Набрать лайки ВК недорого
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How to get likes in VK for free and cheap – instructions

How to get likes on VK for free and for a fee at an inexpensive price? Look for programs, services and exchanges for recruiting hearts below on this page.

How to quickly get VK likes inexpensively – Sites # 1 in the World

Набрать лайки в ВК быстро

Just done post and want to get user approval faster? Then you just need the following services, showing how to quickly get VK likes inexpensively:

  • doctorsmm.com – the site has existed for more than one year and has established itself as a reliable service provider in the SMM market. The price of hearts starts from 0.07 rubles. per piece, while the speed is slow, which is a good factor for VK;
  • prtut.ru – in addition to tempting prices, the resource provides 24/7 technical support, as well as various bonuses when ordering. The cost of two hundred likes is only 10 rubles, which is 5 kopecks apiece; for a unit. There is also an excellent service that turns 2 counters at once – likes plus views, it is provided with a 30-day guarantee;
  • unu – here you can act as a customer and buy likes from 1 RUB, or as a freelancer – make money by completing certain tasks. For example, they are ready to pay you 2 rubles for joining a group;
  • mnogo-golosov – site developers offer different categories of services. The price of hearts at a high speed starts from 16 rubles per hundred. For more expensive categories, you can choose performers from Russia or Ukraine;
  • smmrus – the service provides an opportunity to place an order from 50 hearts, for which you need to pay 28 rubles. The larger the volume is ordered, the more favorable the final price, for example, for 500 “approvals” you will give 103 rubles;
  • wow-smm – you are presented with a choice of two categories of performers: standard for 99 rubles, and vip – 198 rubles. for a hundred likes. Here you can also order likes on comments, the cost of which starts from 199 rubles;
  • pricesmm.com – this site contains useful information for you, including how to get paid VK likes cheap … Many articles will tell you in what ways you can bring your accounts to the Top on various social networks.

As you can see, there are plenty of helper sites. Choose the best price and quality for yourself, test performers and determine your favorites.

How to get VKontakte likes for free – Instructions from scratch

Набрать лайки Вконтакте дешево

If your plans does not include spending money on increasing the indicators of your page, then pay attention to the following methods of how to get VKontakte likes for free yourself.


Filling your account with good material causes users have a desire not only to rate it, but also to become a regular visitor to your profile. Create a content plan, in which, in addition to the release date, alternate the type of publications:

  • entertainment – games, tests, humor – all this will increase subscriber engagement;
  • useful information – here you acquaint the audience with the main topic of the account;
  • video – placing a video related to your topic will dilute the text content.

Whichever type of content presentation you choose , there are general rules to draw attention to it:

  • come up with a bright, catchy heading;
  • break the text into paragraphs;
  • add quotes and a direct speech;
  • avoid grammatical errors;
  • evoke emotions in the reader.

Be smart about creating and styling page content, and your content will have every chance of going viral.


Performing mass actions on certain accounts will help you quickly get VK likes online. Here’s a step-by-step instruction for you:

  • highlight your target audience;
  • find communities, forums, pages where your potential subscribers most likely live;
  • start to like both on the pages of users and on the comments that they leave under the posts of communities.

Massliking can be:

  • manual – all actions for the selection and affixing hearts you do yourself;
  • automated – here you use special programs that automatically do all the work.

Of the programs for automating the process, you can single out:

  • botsapp.io;
  • q-sender;
  • sobot.ru;
  • vkbot;
  • vkjust .

After installation, you are offered to configure the following parameters:

  • target audience sources;
  • the time period in which likes will be affixed;
  • break between activities;
  • total number of activities per day – do not exceed the limit of 500 hearts.

Using programs saves time on performing actions, but you trust the process to the system in which it can fail. Therefore, before using this or that software, read the reviews of real users to protect yourself from negative consequences.

Free sites

Online services show how to get likes in VK on avu, post and record thanks to their own activity. As a rule, after registering by providing access to your account, you are invited to complete tasks received from other users. After that, you receive a reward, expressed in local currency, and you can set a task for your profile on it.

Here is a list of some exchanges based on this principle:

  • vkstorm. ru;
  • fastfreelikes;
  • turboliker;
  • ad-social.

The undoubted advantage of the method is the absence of any investments, except for temporary ones, of course, as well as the receipt of likes from a live audience. The downside is getting activity not from target users, who will give a one-time increase in performance and disappear.

Groups and communities of mutual PR

Associations based on mutual assistance in getting the necessary indicators can be found both in the social network itself and in any search engine. You are required to post on the wall of such a community a link to a post and a call like this: “I want likes on VK quickly and inexpensively,” and wait for other members to fulfill the request. At the same time, do not forget to show some activity yourself, fulfilling other people’s requests, so as not to violate the basic principle – reciprocity. In the application itself, you can find a lot of such communities:

  • piar_piarm;
  • propiara;
  • vkclipspr;
  • vkclipspr;
  • instagramvk1000;
  • piar_everybody.

