добавить  подписчиков в тикток недорого
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How to get subscribers to Tik Tok – live and real without big investments

набрать подписчиков в тик ток бесплатно

How to get 1000 subscribers on TikTok and more for a penny

TikTok is a developing network in which it will not be superfluous to have a solid page everyone, especially if you are attracted by the format of short videos. The fastest way to give your profile solidity, add live subscribers to TikTok at a cheap price, help SMM services:

  • https://doctorsmm.com – the site offers cheat services that will help revive any profile. Here you can get TikTok subscribers from 0.18 ₽, on the site there are 4 tariffs with different characteristics and guarantees.
  • https://prtut.ru – here you can purchase one standard subscriber for TikTok for 0.25 ₽ , but there are other cheat options. The company is increasing the number of fans by users both from all over the world and at the expense of live users from the Russian Federation. The guarantees apply to many positions.
  • https://avi1.ru – here you can get 1000 subscribers on Tik Tok quickly and inexpensively – only 195 ₽. It turns out that you can buy 1 fan here from 0.19 ₽, there are 3 tariffs in the price list, each of which is described in detail.
  • Socprka – on the service you can get 100 fans for 45 ₽, payment is quick without registration. The company convinces customers that it is receiving Premium quality traffic with a guarantee against charges.
  • Dosmm – on the website of this company you can purchase subscribers of 3 types: for 0.41 ₽, 0.69 ₽ and 0.99 ₽ for one. To place an order here, you must register.
  • Smmlucky – these guys offer 2 tariffs: standard quality, as well as from Russia and the CIS. Price for 1000 – 674 ₽ and 809 ₽, respectively. Here you can buy a small number of subscribers, from 10 to 20,000, but they do not promise any protection against write-offs, registration is mandatory.
  • Prmotion – the company offers 5 tariffs for cheating fans, the cost of 1000 units is from 299 ₽ to 999 ₽. This service implies mandatory registration before purchase.
  • Piarit – here is a site where they can add live subscribers, one for 1.5 ₽. The company also promises to catch up with users with a margin, so that in case of write-offs, the order would be completed in full.
  • Mnogo-golosov – here you can get one subscriber for 0.85 ₽, but there are no descriptions of the added resources.
  • Smmcraft – here they offer to purchase from 10 subscribers for 44 ₽, but despite such an impressive price, the site does not provide information on the quality of the tariff.
  • Pricesmm.com – this site is separate from the rest, it does not offer commercial services. But everyone will find it useful to read the guides to action from a young promotion specialist.

We hope we helped you figure out how much a Tik Tok subscriber from Russia, the USA and Ukraine costs, but SMM services are not the only one option. Next, let’s look at other methods of recruiting fans for money and completely free.

How to get TikTok subscribers for free – 11 Ways

набрать реальных подписчиков в тикток

Even when there are not a lot of lose hope of becoming famous, we will tell you how to get a lot of subscribers to TikTok from scratch yourself.


Regularly analyze new videos of popular TikTokers, track new masks and effects … It is they who are now trendsetters, as soon as a new effect appears, everyone immediately strives to find a unique performance for it. For example, now popular:

  • waterfall;
  • adult uncle;
  • distortion;
  • perfect match and so on.

Free services

Great helpers in increasing the metrics, but here you have to click the mouse yourself. Here all the performers work for the “buns”, and with the “buns” they pay for the fulfillment of their tasks. But many sites offer an affiliate program, from those who come through your link you get a percentage of the profit. These services include:

  • freebooster;
  • tiktok.tflop;
  • likesrock.

Mutual PR

This is when two video bloggers mutually promote each other’s creativity. There are several types of such advertising: you can shoot collaborative duets, or you can post links to pages and talk about activities. For such a collaboration, you need to be especially careful about the selection of an ally. You can look at advertisements for Tiktokers on the exchanges, which have parameters similar to you: subject matter, number of subscribers and likes. Or you can contact directly to Tiktok. This method works well when you already have your own real and active audience, and if your counters are at zero, then hardly anyone will agree to cooperate with you.

Associations of interest

Today in any social network you can find pages that are dedicated to promotion to another. It is inhabited by users who dream of promotion, are ready for retaliatory actions. You can search, for example, VK communities and activity chats in Telegram. We managed to find:

  • vk.com/tiktok2019;
  • vk.com/musically_tiktok;
  • vk.com/designlev;
  • t.me/tik_tok_piar;
  • t.me/vz_tiktok;
  • t.me/Tok_Tok_com.


To understand what is currently successful, just look at the Interesting section. You can find it in the application by clicking on the Magnifier, popular hashtags will appear in front of you. And all challenges have their own label. Similar promotions are also held by recognized companies such as Coca-Cola and Red Bull. It is based on a kind of challenge, a guide to action for everyone. It all starts, of course, with famous people, but other TikTok users also pick up, the main thing is to shoot a video at the right time and in the right place. Popular today challenges and hashtags to them:

  • show your vehicle;
  • a stylish home;
  • a fun diet;
  • home life hack;
  • take gene;
  • Natasha Challenge.

