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Cooperation with Tiktokers: pros and cons

Daria Salnikova, ex SMM manager at LOBODS, lecturer at the WebPromoExperts Academy for SMM Specialist and Promotion in TikTok courses, said that TikTok has become a popular channel for promotion in social networks not so long ago. However, in a relatively short period of time, this service has become one of the largest market players. But only TikTok differs specifically in the video format. All content on this social network is exclusively video.


TikTok Brief Analytics

Users open TikTok an average of 8 times a day and generally spend approximately 45 minutes a day online. 83% of account owners posted a video at least once. This fact suggests that the social network is quite active and ready to get involved in content. Videos are viewed over a billion times every day. The videos themselves are usually short, up to 15 seconds. But you can also download longer videos with the rewind function on the page. In general, most netizens say that they can spend quite a lot of time watching videos.

Today TikTok is available in 155 countries, and this fact makes the social network quite popular. In addition, TikTok operates and actively develops in the Asian markets under the name Douyin .

41% of the TikTok audience is young people aged 16-24. But now a lot of users aged 30+ start to enter the social network . If at the start of TikTok broadcast only entertainment content, then over time, educational videos and even expert blogs began to appear on the network.

TikTok is the leader in downloads in the Web Store and Google Play. It is one of the fastest growing social networks. It is unwise to ignore this site. It is imperative to adapt and promote your product on TikTok from a vantage point.

Specifics of working with the TikTok platform

Even a young social network has its own pitfalls that can affect communication with your audience.


TikTok does not work with photos or large text posts. Here, only the video format is held in high esteem, and you need to prepare for this: together with influencers, tiktokers, think over scenarios, stages of presentation of your product, the main advantages.

Not able to add anchor links

Theoretically, you can add an anchor link only to those users whose account is registered in the TikTok Marketplace program. There is no open access to this program in Ukraine yet. In other cases, you cannot add an anchor link that will be anchored in your video or in the video of an influencer, TikToker.

Total 150 characters of text

This number of characters is not enough to describe the benefits of your product / service. All benefits should be demonstrated as much as possible through video.

Difficulty predicting results

The user’s video is included in the recommendations feed after the algorithm analyzes many parameters. All videos on TikToker’s profile get a different number of views. One video can be viewed by 13 million users, while the other – only 10 thousand. The audience and subscribers on TikTok significantly affect the number of video views for a particular TikToker. But this is not the main indicator. The main thing is how cool the video will go to the recommendation section .

Subscribers are just the core, the starting point for your video to take the lead in terms of the number of views. Initially, the algorithm does not show the video to all of your subscribers. Only those who have previously interacted with your posts will see your content. Your active subscriber base can help promote your videos after publication, but the main traffic will come from the recommendation feed. Other users can also see videos in this feed.

Therefore, the results on TikTok are difficult to predict due to a misunderstanding of the reach and number of views your ad will receive from TikToker.

Difficulty in audience forecasting

Even though your video was made in Ukraine, the majority of your audience views may be from Russia, Turkey or Kazakhstan. If your target audience is purely from Ukraine and you do not go outside the country, this is a disadvantage for working with TikTok. Your content can get featured in recommendations, get a lot of views, but all of them will be inappropriate for your business.

Именно эти нюансы дадут понимание, нужно ли вам сотрудничать с тиктокерами

These are the nuances that will give you an understanding of whether you need to cooperate with TikTokers

The emergence of a new channel for promotion often brings with it a lack of understanding how much you or your business needs it. Many specialists and companies test new tools just because competitors are working there. But first of all, it’s important to think about how best to present your product information in the new channel.

Ask yourself the question: Why do I need an influencer? ”. Working with influencers is one of the most influential tools. On the TikTok platform, these collaborations always look fresh and trendy. But it is worth considering the fact of the relevance of such work specifically for your product or service. And are there any good and popular Tiktokers in your niche who can coolly present your values.

How to prepare for cooperation with TikToker

First, you need to define the goal of your advertising campaign . The next step is to understand the value of the brand, what you need to convey to the audience, what approach to use, what kind of influencers you will attract.

I worked on a case for promoting a new smartphone with Xiaomi Ukraine. Initially, the brand positioned its values. They wanted to attract creators to the new model, not just influencers who show their face and their lives.

Next, you need to prepare your page for work. This point applies to working with any social network. After you understand what your goal is, you need to prepare content for these goals and the place where the potential client will go after advertising. If this is a site, then it should work smoothly and contain up-to-date information. If this is a page, fill it with interesting and useful publications. If you are selling a product, take care of the readiness of the sales department, assortment, and sufficient quantity of goods.

The next item is selection of TikTokers . There are many useful tools for choosing the right influencer. Initially, you need to analyze the Tiktoker profile, choose the interaction format and start negotiations.

If you have agreed to work, prepare a script for the video . Think about how you want to show your product, make a brief, voice agreements, run a campaign and be sure to evaluate the results.

Goals of cooperation with TikTokers

Tiktoker is the same influencer as blogger on other social networks . Therefore, the goals of collaboration in different channels may be similar. The most popular and demanded are:

  • Brand awareness . For TikTok, this is one of the relevant goals because you can reach a large number of audiences.
  • Formation of the brand image, transmission of its ideas and values ​​. By using a TikToker that makes videos about a specific topic, you can show how much your brand supports those ideas.
  • Attraction of subscribers . On TikTok, this is a less necessary goal than on other social media.
  • Engagement . The goal is more relevant to Instagram than TikTok.
  • Lead generation.
  • Sales . Lead generation and sales can even be combined into one goal. Selling is pretty hard on TikTok because there are no anchor links on the web. But for example, 150 characters for the text help to accommodate a promotional code for a discount. With such a Tiktoker advertisement and thanks to this promotional code, you can track how many people contact you and how many products you sell on this network.
  • Customer Loyalty . If you want to build trust with your audience, stimulate repeat purchases, due to the fact that users like your brand, how you communicate, communicate with your audience, then this goal is suitable for working with TikTok.
  • Downloading Applications . This target works well for TikTok too. Especially if this is an application that deals with some kind of processing.

