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How to get popular on TikTok

The number of Internet users is approaching 5 billion, and the number of social media users is approaching 3 billion.

The most popular social networks in the world:

  • Facebook – 2.5 billion (created February 2004)
  • YouTube – 2 billion (2005)
  • Instagram – over 1 billion (October 6, 2010)
  • TikTok – over 1 billion (September 2016)
  • Twitter 340 million (15 Jul 2006)
  • Pinterest – 322 million (2011)

The social network TikTok alone managed to attract 800 million users in four years. The TikTok app has become the most downloaded in the Apple App Store and Google Play. According to statistics, 41% of users are between 16 and 24 years old. The creators of the social network initially conceived that TikTok was for young people. They understood the younger generation better than their competitors.

По данным Википедии в TikTok более 1 миллиарда пользователей из 150 стран

According to Wikipedia, TikTok has over 1 billion users from 150 countries

Why TikTok?

TikTok gives its target audience exactly what they are looking for. The social network allows you to create funny videos and share them while singing, dancing. Young people can express themselves creatively. So it comes as no surprise that TikTok has generated so much hype among teens around the world.

The popularity of TikTok has forced other social networks to come up with similar services. So last summer, VKontakte launched Clips, and Instagram launched the Reels short video service.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri recently admitted that Reels is still a long way from TikTok, both in popularity and functionality. In turn, TikTok is trying to take away the primacy from Instagram in the e-commerce territory. ByteDance, the owner of the TikTok app, is launching its own payment service that will allow you to buy goods without leaving the app.

YouTube has also tried to win back audiences and added the option to record short 15-second videos.

YouTube тоже сделал попытку отвоевать аудиторию и добавил опцию записи коротких 15-секундных видео

Why is TikTok such a popular social network? It’s just that TikTok is addictive! The feed is just endless! Artificial intelligence will always offer the content that best suits your tastes. If you decide to watch the last video and go get busy, this may not work here.

Artem Danilenko , Account Head of Digital Team Resolution Agency, lecturer at WebPromoExperts Academy:

“Looking at global research, TikTok is the market leader in terms of the average session length on the platform among the nearest sites (Snapchat – 80 sec, Twitter 121 sec, Facebook 192 c, Instagram 124 c). The average duration of one TikTok user session = 309 seconds, while the indicator shows year-on-year growth (in 2019-2020 + 25%). This can be explained by the flexible algorithm of the site, which studies your behavior and builds a personalized content feed flexibly, relevantly and very quickly. ”

TikTok is now the most promising platform for brand or business promotion. There is more and more serious content here, and almost any online business can turn around. If you don’t have an account yet, then it’s time to create one.

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Anyone can become a Tiktoker

TikTok has made significant progress since its inception. Before the merger with Musical.ly, the social network was based on dancing and lip syncing (performing a song to a soundtrack). Those who could sing or dance became successful. Any video content can be popular on TikTok right now.

Experts have divided content into three categories: entertainment, aesthetic and useful.

After the video has been recorded, it is checked for the presence of prohibited things: drugs, violence, porn, demonstration of tobacco products. If everything is fine, then the video is shown to a small number of people. Then the number of impressions increases depending on the metrics:

  • how often people like it;
  • how often videos are shared;
  • how often the video is commented.

There is another main indicator – final inspections.

Hashtags are used to search for videos . However, often the hashtags are not associated with the video itself. They are placed to get more views.

Where to start?

First of all, you need to download the TikTok app and start watching the video. Don’t forget to Like / Dislike and comment on other bloggers.

Social network algorithms help to understand the atmosphere. Generation Z has created a whole new culture of slang words in TikTok. You will soon understand the difference between “Crash” (when you like the person) and “Krinzh” (when you feel something bad and unpleasant). More slang words can be found in this article.

If your first videos are not displayed, then you do not need to delete them. Don’t act like Instagram bloggers who decide to start from scratch. In TikTok, videos are perceived without being linked to an account, every time you create a new profile. If today your video has been watched by millions of users, then it is not a fact that tomorrow at least 1000 people will watch another video.

