can be obtained only for money, but a test period will be enough to slightly equalize your indicators.


  • TMNGR – with the help of this program you can find an audience that belongs to similar communities and is interested in similar areas. It also helps to get the required number of views without any problems. But keep in mind that the use of this software implies an understanding of the mechanisms of the Telegram manager.
  • Tg.onedash – the program is used to promote channels, send mass messages, cheat not only views, but also subscribers. The functions of inviter, parser and auto-registration of accounts are available.

Mobile application

  • Membersgram – This tool allows you to get more views of your posts, but not for free. For any action here you need to pay with earned coins. That is, the principle of mutual exchange is the engine of this software. But many users are faced with the impossibility of logging into their own Telegram account, so it is better to create an additional profile, which in case of something is not a pity to lose.


  • @tgboxbot;
  • @zarabotok_tgbot;
  • @pr_zarabotok_bot;
  • @tgboxbot.

All bots work in a similar way. You find the one you need through the search, press the “Start” button. After that, the bot demonstrates tasks for the completion of which coins are awarded. After receiving the reward, you can add your own task. Bots for views in Telegram will help you get the numbers you need, but personal participation and action are required here.

Despite the fact that the use of modern technical tools is designed to facilitate the work of promoting a channel, there are significant disadvantages of such development.

The use of programs, bots, applications for cheating is prohibited by the rules of the messenger. Despite all the loyalty, Telegram algorithms monitor the activities of their users, blocking the delinquent if necessary. Therefore, if you wind up views on your posts at a breakneck speed, you will most likely attract the attention of filters. You should also not use the main accounts to connect to programs and perform automated actions, they will be excessively active, and this is one of the reasons for blocking.

How to get views of Telegram and video stories – tips

набрать просмотры телеграм бесплатно

The previously presented methods help to increase indicators using a variety of tricks, and you can get live Telegram views from real accounts by the following methods:

Attract your friends and acquaintances

To do this, you can invite users from the phone book, but send requests only to those who will not complain about you as spam. It is better to post information about your channel on the pages of other social networks, for sure you have many acquaintances who will be interested in the topic. As a last resort, they will go out of pure curiosity, which will also affect the post views.

Use third-party Internet sites

Do not ignore thematic sites , forum pages. Write helpful and informative articles on your own that can bring a live audience to your channel. Just don’t forget to include the link. You can use livejournal.com, vc.ru as suitable platforms.

Submit information about your channel in directories

Similar aggregators can be found on the Internet or in Telegram itself. Internet sites allow you to filter the list of channels according to the necessary criteria, track important indicators. Be sure to post information about your channel on such sites, of course, a wave of interested users will not immediately cover it, but this is a completely reasonable step for natural promotion. Also find suitable channel directories in Telegram itself, you can use @tgcat for selection.

Use mutual PR

You can find worthy candidates for cooperation on specialized sites, in the same directories, for example telega.in. Or you can in communities, for example VKontakte.

получить бесплатные просмотры телеграмм

Just study the statistics of a suitable channel. Not all channels are suitable for cooperation, your topics should have points of contact. For example, the audience of a channel about cars will not get information about a channel with knitting patterns.

Sign up for free exchange services

Such sites will also allow you to gain views through assignments. The principle is probably already clear, you perform actions, your task is also performed. In addition to the nominal increase in performance, your activity can attract the attention and interest of users completing tasks. That is why it is important not only to take care of the increase in numbers on the counters, but also to post interesting and high-quality content.

Be active

Sometimes only this method will help you get viewing Telegram posts on your own without programs and any other tweaks. Be active under themed videos on Youtube, comment on publications on popular pages on Instagram and VK publics. To attract more attention, fix some soulful text on your personal page and provide a link to your Telegram channel. Then actively communicate with real users in the comments under the relevant posts. All these actions motivate your interlocutors to visit your page, and there you are not far from viewing entries in the Telegram channel.

Create associations of similar topics

Agree , it is much easier to gain subscribers and views on Telegram if you have developed communities on social networks with a large audience. Therefore, it would be quite logical to create channel pages in all social networks, besides, you have already accumulated material for excellent content.

What are anonymous Telegram views and how are they counted

As you know, Telegram “FOR” anonymity, for which it was banned. This messenger not only carefully encrypts data, but also allows users to customize their privacy. Thus, you can make your profile anonymous by prohibiting viewing the information of the last activity, forwarding messages, inviting to groups. But do not rush to get upset, views of publications from such users are also counted by the system if your channel is open. But these are not all the nuances of the messenger’s algorithms, let’s take a closer look:

  • Views of posts are considered a single counter throughout the entire Telegram space. That is, if you repost to other channels, use bots to send posts – everything will be taken into account, not a single glance will be lost;
  • The zeroing principle, which many have been talking about lately, is also true for Telegram views … If the same user visits your channel every day and view the same post, the views will also increase. This fact can be used by mentioning old posts in new ones, so you can increase the performance of two posts at once;
  • View is counted when the post is on the user’s screen. Therefore, it is quite reasonable to add small publications, for example, every 3 days. Then, if 3 posts fit on the screen of users, then each of them will receive maximum views every new day.

Which gives a large number of views to the Telegram channel

набрать просмотры  Telegram канала

It would seem that the number of subscribers indicates the authority of the channel. So why do many administrators strive to gain views of the Telegram channel? We parse the details:

  • Agree, when you see a channel with 15K subscribers, and the number of views does not even reach 1000, you feel some kind of catch. It is in order to increase the credibility of the channel, to arrange for the users who first looked at it, that the promotion of views is needed. It happens that the audience is extremely inactive, so you can use paid options. If you often come across this, be sure to analyze your activities, perhaps you are posting content that is not interesting to your target audience;
  • It’s no secret that a successful Telegram channel can bring good income. But advertisers don’t want to waste their budgets, so they carefully select the right channels for their ads to be effective. The ERR indicator, which characterizes audience activity, is very important. To calculate it, you need to divide the average reach of 1 post by the number of subscribers in the channel and multiply by 100%. You can do it yourself, popular channel catalogs perform this procedure for you. So, if this characteristic does not reach even 15%, you should not count on serious income. It is logical that many admins want to improve this indicator and add views in all possible ways;
  • Which channel author does not dream of taking a leading position in the Top? To get there, you need to provide an increasing dynamics of indicators: subscribers and views. But in the pursuit of quantity, quality should not be overlooked. Many experts agree that it is better to have 1000 subscribers who are interested in your content than a million artificially obtained.

We hope our article was useful, and now you know where and how to recruit views in Telegram quickly and inexpensively. Having chosen the best options for yourself, you can successfully promote your channel.

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