Цели сотрудничества с тиктокерами

More details about the formats of cooperation with TikTokers

The first popular format is Tiktoker’s profile advertisement . For example, you have a video processing application profile. In 150 characters under the advertising video, you can ask the tiktoker to place a short description-liner and mark the profile of the application itself, a couple of hashtags, by which the video will then be ranked. Already from the advertised profile, you can lead the audience to the place where you need it.

Even in TikTok, you can well popularize the challenge from the brand. If you are launching a certain activity, a challenge (possibly with a prize fund), then you need to attract TikTokers in order to popularize this activity.

Pepsi Ukraine advertising has become a striking example of such work. In Ukraine, unfortunately, there have not yet been official TikTok challenges, but more and more challenges from the brand are being launched. For example, from ALLO or Pepsi Ukraine.

One of these challenges was attended by one of the most popular tiktokers in Ukraine – Vlada Garmash. The brand prepared a series of videos for the New Year holidays, which received about 8 million views. In addition to engagement, the company encouraged the creation of UGC (User Generated Content).

The activity of ordinary users in such promotions increases only after opinion leaders join them. To popularize the activities of brands, massive global companies, a tool for working with tiktokers is what you need.

The third format of cooperation is the creation of content for the brand (“takeover”). In this case, the blogger maintains a profile of your social network for one day. For TikTok, this format has changed slightly: it became popular to attract famous influencers with developed pages to shoot content for a brand page. Such content turns out to be as bright as possible, cool and due to the recognizable figure of the influencer gets a good ranking.

What should TikTokers analyze?

  • Average video views . You don’t need to take the maximum or minimum, you need to focus on the average number of views. As a result of cooperation, you will receive plus or minus the same indicator.
  • Posting frequency. Analyze how often the influencer posts something to understand how you will fit into this format and how lively its page is. On TikTok, videos need to be posted one to three times a day. If you are planning to advertise with Tiktoker, make sure that on the same day he does not advertise your and another brand.
  • Percentage of audience geography . Besides the statistics of views of each video, it’s important to consider the statistics of subscribers. Explore the geography of Tiktoker subscribers. It is quite possible that a tiktoker from Ukraine has a large percentage of subscribers from Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan has a large percentage of ranking Ukrainian content and a lot of views.
  • Content presentation format, profile topic . A very important factor to consider when working with Tiktokers. A value-based approach is in vogue, and this is important to consider. You can manually analyze the influencer by such indicators by examining the activity of the Tiktoker. You can also launch the Hype Auditor service. It’s built to analyze all influencers, but it works for TikTok too. Thanks to this program, you can also find TikTokers for cooperation, track activity, and see the results. TikTok is not a social network where it is easy to wind up likes and views.

Separately about the value approach

This is a trend of collaboration with all influencers. For several years now, we have been talking about the fact that big bloggers with a million people are starting to lose their popularity. Effective collaboration today lies in working with micro-influencers. They have a much smaller audience, but their readers trust them more. Microinfluencers broadcast their values, they are more friendly, interesting to the audience.

Based on this, you need to choose exactly those guys who are relevant to your brand in terms of values.

Avoid anti-influencers (an influencer who is being followed not because the user likes him, but because he doesn’t like him – ed.) because advertising will not inspire confidence in such a blogger and will not give a good result.

What about in practice? LOBODS Agency Case

Кейс агентства LOBODS

The guys from the creative agency Lobods have organized cooperation with tiktokers for the Xiaomi Ukraine brand. The purpose of the work is to popularize a new flagship, a smartphone that has just entered the market. The company created this model for creator users. The phone is equipped with various functions: shooting with two cameras at once, drawing with light and more. To promote the model, the agency began to look not for fashionable bloggers with a million-plus population, but for positive creative guys who create engaging content and can show cool shooting results using a new smartphone.

Tiktoker Victoria Sholomko, a videographer-editor, was invited to work. The team shot video with Vika, as well as backstages. Backstage shooting helps to show creative and fun processes, as well as complement the presentation of the smartphone and its functions.

For work, the team prepared scripts, ideas for product demonstrations, creatives that were popular on TikTok.

As a result of cooperation, the brand received good results: 9.5 million video views, more than 600 thousand engagement, more than 2 million coverage (117 thousand – in Ukraine) and many questions about the brand and functions of the smartphone.

The coverage of users in Ukraine was small and did not reach 100%. But as a result of calculations, we saw that one thousand coverage cost 7 times cheaper than a millionaire blogger on Instagram.

In addition to this, the smartphone was released not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia and Kazakhstan, where these videos also ranked well.

Сальникова Дарья

Salnikova Daria, curator of the course “Promotion in TikTok”:

ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, is the most expensive startup in the world, and TikTok itself is growing at a breakneck pace. Therefore, this platform should not be ignored, but carefully studied.

To promote on the platform, you need to know that TikTok is a social network where you need to pay great attention to content creation, be in trend and constantly experiment. At the same time, do not forget about the constant analytics of the account, which will help to derive a working popularity formula for your account.

You can learn more about how content secrets work in conjunction with technical nuances and data analysis to promote your profile on the TikTok Promotion course, which starts on August 18th.

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