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Facebook wants to save Instant Articles by adding Google AMP support

Facebook today announced that its Instant Articles platform will be compatible with the web publishing standard of other platforms such as Google AMP and Apple News. This way, the vehicles and pages that produce content on Instant Articles will have the same version of the Google AMP page.

By announcing this SDK extension with compatibility to competitors, we will possibly see the costs of the content producing companies to decrease in terms of development, but at the same time it is almost an admission that the Instant Article format is not yet as popular as other platforms.

After all, by encouraging there to be only one version of the three platforms, Facebook no longer needs to worry so much about Google and Apple’s advances in acquiring publishers, since the same version can also be sent to the social network.

According to the official blog, “the SDK already allows developers to easily integrate their Instant Article publishing into their content management systems (…) For example, custom formats like fonts, colors and captions that are created in Style Editor will be reproduced in this way similar (to other platforms)”.

What does this mean?

In other words, if you build your site to work with Instant Articles, you won’t have to worry about the styles when also playing the article in AMP or Apple News. The Facebook SDK will take care of the hard work.

Director of Partner Engineering Piyush Mangalick wrote on the Facebook blog that “this new flexibility will show (Facebook’s) commitment to open standards of collaboration with the community”. But that’s not just what Facebook wants.

As we have seen communication in recent decades, the future is not being played by news organizations alone, but by technology platforms that collect and disseminate information. Therefore, there is a behind-the-scenes war to get more audience, because audience equals more revenue.

On the other hand, as formats are already there and we are increasingly dependent on them, at least this standardization is good news.

Do you know Facebook Instant Articles?

Maybe you haven’t linked the name to the feature, but you’ve certainly used it while browsing the social network. Instant Article was launched in 2015 with the aim of loading articles from sites much faster inside Facebook in its iOS and Android version.

In addition to offer a better experience because it loads faster, the advantage for the social network is that the user ends up not leaving the application. For publishers, the exchange (trade-off) would be the possibility of displaying ads and, theoretically, a criterion of benefit for dissemination in the News Feed.

However, so far few vehicles have embraced the idea . Many of them adopt the resource only in a few publications and monetization, for the vast majority, is still not superior to that possible with ad services on the sites. However, this scenario could change the time that Facebook starts monetizing videos in earnest.

Anyway, the social network is concerned about the progress and has heard some of the main complaints. Recently, it made it possible to add calls to action as email collections within instant articles. Something essential for anyone using Facebook to prospect customers.

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Source: Facebook Newsroom

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