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Facebook Messenger will gain extensions, bot shop and artificial intelligence

Last week, Facebook announced that Messenger reached an impressive 1.2 billion monthly users. Today at F8, the company’s annual event, David Marcus, VP of Messenger, announced the Facebook Messenger Platform 2.0 unraveling the near future of instant messaging.

If in 2016 Facebook opened the Messenger platform to developers around the world through APIs with support for bots, brand channels, interactive games and group video chats, for this year the impact needs to transmit changes even bigger in terms of the ecosystem.

That’s why the social network wants to reward developers who have created several robots for Messenger over the past twelve months by making them easier to find and use.

Learn now all the news that will come to Facebook Messenger:

Discovery tab

Companies will be able to register their bots, services and automated solutions in a kind of “store” in Messenger which users will access through a discovery tab. The news will come first to the American public, but surely Facebook will expand it at some point.

Messenger Codes

Facebook Messenger will provide businesses with a QR Code system that will be able to validate people who have attended real-world events such as exhibitions, sports games and music concerts. Just use the Messenger camera to validate participation and thus generate rich data for analysis.

Chat Extensions

Similar to browsers, Facebook Messenger will support extensions created by third parties which, when installed, will allow you to perform actions. For example, companies like the Spotify streaming service have created an extension where you can search for a song within the service’s catalog and share it in conversation without leaving the app.

The NBA, the Wall Street Journal and other companies are already extending their extensions and promising native services within Messenger. This will enable any company to create even more sophisticated and useful solutions. Nice, isn’t it?

Artificial intelligence M

The newly announced M will be a virtual assistant focused on suggesting actions during the conversation. She can suggest stickers from
thanks when you say thank you or even make an appointment on the calendar by understanding the context of your messages.

The same goes for payments between users, as M recognizes what people are talking about to suggest relevant actions. For example, if you’re in a group chat with friends who are talking about splitting a restaurant’s bill, it can automatically suggest splitting the payment within Messenger so that only one person pays for the restaurant.

In fact, one of the big news in the US was the arrival of support for , a kind of iFood that will now work through Messenger, allowing consumers to order something in a group and split the payment without leaving of the messenger.

Interactive games

Facebook stated that more than 1.5 billion games were played in the last 90 days within Messenger. Now games with bots or more sophisticated gameplay will be supported, such as turn-based games. So, you can challenge friends and play from Messenger itself.

Remember that MSN Messenger had something similar ten years ago? Well, this wave has returned and is stronger.

Improvements for businesses

There are three new features for brands and companies that have a dedicated channel on Messenger — something that is not yet available in Brazil.

However, it’s worth knowing to prepare yourself:

Smart answers for pages:Managing incoming messages can be a bit bureaucratic in Messenger. So now an API will make it possible to answer those repeated questions such as office hours, address and telephone number automatically.

Customizable Messenger Codes: companies can now generate multiple customizable QR Codes for a single bot, giving consumers more choice. One example is restaurant tables that can all be identified by different codes.

Transfer Protocols: companies will now be able to work with different developers for each Messenger experience. This means that it will be possible to budget and create bots with different solutions working in the same conversation.

As you can see, there are many new features and all of them are related to companies that will enable new businesses. Facebook Messenger lives a period very similar to the arrival of the App Store on smartphones in the past decade.

Although everything that was announced today has not yet arrived in Brazil, it is very important for businesspeople and marketing managers to stay tuned in to the possibilities, as expansion to our country will come at some point.

Furthermore, don’t doubt if some of these features will appear on WhatsApp soon too, as is the case of purchases and payments that is already planned in the Indian market and which should come to the Brazilian market soon.

Source: Facebook Newsroom

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