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Features of KPI in SMM

Wikipedia states that “ Key Performance Indicators ( English Key Performance Indicators, KPI ) are numerical performance indicators that help measure the degree of achievement of goals or the optimality of a process, namely, efficiency and effectiveness. ”

You need to choose KPIs depending on the goals of SMM, but they can be different:

  • directly related to social networks (Instagram, Facebook);
  • those tracked by Google Analytics;
  • general goals related to business profitability.

Let’s take a closer look at each case.

Social KPIs

They can be seen in internal statistics.

  • Number of subscribers . This indicator is important, but not paramount. You need to understand that we cannot chase an increase in this figure and participate in various competitions, giveways, catch up subscribers with other gray methods. First, it is ineffective. Such an audience is dead weight. She won’t react to your content, much less buy from you. Secondly, Instagram and Facebook are smart enough. Social media will see that your followers are not responding to your content and will further decrease organic reach.
  • Engagement is the reaction of the audience to your content: likes, comments, shares, clicks and clicks on the link, saving. Here we analyze the reactions to each post and for a certain period, for example, a month.

Пример отчета по KPI «Вовлечение»

Sample report on KPI “Engagement”

Engagement Rate shows how your audience interacts with your content. This indicator is measured as the percentage of all actions to reach or subscribers.

All actions of subscribers for a certain period (a month, for example) are divided by the number of subscribers and multiplied by 100%. And we get the figure that we will be equal to.

Формулы расчета ERФормулы расчета ER

ER calculation formulas

  • Reach is the number of users who saw the post or company page. It can be organic and paid.

Organic – Free coverage (what Facebook gives us). This is less than 5% of the total number of page subscribers. As you understand, not all subscribers see your posts. Also, organic reach is increased due to virality (when your post is shared by users).

Paid reach – increases by promoting the page or individual posts.

  • Impressions – the number of views of your posts on the screen. This metric can also be paid and organic.

Пример отчета по KPI «Охват и показы»

Sample Reach and Impressions KPI report

  • Video views.
  • Saving is also an important goal for Instagram. We can see if the content reaches your target audience, how important it is to them.
  • Targeted actions (lead generation) is a significant indicator for social networks. These are user questions in the comments or in Direct about the price, requests for details of products (services), sales themselves, or getting user contacts.

KPIs that we take in Google Analytics

  • Website traffic . Shows the number of users on the site from social networks:
    • Share of total traffic.
    • Bounce rate for social media traffic.
    • Percentage of new visits.
  • Website conversion . Achievement of certain actions, goals on the site. But keep in mind, you must have goals set up in Google Analytics first. For example, adding to the cart, registering for events, clicking on a product card, the rate of associated conversions, repeat purchases, an increase in the number of positive reviews about the company.

Показатели Google Analytics

Google Analytics indicators

All indicators can be arranged in one table and track dynamics every month.

Сводная таблица всех KPILet’s talk about how KPIs contribute to the achievement of SMM goals.

KPIs related to the company’s total revenue and profit

  • How much money social networks bring you.
  • How much revenue is generated by advertising on social media.
  • ROI is a ratio showing how profitable or unprofitable your investments were.

So, in order to understand the effectiveness of SMM work, you need not only to know about the existence of such a concept as KPIs, but also to understand all the possibilities of these indicators. And don’t forget: the more precisely you set a goal, the easier it will be to achieve it!

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