Programs and Applications

Such software comes to the rescue when you need to recruit subscribers to Tik Tok for free and on your own. The programs can take upon themselves the setting of likes and subscribing to other users, which you will do in the applications yourself. It turns out that such software is used by those users who want to increase their own counters, only the first option automates the process, and the second is a way of connecting such people. In either case, you will need to link the accounts, thanks to which the tasks are performed, and this is not safe. You specify a username and password, which means that developers or other persons can get access to your profile for personal use. Therefore, it would be wiser to create additional pages, and with the help of them earn the necessary indicators. Here is a popular software, but before using it, be sure to check what those who have already used say about it:

  • Vto.pe;
  • Vinste;
  • Devorigin;
  • TikFamous;
  • TikPopular;
  • Maestro DevOps.

Helper Bots

You probably know about them, they are especially familiar to Telegram users. These are useful tools that make specific tasks easier. There are also special assistants in Telegram for cheating. Of course, they are not as simple as they seem at first glance, each offers its own conditions for cheating. You can study all offers in detail by contacting bots:

  • @TiktokerBot
  • @Tik_tok_er_bot
  • @tiktokontop_bot
  • @TunTok_bot
  • @piartok_bot
  • @TikTokerRobot


Tick – Tok is very responsive to such actions, users are actively subscribing to each other and putting likes. Such actions will draw attention to your person and expand the ranks of your fans. You are required to: all users whom you see to put hearts and collect subscriptions, counting on reciprocity. But you must admit that this process is rather dreary and energy-intensive, so you can use specialized programs and services, mostly they are paid, but some have a trial period:

Redirecting traffic from other social networks

There is nothing easier than placing a link to a page in TikTok on other social platforms. Of course, this method will work if you already have a decent audience on Instagram, Vkontakte and Facebook. Then interested users will definitely go to Tiktok to watch your videos and will definitely subscribe.

Thoughtful posting

If your channel does not regularly publish videos, then the system will record a decrease in activity, therefore, it will not adequately promote your content. Therefore, you definitely need to take care of the regular output of the video, you always need to have a couple in stock. It is better to entrust this business to deferred posting services, but you have to look for free ones. We found the following:

  • Crowdfire;
  • Loomly;
  • SocialPilot.

Communication with your audience

If you respond kindly to your viewers’ comments, you will increase your value. In addition, this is a great opportunity to search for new ideas, ask the audience to send exciting topics for videos to make it interesting to watch.

This format always attracts interest and will help to collect free subscribers to Tik Tok without tasks and registration.

Best TikTok Video Themes to Get Followers

набрать дешевых подписчиков в тик ток

To take the top spot on Tiktok, you need to take care of relevant content. Surely everyone understands that the picture should be colorful, the sound should be appropriate. All these features are included in the offer itself, so you need to think about the lighting and the phone holder. No one will argue that the main thing is the idea. What you will shoot and how – these are the principles that influence the development of short videos in the network. Here are some ideas that many tiktokers are now using for their videos:

A significant part of the content falls on this format. They repeat the movements after popular bloggers, many users come up with their own. Also, most of the trends are based on dance, so track popular trends and use them to gain real TikTok subscribers and real fans.

A very popular feature, you can even shoot your own video by a star. To do this, you need to make just a couple of touches. So you can grab a piece of the pie from the blogger’s popularity, attract new subscribers to your profile.

An interesting format, it is based on the same function of the duet. Here you shoot your own reaction to what is happening, a very advantageous option – a humorous approach. Especially suitable for those users who have interesting facial expressions, like to grimace, in the good sense of the word.

  • Useful tips.

If you know any unusual application something quite ordinary subject, you can remove it, you will probably go to the Top. Life hacks, simple instructions that are irreplaceable in everyday life – that’s what hooks. It is customary to share such content, which will entail a stream of new subscribers to your account.

Yes, we have already talked about them, but they deserve to be mentioned again. Half of the TikTokers participate in such events, so even here you need to add uniqueness. You probably noticed that in each challenge there are individual representatives who managed to go even beyond TikTok due to a non-standard approach. Therefore, it is removed in its own manner, creativity is welcomed.

  • Illusions and the downside.

Many users choose this format, even famous stars such as Will Smith. In such videos, special attention is paid to the angle and editing, thanks to these factors, it is possible to shoot spectacular scenes. Also, along with similar content, on the network you can find authors who show how you can achieve such an effect, talk about ways to create beautiful content, for example Youneszarou.

