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How to develop your personal brand with content marketing and spend a minimum of time on it

The story of the lawyer Gleb Plesovskikh about how to form your image and clients’ trust with the help of content. Free and with minimal investment of time and effort.

Usually a lawyer is chosen based on recommendations, but the advice of friends is only one of the decisive factors. Here someone says to a person: “Contact Gleb Plesovskikh, he will help.” Then the potential client goes to the Internet and begins to “google” information about the lawyer. Studying the website, social networks and publications in the media with the participation of an expert. If a lawyer writes about his work on social networks, tells stories from practice, answers users’ questions, gives comments for major media – it means that he knows what he is talking about.

Gleb Plesovskikh deals with economic criminal cases (he is a lawyer for economic crimes) and carefully monitors changes in legislation. He realizes that if a lawyer wants to win the loyalty and trust of clients, he should not be afraid to show himself and prove to the world his expertise in his case.

What can you do to get people to trust you?

In the process of finding the right specialist, four key things cling to us:

1) recommendations of friends;

2) high-quality and informative site;

3) publications in the media;

4) social networks of the expert.

Some people think that word of mouth works best, but the last three factors play an equally important role in creating the image of a professional. At the same time, they require investments not so much money as temporary.

1.Order a quality website

Perhaps this is the only site worth investing in. You can make a business card site on free services (Tilda, for example), but it is unlikely that it will meet all your tasks to promote your personal brand. Think about what sections should be on the site. The “Services” and “Contacts” pages will tell you what you do and where you are. They won’t create a positive impression or do anything to get customers to trust you.

Gleb Plesovskikh relies on useful content, so his website has additional sections: “Useful”, “About me – Practice”, “News”.

These sections contain the expert’s personal articles, answers to customer questions, practice stories, legal advice, and so on. It is these pages of the site that show the experience and professionalism of a lawyer.

Section “Practice”

“It is necessary to constantly update the site and upload new materials and news on it. Let them be small, but the person who came to the site should not think that the site is lifeless. You can and should talk about any interesting case from practice or comment on some public events. ”

Section “News”

2. Make publications in the media

If you have a good article, try to publish it in the media. Question: how to reach editors or journalists of the necessary media? It is not easy and time-consuming to establish contacts and work with media representatives directly, ask any PR specialist. The shortest way is to use a special service, which already contains all relevant requests from journalists.

“A little over a year ago, I signed up for the Pressfeed journalism query service. All you need to do is review legal requests and respond to them before the deadline. Such publications take a minimum of time and work for a personal brand, ”says lawyer Gleb Plesovskikh.

In April 2018, a Novaya Gazeta journalist posted on the service a request for the upcoming addition of criminal procedural legislation with another preventive measure – a ban on certain actions. Such actions may include a ban on driving a vehicle, using computers or communications.

Request from Novaya Gazeta on Pressfeed

Gleb Plesovskikh responded to a request from a Novaya Gazeta journalist and wrote a comment on the topic.

Commentary by Gleb Plesovskikh in Novaya Gazeta

“After the publication of the publication, my colleagues began to wonder: how did I manage to give a comment for such a publication? But the most important thing is that I received a lot of questions from different people in social networks and through my website related to the new measure of restraint, ”says Gleb.

In the same month, the expert made a similar comment for the Gudok newspaper. At the end of April 2018, the number of unique visitors to the official website of Gleb Plesovskikh in the days of publication of publications increased 3 times.

“The media will not always include a link to your site in their article. This is the work of a specialist – to do everything so that the user can quickly find you on the Internet. This does not mean that a person will immediately contact you, because the services of a lawyer are a specific and complex product that we do not always need here and now. But he will remember the name of this lawyer. This is how a personal brand is built, loyalty, trust, recognition increase and, accordingly, you become a more in-demand specialist, and the number of customers is steadily growing. ”

Also on Pressfeed there was a request from a journalist of the famous Moscow portal “RIAMO”. It was necessary to tell how to deal with telephone ads and cold calls, and to do it right from the point of view of the law. Gleb responded to the request, the comment came out.

“This publication was reprinted by other publications, then I also received many questions from interested users, and during that period the traffic to the site almost tripled. My clients saw these comments, and perhaps this influenced their decision to contact me, ”Gleb believes.

3 tips to get the most out of your media publications

  1. Be sure that once your post is published, readers will easily find your website and social media.

  2. Monitor the Pressfeed service several times a week, but spend time requesting only those publications that you consider to be the most visible and worthwhile.

  3. Track statistics: how comments have influenced traffic to your site. Accordingly, understand what interests the audience more.

Gleb tries to make an average of 2 publications per month. The expert tries to answer the inquiries of the business media, which are read by educated and progressive people. According to the lawyer, it is better to take quality, not quantity.

“Why not more? Pressfeed makes my work as easy as possible, but I don’t have enough time for more, because I build my own brand myself. I get the coverage I need, attention to myself as a professional, and gradually build my reputation. ”

3. Post regularly on social media

Articles on the site, all comments for the media, observations from practice, legal facts – ideally, all this should appear on the expert’s social networks. Use different channels to distribute your content.

Post by Gleb Plesovsky on his Facebook page

Someone will go to an article from Instagram, and someone will be interested in it on Facebook. This way you will get the maximum audience reach (friends can repost, which is a modern form of recommendation). It’s great if users get involved in the publication, start commenting, and a discussion starts.

“I posted a column on the website on how to accumulate a million. Repost to my social networks. A long discussion on this topic flared up under the post, “Gleb recalls.

And again – remember the regularity. If a prospect finds your page on a social network and sees useful content posted yesterday or today, it will increase their trust.

Instagram post by Gleb Plesovskikh

To successfully build a personal brand, it is desirable to be everywhere. In recommendations, in the media, on social networks. Then it will work.

Another important tip for those looking to promote with content marketing is to learn how to communicate your thoughts correctly and clearly. Then it will be easier for you to write texts for the site, posts on social networks, and journalists will be more willing to work with you, because they do not have to rewrite your words.

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