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Facebook updates News Feed to fight sensational headlines

Facebook has said that people are complaining a lot about the dominance of stories that are dubious, spammy or sensationalized. Especially the ones that have extremely appealing headlines just to get people to click on the link.

That’s exactly why they’re running three News Feed updates in the next few days that will focus on original and more authentic stories, reducing those that use expressions and phrases purely to attract curious visitors:

  1. The clickbait combat has now arrived at the individual post level, in addition to the domain and page level. The goal is to reduce sensational headlines more accurately.
  2. To be more efficient, Facebook is dividing its efforts via two independent signals: the words used in the title from the point of view that the publication retains information or also words that convey an exaggeration about the event.
  3. Both of the above tests began to be tested in languages ​​other than English.

How is Facebook improving?

In 2016, the social network had already performed an update to reduce the sharing of stories whose domain consistently used sensational content. Now, the new updates allow to identify even more types of stories, especially about those whose headlines identify signs of withholding or exaggerating the information.

According to the company, headlines that use these practices often deceive people only to force them to click on the post to find the answer. The example they used to describe such a headline was as follows:

  • “When she looked under your sofa she SAW IT…” (omitting or withholding information)
  • “WOW! Ginger tea is the secret of eternal youth. You MUST see this!” (exaggerating the information)

Basically, what the social network does now is to identify the words most used by these headlines and, via artificial intelligence that uses machine learning, filter by categories so that the social network’s own team can review the content and validate if it is considered clickbait. According to Facebook, the operation is very similar to what email spam filters have been working for years.

The company guarantees: from now on, appealing calls will appear much less frequently in your feed. News. And he warns: soon we will expand even more until we reach more languages.

Will this impact my page?

As always, Facebook says if your fanpage follows the social media policies, you probably won’t see any significant impact on the distribution of your content. But we’ve already warned you in advance that this is the standard message and that most people feel a variation every time they mess with the algorithms.

Although nothing has been confirmed in Brazilian Portuguese, be warned never use this strategy. It only has a short-term effect and the subsequent penalty can sacrifice all the work deposited.

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Source: Facebook Newsroom

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