Yes, gamblers have reached Tik Tok, but here they post short videos of individual frames. But this kind of content cannot be easily added to your page if it is about makeup. But some make such attempts, connect the virtual world and the real one.

You get access to this format when you have 1000 fans. The ether heats up the interest of netizens, if you show decent content, then they will definitely subscribe to you. You can also sincerely admit that you are striving to gain more subscribers, and reciprocate to everyone who becomes your fan. Please note that during live broadcasts, you need to follow the comments and maintain live communication with viewers.

Shows the result of many months of striving for the goal. If you lose weight, go in for sports, learn to knit or draw, in any case, remove your initial level and the final, this motivates many. Especially if in TikTok you show dishes of healthy and simple dishes that helped you find the desired shape.

How much does a subscriber in TikTok cost from different sellers

набрать подписчиков tik tok быстро

What can we hide, you can buy Tik Tok fans. To do this, you can use different means, which one way or another will lead to an increase in the numbers on the subscriber counter. Let’s analyze which methods are preferable and what budget will be required when using different methods.

Commercial online sites

Such services are similar to e-commerce stores, you choose the product you like and place an order. There is traffic for social networks only as a product. A detailed list of SMM services and price analysis was presented in the first section of the article. Considering the given data, we can conclude that one fan can be bought from 18 kopecks. Agree, a great option to get cheap subscribers to TikTok. In addition, no action is required from you. This method can also provide:

  • the receipt of the required number of fans, if you want 100, but you want 100K;
  • rapid change in indicators, regardless of the influence of external factors;
  • the ability to choose the appropriate quality of subscribers;
  • security for your profile, you do not specify any personal data;
  • availability of free time, you will not have to perform monotonous tasks;
  • a systematic development process, since at any time you can get an increase in the required indicators;

  • an adequate picture, you can order other services to maintain a natural balance.

Paid programs

We have already talked about this method, mentioning that such software is usually paid. Using it it is impossible to understand how much one fan will cost you. Programs can not only help increase the number of subscribers, they also have the following tools:

  • Parser. They allow you to find an audience according to the characteristics you need. So you can subscribe to the audience of competitors, find users who post videos under a certain hashtag – all in order to get high-quality and active subscribers on Tik Tok.
  • Automatic mass following. After the program has sorted the necessary users, it will subscribe to them on behalf of your page. It is also possible to add likes, thereby focusing the attention of other people on your personality.
  • Unsubscribing from non-reciprocal. Many programs monitor responses and help you unsubscribe from users who did not subscribe in response. This is how automation helps to meet the established limits.
  • Autoposting. An extremely useful feature that helps you manage your account. You can specify the desired publication time, the program will react in time. This can be very useful if, for example, the activity of the target audience does not coincide with your geographic zone.
  • Unique offers. Some representatives of software for promotion in TikTok offer help and expert advice, which will be useful for promotion. Of course, these services have their own price tag.

You can find the list of programs above.

Advertising with bloggers

Using this from this method is perhaps the most effective, since it makes it possible to quickly gain subscribers in Tik Tok live without bots. Popular bloggers influence the opinion of the masses, so if such a person says that your channel is interesting, his subscribers will begin to think so too. There are several types of such interaction:

  • a video with a mark and a call;
  • a duet with your video;
  • placement of a link and recommendation to subscribe in the profile header ;
  • a separate video is shared.

Each promotion format has its own price, you can find suitable bloggers on the following services:

  • getblogger,
  • tiktokfun,
  • tiktok-birzha,
  • gotiktop,
  • dash.perfluence.

Along with the fact that this method is effective, it is still quite expensive, because the commission for participation in promotion will have to pay and the advertising exchange. Therefore, in order not to let the entire budget go nowhere, the following guidelines should be observed:

  • Study the lists of users who offer their services on exchanges;
  • Analyze them by indicators: the number of subscribers , comments and likes;
  • If you have no doubts in the previous steps, you can subscribe to several suitable bloggers;
  • Observe how often a star promotes a project from this the receptivity of the audience depends;
  • Try to understand what the target audience is watching the blogger, whether your content might interest them;

If the blogger passed your painstaking check, you can search for a contact with him. Of course, you can try to negotiate advertising directly, without the participation of exchanges. But in this case, risks and deception are possible, both on the part of the advertiser and the stars, few go for it.

Official advertising

Like on other sites here you can start an advertising campaign, for this you need to register with TikTok Ads, you will probably have to wait a few hours for the confirmation letter. This process is a very puzzling exercise, you have to create a “Campaign” and specify detailed characteristics. The main thing you need to know:

  • The goal is better to choose video views, then your budget will be spent rationally. Of course, you need to prepare a promoted video in order to convert viewers into subscribers. Touching text will also be useful;
  • The investments required to attract subscribers are at least 5,000 rubles, large corporations come here to advertise their projects, so the costs are impressive;
  • You should not choose other ad placements recommended by the system, except for Tik Tok. Not all the sites indicated there are actively used by the Russian-speaking population, but if you plan to develop in another country, you can try this option;
  • Setting the characteristics of the desired audience. The targeting here is very detailed, you can specify all the criteria and even add a list of people to whom the advertisement will be shown, you just need to know the id;
  • You can choose the time of the demonstration yourself, based on the time when your potential audience is most active .