Do I need to shoot unique content?

Everyone loves content to be unique. But TikTok likes to repeat one after the other. Many people advise starting with challenges. For example, a blogger performs a task and invites everyone to do the same.


Will you have time to repeat it? ## gesture challenge

original sound – MaryanaRo

Follow trends in other countries. It is possible that you will become a trendsetter in your home country when you adapt a viral video to a local audience.

Or you can mix the two trends and come up with a completely new ending. Then such a video can get more likes and comments.

Parodies of footage from movies, cartoons or popular video games are great:


Guess which cartoon the moment is from? ## parody ## cartoon ## love

♬ This City – Sam Fischer

Where to get ideas for videos on TikTok

It is enough to “hang out” in the social network for a couple of days, and a lot of ideas will appear. In any case, you can understand what you definitely do not need to do. I do not yet know what I would publish on TikTok myself, but I am happy to share my ideas for videos.

  • Everyday life : #life hacks for home, # life hacks for home, # home ideas
  • Professional life hacks : #office ideas
  • Biographies : @ storyin1minute
  • Learning : # learning languages, # learning about something
  • Cooking : #food without work, #cooking in 5 minutes, #recipes at home
  • Backstage : #behind-the-scenes, #video was shot
  • Guide: #hidpopiter, #tiktoktravel
  • Featured Selection
  • Review : #review, #review
  • Facts & Lectures : #String Theory
  • Sports, fitness, dancing : #fitness at home, #yoga for beginners
  • Shopping : # shopping, # sale
  • Myth Breaker
  • Teaser- Announcement
  • Earnings
  • Poster
  • Skill
  • Videoart
  • Video diary : #from_memories
  • Travel : #family vacation
  • Production
  • Animation
  • Retro
  • Fashion : #my wardrobe, #beauty adorable

Где брать идеи для видео в TikTok

How to shoot videos for TikTok

You can invest and buy cool equipment and rent a studio. But it is enough to have a smartphone with a normal camera. If the interior doesn’t fit at home, go outside and take pictures.

How not to be afraid to show yourself on TikTok ? Remember that without showing a video to anyone, it is impossible to understand whether others will like the video or not. You should not think for other people: “they will laugh”, “no one will like it.” In doubt, disable comments.

If your video is awesome and you liked it, so will others. As a last resort, show the video to your best friends. And remember: how many people, so many opinions. Nobody was born to be famous on social media.

If you have a positive image, then you will find your subscribers. An interesting video will be eagerly awaited.

Don’t stop there. Improve yourself! If you make your videos better, then you will forget about your fears. Many different people try their hand at TikTok. They become popular due to their individuality, humor, resourcefulness.

How to engage your audience

As with any social network, it is important to communicate with users. Ask questions for the video, enter into dialogues. It is easy to make acquaintances, communicate, discuss in TikTok. People here easily make contact, try to answer tricky questions with wit.

Also, unlike the megastars Instagram and YouTube, Tiktokers are more open to dialogue.

Как вовлекать аудиторию

Can you make money on TikTok

I liked the video tutorials in English. Often times, channel owners asked to subscribe to their Instagram channel to continue their training. I understand that it is difficult to monetize on TikTok, and bloggers lead to channels where everything has been worked out for a long time.

Also, advertisers themselves come to bloggers who can advertise products or services. Typically, these TikTokers have each video gaining 100 thousand or more views. Then the blogger can be approached by an advertising agency or musicians who dream of their music being used in videos.

Editorial . But “What should you tell your clients about TikTok: the guide of an experienced SMM specialist”

In addition, TikTok can earn:

  • designers to help you create an account and edit videos;
  • scriptwriters who will write the script for the killer video;
  • SMM specialists who will help you promote your account.

Pricing already depends on the level of the blogger or on the level of the production center through which TikToker operates.

TikTok is gaining momentum, and the main achievements of the popular platform are yet to come. Now it is worth catching this trend on the rise and achieving success.

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