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How AR Masks Help Promote Instagram

The real trend of 2019 was the creation of masks on Instagram. And if earlier the majority used masks just for pampering and entertainment, today it is a tool that helps in promoting themselves and the brand, increases user loyalty.

How can you get new clients using AR masks?

Instagram offered its users the first eight masks in May 2017. In the fall of 2018, a beta testing program appeared, and users who wanted to create their own personalized masks had to become beta testers. To do this, it was necessary to fill out a special form and wait for an invitation from Instagram. After receiving confirmation, the user could create their own AR masks. In order to use them, you had to subscribe to a beta tester. Thus, they received a huge number of subscribers, and their profiles grew exponentially.

But time passed, and the number of those who wanted to become a developer increased. Therefore, August 2019 became fateful for many. Because Instagram has now allowed everyone to create personalized masks.

How to create masks

To create your own mask, you will need a special SparkAR program that runs either on MAC OS or Windows 10.

SparkAR is a constructor of some kind of additional reality, where you can load animation, 2D and 3D objects, control the movement of facial expressions, etc.

After the mask is created, it needs to be loaded into the SparkAR Hub. 5-10 business days after moderation, it will be displayed on your Instagram account and your followers will be able to use it.

Also in SparkAR Hub you can view statistics and analyze the number of times your mask has been used by other accounts.

For those who want to make their own mask, I suggest watching my video:

Mask requirements:

  • weight – no more than 20 MB;

  • text – no more than 20% on the screen;

  • no logos and links;

  • no copyright infringement;

  • without changing the proportions of the face.

There are also some restrictions related to the technical features of Instagram, but the site will warn you about this when loading.

To learn more about the possibilities of working in the SparkAR program, see the Learn section.

Well, we’ll talk about …

How AR Masks Help Promote Instagram

1. Masks help brands improve subscriber activity and increase their number. Subscribers make a story with their favorite masks of bloggers and brands, and a direct link to the creator and name of the mask is shown in the upper left corner.

2. With an AR mask, you can advertise your brand. For example, Michael Kors suggested to his potential clients to try on glasses with a mask:

And Sephora suggested complementing the look with lipstick and choosing the perfect one for yourself in order to immediately purchase it:

3. Use a cool mask for your product or slogan to attract followers by running targeted ads in Stories.

I made a mask “I love ZP”, created a story where I told that if a person is from Zaporozhye and he wants to have such a cool mask in his profile, he needs to subscribe to my page.

Then I advertised this story. The subscriber cost after this ad was very nice, right?

Therefore, if you want to be in trend, surprise your target audience on Instagram, use new tools, engage your subscribers with various types of communication, experiment – and your Insta will be FIRE.

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