Programs and applications

The convenience of installing applications on the phone is first of all, you can use it anytime and anywhere, if you have the Internet. Here are the most relevant software today:

  • AnyBoost – likes, subscribers. Promotion for VK – you can get the desired indicators here, as well as on online exchanges – for local currency, perform tasks – post your own;
  • Ad-social – tasks exchange, subscribers, likes – in this application so the system works – “you to me, I to you”. If your task is not completed for a long time, you can buy additional points and increase its value, which will speed up the process;
  • Likes Real Subscribers and Likes – in the game format you can purchase both likes and subscribers here. Users note that the application has a lot of ads, but for the sake of the result, you can endure a few seconds of annoying video;
  • VKPromo – Page promotion, cheat friends – the application sends requests for adding to your friends for you, thereby increasing your audience, including target users.

If you decide on use of applications, then do not install several software at once, so as not to accidentally violate the limits of the social network.

Spreading the link

This is a very simple but effective method that works in all social networks. Firstly, you can specify a link to your profile on all your accounts of other social platforms, and secondly, use the mention of your account and the link to it as if by accident:

  • select the sites on which there is your target audience;
  • leave competent comments under posts, referring to your account or specific publications.

Your main task is to do it as naturally as possible, without imposing, otherwise spread links will be perceived as spam and you will be banned.


Despite the fact that VK tags are less popular than on Instagram, their use has a number of advantages:

  • identify content by topic;
  • allow you to increase reach;
  • focus on specific events.
  • As labels, you can use:

    • keywords – # usefullife hacks, # interesting events;
    • your brand name;
    • type activities – #car repair, #f otograf;
    • geographical location – # samara, # norilsk;
    • name of the competition, challenge – #contest_brand, # challenge_name;
    • own tags – # advice from Yulia, # notemechanikaVasily, etc.

    So far, Vkontakte users often use search by words rather than by tags, but this does not negate the effectiveness of their use.

    What do VK likes give and why they are needed – secrets

    Набрать лайки VK самостоятельно

    As a rule, people create pages for two main purposes: personal use or commercial promotion of goods / services. Let’s take a look at what likes mean for each category.

  1. Personal profiles:

    • raising self-esteem ;
    • a feeling of being “in demand”;
    • possible popularity;
    • motivation to create new interesting posts.
  2. Commercial communities:

  • attracting new subscribers;
  • an indicator of the “value” of the product for users;
  • increase in the level of trust;
  • increase in sales;
  • promotion in the VK ranking system;
  • cooperation with advertisers.

Obviously, in the first case, a large number of hearts can satisfy the ambitions of the profile owner, and in the second, improve his financial situation. Both of them need to find suitable ways for themselves how to make likes on VK without tasks and registration in order to realize our plans.

How to make likes on VK without harming your account and group

Набрать лайки ВК недорого

No one can argue that the safest set of likes is the process of their natural growth. But what to do if the work on the independent increase of the counters has been delayed, and the result is still at the same level? In such cases, it is advisable to turn to professional sites. Yes, this is not quite a “white” promotion, but it can be the impetus for development. Here are some recommendations to help you choose a reliable contractor:

  • identify a dozen sites that search engines give out for further analysis;
  • check out real reviews on various sites, on this stage, some of the candidates will disappear;
  • review the interface of the remaining sites – it should be simple and informative;
  • read the contract-offer for the provision of services to find out on what conditions it is provided;
  • study the description of services and prices for them;
  • check with support for the availability of guarantees;
  • analyze prices according to their quality.

It is not enough to determine the resource that best meets your needs, you also need to prepare an account. There are several rules, violation of which can lead to unpleasant consequences:

  • do not start cheating immediately after creating a profile, try to attract at least a couple of dozen subscribers on your own and make at least ten publications;
  • VK is very strict about attracting activity from the outside, so do not chase the result and choose services with a slow or optimal rate of receipt;

  • keep a balance of subscribers / likes, otherwise you risk making the process too explicit;
  • do not use topics prohibited by the social network in your posts – this is a 100 percent ban;
  • placing orders on several resources will lead to a massive increase in indicators, which will raise questions from the site administration.

Surely most of the famous bloggers, thinking about how to get likes on VK without programs and bots, used third-party services, because there is nothing special about it. You just need to competently approach the process and it will definitely give an effective result.

How many likes are needed to display a video or photo in the TOP

Due to the large number of users, a smart VK feed cannot accommodate all user posts, so they are ranked, i.e. the system automatically detects exactly those posts that will be of interest to a specific user. Here are the criteria your content should meet in order to increase the chances of getting into recommendations:

  • relevance – touch on topics that are “heard” and correspond to the interests of the audience;
  • evoke emotions – the more feedback the post evokes, the more significant it will be for the algorithm;
  • an intriguing headline – it should induce you to read the post or watch the video to the end;
  • the use of hashtags that match the subject of the post and make it easier to find content;
  • it is not worth mentioning other social networks in publications, Vkontakte does not like this;
  • likes “is also negatively perceived by the system.

No one can answer the question: how many hearts are needed for popularity or earnings, but it is worth noting that advertisers consider those accounts, the number of likes on the posts of which starts from 20 thousand. As you can see, the number of likes is not only an assessment of your efforts, but also an excellent tool for promotion and an opportunity to earn money.

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