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How does IGTV work and how to use it for business?

When it launched IGTV in June 2018, Instagram was proposing to change the way people consumed video content on social media.

Today, just over a year and a half later, we can say that the idea has conquered users and is one of the main reasons for the continued growth of the platform. The latest numbers indicate that today there are more than one billion people active on Instagram.

If, for users, longer duration vertical videos are already a reality, for companies, not so much. There are few companies that exploit this format in the right way. Although it has enormous conversion potential, many still underuse this platform.

What is IGTV?

IGTV is an Instagram tool, also available as its own app, that allows users to share vertical videos of up to an hour in length. In general terms, we can say that they are an “evolution” of Stories.

The idea here is to become, in fact, a competitor to TV and YouTube. The expectation of Instagram developers is that users become video content creators on IGTV, in the same way as what happens with youtubers. The first minute of video is displayed in the middle of Stories , but to continue the user is directed to a separate section.

Where to start on IGTV?

We can consider IGTV as an extension of Instagram. This means you don’t need to have a new profile to post your content. You can consume the videos directly on Instagram or download IGTV. To create your channel on IGTV is just as simple:

Step 01: Tap the TV icon located in the upper right corner of your feed screen.

Step 02: From there you are taken to the IGTV home page.

Step 03: Then tap the “+” sign to add a video. Important: It must be a minimum of one minute and a maximum of fifteen minutes. Videos with a longer duration can be separated into parts and posted in sequence.

It’s simple, easy and fast and you don’t have to do practically anything different to publish content. However, it is important to be aware of the platform’s characteristics so that you can produce videos that are consistent with the public’s expectations of this tool.

Tips: What content to post on IGTV?

One of IGTV’s proposals to differentiate itself from Stories is to allow users to post longer content and, consequently, with better production quality. For this, be aware of some technical specifications that your contents must have.

Recordings must always be done vertically, with an aspect ratio of 9:16. Opt for videos with at least 30 FPS and with a minimum resolution of 720 pixels. Verified accounts can post videos up to an hour in length while other users are allowed videos of up to 15 minutes.

What types of content are worth posting on this platform? Remember, the developers’ inspiration was to create a competitor for YouTube. So, in a way, thinking like a YouTube video creator helps you come up with ideas that can work on Instagram as well,

Videos of tutorials, teasers, reviews of products and services, interviews, event coverage and behind the scenes of the company’s daily life are alternatives that can work very well. Keep in mind that in addition to the quality of production, the content must also be attractive.

You probably wouldn’t watch a 1 hour long video focused on a person’s face just if they didn’t have much content to show during that time. Therefore, the contents of IGTV are the kind that require production, as if they were a TV show. Script, setting, presenter or narrator are central figures in this context.

How to profit using IGTV?

Well, you’ve already noticed that the content posted on IGTV is different from that posted on Stories and even on the feed – although the audience is similar. The difference here is that good IGTV productions require investment, either in time for planning or in quality for production.

For this reason, you need to be assertive and know what your target audience’s expectations are. Content already produced for YouTube, for example, can be reused, as long as they are adapted to the new format. Maybe they’re a good place to start.

Create a habit for viewers to let them know when there will be new broadcasts available. Choosing fixed times, in the case of live broadcasts, or specific days of the week, in the case of releasing pre-recorded content, is a more interesting alternative than randomly triggering new posts.

But above all, tell a story, with a beginning, middle and end. Just like a TV show, you’re facing viewers who are willing to spend up to one hour a day in your company. Find ways to be pleasant company and ensure that he comes back more often for other broadcasts.

It is important that your content has a link to your products, your store or the message you intend to convey. Good use of IGTV is a great way to gain authority on certain subjects and you can even become a reference on the topic on the social network.


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