Even such a serious promotion method will not help to gain 1,000,000 subscribers in Tik Tok with a guarantee, it is impossible to predict in advance the number of users who responded.


These are people who promise complex promotion in social networks for money. Choosing this method, you act at your own peril and risk. It is advisable to make sure that the person is really an expert in his field, to look at the projects promoted by him. You can conclude a primitive contract in order to have guarantees of the result. Here are the sites where you can find such services:

How to get subscribers in Tik Tok quickly and unnoticed

добавить живых подписчиков в тик-ток

Before you promote something, it is quite natural bring it to its proper form. Agree, it is unlikely that you will have fans if there is only one video. We will tell you about the actions that should be taken to make your profile attractive for subscribing:

  • If you have authority in other social networks, you are known and loved, then in TikTok it is better to indicate the same nickname so that you easier to find;
  • Username should also be indicated corresponding to the nickname, do not add many characters. People remember short and catchy words better;
  • Fill in the description section, but keep in mind that there are restrictions on the number of characters, express your thoughts concisely and clearly;
  • Be sure to add links to other sites, TikTok provides such an opportunity. You can redirect people interested in your activity, for example, to a page on Instagram or Youtube;
  • TikTok offers users who are planning their own promotion, an additional opportunity to analyze data. To do this, you need to switch to the Pro account in the settings. You can determine which videos were more in demand among users, as well as use other dynamics data to get subscriptions to TikTok safely for your account;
  • Avatar is your face. Many people have beautiful photos today, but there are problems with originality. Try to keep this small image at least clear, and try to come up with your own distinctive feature;
  • The image is not the least important, try to match your theme. Of course, outrageous freaks attract attention, but not everyone sees themselves in this direction. Get away from the monotony, experiment with different styles, so you don’t get bored with your subscribers and get new ones.

How many Tik Tok subscribers make money

сколько стоит подписчик в tiktok

Receiving passive profits from a TikTok profile is far from a fairy tale. That is why many are eager to get 100, 1000, 10000 and a million subscribers on Tik Tok – the possible income depends on the size of the audience. Let’s consider several ways to monetize:

This engine of commerce covers all areas of human life. A person is more willing to believe a person, and not soulless commercial ads, so often advertisers turn to Tik-Tok stars. When your account looks solid, be sure to register on the advertising exchanges, we talked about them earlier. Large offers will not immediately follow, but you need to start somewhere, maybe you will help a novice blogger or brand in promotion.

  • Promotion of yourself as a master.

If you work in the service sector, then one of the main aspects of success is attracting a sufficient number of clients. Tik-Tok will help with this, as well as other social networks. In 60 seconds you demonstrate the process and the result of your work, thereby attracting new customers. Suitable for people who are engaged in: handicrafts, cooking, style, renovation.

  • Donations from fans.

Viewers can send you gifts, emoticons, donations – they all have its value. Many, in order to receive the coveted reward, fulfill the requests of their subscribers, subscribe to their accounts, and promise any other advantage over other users. You can withdraw funds through a paypal or to a credit card, but the site keeps 20% of the earned funds.

How to quickly recognize bots on TikTok among live subscriptions

добавить  подписчиков в тикток недорого

Despite the fact that TikTok is considered a relatively young platform, it is not always possible to gain the first subscribers on a tick-tok basis without debiting and bots. This happens because everyone wants to get more and cheaper subscribers, it is not always necessary to filter the methods used. Therefore, among your fans you have to find bots in order to remove them. At first glance, the need to get rid of them is dubious, but they will do nothing but harm your profile.

There are 2 ways to remove fake pages from your account subscribers: manual and software. Of course, the software frees you from a number of problems, allows you to quickly find bots and clear rows. But the use of programs is not free, the most inexpensive option is offered by the TikTok Tool program – thirty days of access to it costs 1,410 rubles. But the task of finding and removing bots in TikTok can be handled independently, for this:

  • Go to your own page in TikTok by clicking on the “I” on the screen;
  • Browse the list of your fans, highlight profiles without avatars;
  • Do further research on questionable accounts, see how many subscribers and subscriptions they have, whether there is a video;
  • If you notice that there are several subscriptions thousands, and there are only 3-5 fans, then most likely you have a bot in front of you.

Bot subscribers will not view your videos, put likes and participate in the discussion, they will only distort the real statistics. Therefore, the ruthless removal of such fans will benefit your profile.

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